An Invitation

Connect with clergy sex abuse survivors & advocates in a new and more meaningful way!

Power lies in numbers.

Join us as we leverage new technology and take our efforts beyond the limits of email chains, conference calls and blogs. The Catholics4Change Community is no longer limited to a website or social media group.

Imagine the possibilities. As a C4C Professional Advocate Sponsor or Organization Advocate Sponsor, you can...

  • Network, educate and promote your services within a highly-engaged community platform.
  • Conduct research, survey membership and consult with other member experts.
  • Collaborate in virtual thinktanks or strategy meetings.
  • Communicate with membership directly and in our weekly highlights email.
  • Have curated conversations in an ongoing and collected way that social media platforms can't accommodate.
  • Offer webinars, live virtual events and so much more.
  • Host a community space customized to your goals and needs. It can invitation-only to serve a specific community segment or open to all membership. (eg. Virtual support group, special interest group/topic, resource center).
  • Support the community you serve and make a difference!

No techinical expertise needed! We've got that covered.

Mark your calendar!

The founding member launch is October 10th.

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Professional Advocate Sponsorship and Organization Advocate Sponsorship spots are very limited and will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. To learn more about the community and sponsor investment opportunities, please complete the form below.

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