37 Credibly Accused Priests Are Still Among Us

An article in yesterday’s New York Times gets straight to the point. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia continues to give safe haven to 37 credibly accused priests. While innocent until proven guilty, credibly accused priests should have NO access to children. They should not remain in active ministry. Why doesn’t the Archdiocese get this?

Is the priest shortage part of the issue? That’s no excuse.

As a Church we must address the underlying factors that created an environment where this kind of evil can flourish. Does an all male, often solitary and protected lifestyle invite pedophiles? Is it a hierarchy with no real female leadership? For priests, does the vow of obedience override the moral obligation to speak out?

Asking questions is not heresy. It’s our obligation to protect and grow the Church. What needs to change within our tradition (not doctrine) to ensure a safe and thriving future for our Church? Please share your thoughts and ideas.

4 thoughts on “37 Credibly Accused Priests Are Still Among Us

  1. Dear Susan:

    Thank you…stomach churning and heart breaking. I posted on my FB page…As an Acad. of N.D. & Wheeling Jesuit alum and niece of 3 Jebbies (who I adored and continue to sing their praises) and a great grand niece of Cdnl. Dougherty,I am beyond concerned w/ the app’t of the new spiritual advisor (and sitting Board Member @ WJU) at SJU…what do you think? M.J.

  2. I think it’s a disgrace. Thank you for reminding me to post the news article. It’s a shame that our good relatives are tainted by this scandal. They deserve respect and their administrations have let them down by protecting their criminal colleagues.

  3. How do I help getting your website to my friends? Please advise, as I have been re-posting articles from all media and everyone is terrified of responding (all my Alums included) to the truth…don’t get it…is it like divorce? (if you’re d you could “infect me” syndrome)

    Do you know the Currie Brothers? All good friends of my Family, but, Robbie! My hero! Be well, my friend. Peace to you and yours. M.J. (aww jeez, one day I w/learn how to spell correctly?!)

    1. There is a share button at the bottom of each post. Click on it and there are options for sharing via email, Facebook, etc. Thank you for helping to get the site to people.

      I think if people read the grand jury report that there would be more outcry.

      I do not know the Currie brothers.

      Thank you so much for your input here.

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