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  1. I have submitted my comment to your web site to be shared. I totally support your attempt to bring just to this issue. As catholic Priest from WDC ( diocesan), I am appalled and ashamed that Philladelphia has been so corrupted by this power game as to allow so many abusers to get away with these crimes and harm so many people even up to today, 2011 April.
    Thank you for taking on this challenge and let us hope that the people in the pews really get the message and stand up to support victims and stop supporting the power system which has abused so many. Thank you

    1. I wonder if the former Diocesan Legal Team ever notified the ones running the power game that it is illegal to harbor child abusers? What part did this legal team have in the cover up?

      Help victims from the Catholic Priest & Nun ” rape, abuse ,torture,
      As a victim I believe that the Child molester found a loophole in the religious system, & with the oath they take & the SOL, victims have a difficult time every seeing justice.
      We need Obama/Biden to step up” as the stated; rape is rape” also for change & moving forward.
      Patricia A.S. NC.

  2. Right on Jack! I think we are beginning to see the light of day concerning the cover up by the hierarchy of our church. Enough is enough! We are the people of God and we want our church back! Catherine Coleman Murphy

  3. Wondering as I saw Sr. Maureen Turlish on the TV at the rally, where are the other nuns living and serving in Philly? Are there no nuns to support your mission, or the victims? I noticed one priest. I am unsure if he is from Philly. If you want the name of a nun who is a member of the commission for Justice, please let me know. Keep shining the Light, Susan!
    Theresa M. Coleman

    1. The Sisters of St. Joseph, Chestnut Hill, Pa. did attend the Spring Mtg. of VOTF. There were many nuns of SSJ there. One in particular, Sr. Anne McCoy is on the Commission for Justice, along with other nuns, and she, Anne, was very supportive of the victims back in 2005. If you phone her, please tell her that I recommended her to you. I am sure the # can be gotten in the Philly yellow pages under Sisters of St. Joseph, 9701 Germantown Ave. Thanks, Susan. Blessings and love, Theresa M. Coleman

  4. I agree with your message of change, but I think you have a myopic view of the problem. The collapse of the church is due to the progressive liberal teachings of the church. We now have church that stays silent in all matters of salvation. If we really want change, then let’s target the root of the problem. When is the last time we heard a homily regarding the evils of abortion, contraception, hell, fornication, homosexuality, embryonic stem cell research or the sacredness of traditional marriage? Unfortunately, we don’t! Therefore, if we really care about the Catholic Church and for the souls of people, then we must focus on the whole picture. Let’s start by addressing the moral disintegration of the church so that Catholics can see how they have been mislead by liberal theology. Change is needed and Catholics must demand that their church leaders teach biblical truths.

    Sincerely, Mary Pepe

    1. Mary, I don’t believe the collapse of the Church is due to this one issue, either. I just believe it’s the most important one. The Church has a serious credibility issue on any teachings – whether liberal or biblical – if Church leaders cover up the abuse its children. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. That’s what is important about this site. Everyone gets a voice.

    2. The church went wrong when it began teaching liberally. Valid scholarship was immediately abused. It does matter whether it is “liberal” or “biblical,” – it matters very much.
      I watched with my own eyes at two different universities that hold a Catholic Charter here in Philadelphia, the loss of faith among some students as they were being told lies about the Bible to forward some very distinct political agendas that the instructor would often reveal in “last class comments.”
      You would be shocked what they are teaching in the seminary and I was in class with a priest who said that there was a particular belief (I won’t say what,but it’s important,) that they have been taught to NOT believe for the past 40 or so years. They are being taught some lies, in other words, and some priests believe the lies and some do not.
      These people are corrupt and the Pope has called for a “cleaning up” of the seminaries. This means in all ways. I hope the Pope is obeyed.

      Theresa Brown

  5. Susan, I really don’t think its the MOST important problem in our church and heres why: the fellow catholics I know who don’t go to mass are because they don’t think its a sin; they don’t speak out on abortion because they think its a womens right;they use contraceptives because they don’t think anythings wrong with it; 75percent of catholics believe in homosexual marriages and many many of them do not vote their conscience. I mean I could go on and on. I think the problem is their consciences are not well informed. How can they have a well formed conscience if the priest are not preaching against all these evils from the pulpit. Sure, all the abuse thats happening in the church is horrific. It is alarming that it is still going on. And of course it should be addressed. It would be great to address all these issues with our priest.

    Thank you,

  6. Mary –

    You have a very conservative view –

    The Church has lost millions since 2005 based on one issue –

    The morals embedded in all of us come from our parents and are in line with the church.

    Telling us that not going to church is a sin when this very house does the unconscionable over and over again (even today – the lobby is standing firm) is in no way related to the big picture that has to be solved ASAP –

  7. I just watched the piece on Fox News, and you’re a great spokesperson, although I would have been much tougher.

    By the way, they put the subtitle “catholics for change” at the bottom, and if people put that into Google, the first match is a different, somewhat disorganized and confusing web site. In other words, anyone who would have wanted to go to your website will probably get confused by the other one.

    You’re up against a very tough and clever enemy here.

      1. Trust ! Do not know whom to Trust ! The TRUST has been shattered. !
        Trust shattered at home because of abuse ,at the Parochial School level because of the abuse ,trust shattered in The Church,because of the abuse. I have faith in a few ,and the rest pay cash. Am I twisted ? There is a reason for it ! God help and forgive the perpetrators….because I cannot!

  8. I recently listened to these online audio messages addressed to Pope Benedict, inviting him to correct the great wrong done through the withholding of Mary’s Prophecy.

    What I like about these messages is that while it calls him out on his wrongs it also acknowledges his struggle to try and do the right thing.

    Serving God is not the same thing as serving one’s superiors, no matter what titles they hold.

