Another Civil Suit Lodged Against Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Citing childhood abuse at the hands of his pastor and the failure of the victim abuse hotline, a Delaware man announced yesterday he will sue the Philadelphia Archdiocese.

In the suit, Philip Gaughan, 31, specifically names Rev. John E. Gillespie; Cardinals Anthony Bevilacqua and Justin Rigali; Msgr. William Lynn and two victim-assistance staffers.

“According to the 2005 report, Gillespie admitted in 1994 that he had molested boys but was allowed to keep his position as pastor for six years after that,” reports John P. Martin for The Philadelphia Inquirer on March 8, 2011.

Is this acceptable to you? Had the Archdiocese acted immediately, appropriately and morally – Gillespie would not have had the opportunity to abuse Gaughan.

This pathology of cover up and inaction continues with 37 credibly accused priests still in active ministry. The children of your own parish could be in danger and you wouldn’t know it. They won’t care until they are forced to care by the courts, the media and YOU!

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