Pedophiles Can Stay – but Not Gays?

Does this make any sense?

“Chestnut Hill College, a Roman Catholic institution in Philadelphia, last week told a gay priest who had been a popular adjunct there for several semesters that he was no longer welcome to teach the two religion courses he had been offered for the term starting this week…

Father St. George said that he was open with Chestnut Hill officials that while he is a priest, he is not a Roman Catholic priest — and that he asked if that was an issue when he was hired. He said he was reassured by college officials, and told that many faculty members at the college are not Roman Catholic. Further, he said that anyone who did a Google search on him would have found that the church where is a pastor is an “Old Catholic” church.”

– from “Catholic College Yanks Courses by Gay Priest,” by Scott Jaschik for USA Today

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