    Here are a few excerpts from the 4th and final message:

    1. “Hello, Pope Benedict. In this my fourth message, I will release to you and the world, Mary’s Prophecy that is contained in what some call the 4th Secret of Fatima.”

    2. “It was in Mary’s Prophecy, in the 2nd Secret of Fatima where Mary says, of the humans and non humans in the 2nd level of Hell, “To save them, God wishes to establish in the world, devotion to my Immaculate Heart”.

    3. “The huge numbers of deaths and the immense amount of suffering that has happened to humanity during the last 50 years is the direct result of decisions made by Vatican conservatives not to release the 3rd and 4th Secrets of Fatima to people in 1960 as requested.”

    4. “As a result, no one to date has properly consecrated Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart as requested because no one in the Vatican knows how to consecrate a country or location to Mary’s Immaculate Heart.”

    5. “You still have a chance, release the documents immediately and maybe together, we can consecrate Mary’s Immaculate Heart Energies, and change the world.”

    6. “The choice is yours. However, I need to now offer those people who are ready, the opportunity to consecrate and activate, Mary’s Immaculate Heart Love Energies in their Body, Mind, Soul and Holy Spirit Light Body.”

    7. “Overall, it is actually quite simple; it is the energy of Love that makes the difference in people’s lives throughout the world. If one has Love Energy, one is complete within. If one doesn’t have Love Energy, one is incomplete, no matter how much money one has in life.”

    8. “Thus, on June 11, 2011, I will consecrate and activate, Mary’s Immaculate Heart Love Energies in Africa and 78 locations around the world.”

    The 4th message and others in the series can be found here:


  9. Anna, please remember the most important issue to day IS priest’s sexual abuse of young people and the bishops (Vatican) collective global cover up allowing sexual abusing priests to continue harming our youth for seventy plus years. Don’t be confused and change the matter under discussion. We need to ask about what happened to the well informed consciences of bishops that perpetuated these evil sinful acts against children and adolescences.


    1. Thank you for the link. I will review it. I’m not sure what you mean by align. We don’t endorse other groups (with the exception of, which we co-founded) but we do offer a forum for any organization in relation to child protection advocacy. All are welcome to submit info.

    1. If it’s the one I’m thinking of – it would allow expert testimony on the fact that child sex abuse victims typically don’t reveal their abuse until their late 20s for psychological reasons. This had previously not been allowed. The longer a victim (say an adult victim of rape) waits to file a case – the more prejudicial. But I’ll look into it when I’m home at my computer. Expert testimony would made the case for why victims wait. It’s critical.

    1. Ed thanks for the information. We as responsible adults with common sense and a conscience have alot of work ahead of us. When I read articles like this I just want to yell “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE”. We have enough real sexaul abuse and child porn we don’t need virtual porn and sexual abuse of kids. Stuff like this motivates me to help stop child abuse and to respect the human dignity of all people. They should track down all the users of these virtual games and investigate them and put them in jail.

  10. My feeling is that the human society needs to adddress the issues surrounding abuse of children, women, men, minorities (i.e., no one should be abused in any way). The Ten Commandments are almost universally agreed to and are a wonderful road map / starting point for any human to have a good life that allows them to have self respect and love. When we are speaking of humans (male or female) who allow children to be sexually abused (this is the specific issue being addressed in the above comments), our entire human society has to get involved to resolve this problem. History keeps repeating itself. We have to admit that we need doctors to study and figure out, once and for all, why some adult humans do these inhumane acts. I don’t think anyone really wants to study this topic and, maybe, it is just too hard and disturbing a topic for any doctors to grasp or handle. I still hope that someone who has understanding of why and how these adults are capable of doing these most awful and unthinkable acts will do a study that stops the problem in the future. I do not believe that these acts are only done by priests or other men in a hierarchial structure such as that at the Penn State football program. I do know that generations before us knew of this problem. I was told of the problem as a very young female by my mother and also by my paternal grandmother. My grandmother always said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” I do not know where she got that quote, but I know that she believed it. Another point that I want to mention is that the beautiful sacrament of confession is very forgiving and Catholicism gives remorseful Catholics chances over and over again, but it is meant as an act of forgiveness through Jesus and it is not meant to keep criminals from American or any other law.

  11. Thanks for the blog. This Catholic , wife, mother, grandmother has been searching for a long time. Anyone who dares to broach this issue in my parish/diocese is ostracized immediately. I knew others must be aware that they (those abused) are us. The hierarchy is aware, I am sure. And they (the hierarchy) are terrified of loosing control.

    I would like a distribution network we could trust to send our diocesan appeal to.

    Please do not post name as family will suffer. This is why so many read and appreciate but do not post.

  12. Mr. George Weigel
    It was interesting to read your ethical view about the Catholic Church and how the secular world is treating this institution. The article was titled “The Church gets an unfair rap/Pope has been at the forefront of change” and published by the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper April 4, 2010.

    as schools and teachers’ unions, fail to report their personnel abusers of students. These

    are also facts.

    Mr. Weigel, please continue to search for more facts. I agree there has to be national/international institutions that local schools give details of personnel abusers. These autocratic national/international institutions must require abusers have therapy and/or be placed in other schools were their bad behavior is unknown. With your dedication to the

    facts you soon will be able to name these shameful institutions and expose their deceitful practices to the world. It will be a wonderful day these facts are shared with the world.

  13. This is an addiction to my last comment dated 5-14-12 that was left off.
    It is a sad day when the Catholic Church supports confused people like George W.

  14. in a recent interview the Philadelphia arch bishop said that abusing priests did bad things but “that is human nature.”To rape children is part of human nature ? Does this bishop really believe that is part of our human nature then I feel sorry for his ignorance.!

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