Messages of Support for Those Who Are Suffering

As we reflect on Christ’s suffering, it’s appropriate to acknowledge the crosses carried by the victims of clergy sex abuse. Please use the comments section to send a message of support to them today.

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  1. I have never harmed a child,I have never covered up a crime.But until recently ,I have never taken a public stand and spoken out about what has occurred within our Church. I read newspaper articles,grand jury reports and sat silently in my home,appalled by the suffering endured by so many innocent children. I did nothing to help the victims.
    I am sorry that I remained silent for so long.I am sorry that so many have had to bear the burden on their own. I could have done more and I did not.
    Over the past few weeks,Susan and I have been told numerous times that we are very “brave” for speaking out.I don’t feel that way at all.
    The people who are brave are those who were abused as children and have had to deal not only with the abuse, but the treatment they have received by others.The people who have a fortitude that I will never be able to comprehend ,are the survivors who for years have spoken out on behalf of the safety of OUR children. The grace I have witnessed by many survivors as they welcomed us with warm appreciation.
    I only hope I would have these same qualities if put in a similar situation.I don’t know that I would.
    A few weeks ago at the rally,a woman thanked us for our participation.She said it meant so much to her ,that people who are not themselves victims,are now supporting her.I am sorry it took me so long.Nothing that we do can take away the pain ,but we can all not add to the pain by turning a blind eye to those among us who have suffered so greatly.
    To those survivors who may be reading this,please know that you are not alone. Please know that there are people who care about you and will try to do everything possible so that not one more child will suffer as you have. I am so deeply sorry for your pain.

    1. We are all guilty, Kathy, we who read the news in horror early last decade and prayed for the victims and thanked God it wasn’t our own kid. How narrow and shallow I feel now! They are all our kids! We ARE the Church. We, who blindly trusted the systemic institutional sinners in the leadership to self-correct cannot be silent prayers anymore. Now that we know better we can do better. I promise now that I won’t abandon these precious souls anymore. We will not stop. We ARE the Church.

  2. I will never be able to understand the pain, suffering and hurt you are feeling. I just pray that you have found someone to help you cope your though your sorrows and find the strength to get through each day. Realizing that you have been betrayed and the need to pray for you each day.

  3. FINALLY, recognition of the VICTIMS of priest pedophilia on a blog from a woman, a Mother, an intelligent contemplative adult catholic, no longer a silent pew-sitter. You, Susan Matthews, I call you “sister.’ THANK YOU!

    1. Theresa,
      Credit goes to Kathy Kane. She is a constant source of great ideas and support. Also, my mother taught juvenile delinquents before I was born. She told me how so many of them had been abused and how that led to their lives unraveling. She gave me a copy of the Throwaway Kids when I was in grade school. The impact of abuse made an impression. When I hear people discredit victims because of drug use or mental issues, etc. it makes my blood boil. So many are just trying to dull the pain. Thank you for being here and for your comments. It is all of you – victims and supporters – who have created this site. We will protect children from this pain.

  4. To my brother Paul, and all victims from St. Gregory parish in West Philly:
    Each of you, during the mid-50’s (after your abuse)graduated from high school, served during Vietnam, paid for your own therapy, assisted later on by the Veteran’s association, moved on with your life, still unable to “tell” your families until the ’05 grand jury report, and all of this without any compensation or moral support from the archdiocese of Philadelphia, and even “threatened” by lawyers representing the archdiocese. Paul, walk on with your head held high…in my eyes, you have more integrity and strength of character than anyone in the leadership of this archdiocese. Rock on! Your loving sister, Theresa

  5. God bless all of the victims of clergy abuse. I am so sorry for your suffering. Please know you are in the thoughts and prayers of many supporters.

  6. I pray for all of you who, young and old, who have had to endure the pain of abuse. I pray for all of you who have held the secret of your pain in your heart for years, bearing the emotional scars of abuse all alone. I pray for the families of abuse victims who have also suffered due to this painful experience of their loved one. Know that there are now people out there who have REAL compassion for you and are offering GENUINE prayers for you on this sacred day. God’s love be with you.

  7. When one thinks quietly of the horror that has been brought on our brothers and sisters by those who were supposed to be our fathers and protectors, it is easy to want to shut out the whole ordeal and say, not in my parish. We must look at this travesty and pray to God to show us all the way out of this morass. We must resolve to pray for the victims–all of the victims and ask their forgiveness. We must also pray for the strength to step up to the hierarchy and demand the change that is necessary to enhance the life of our Church as a spiritual community–a community of prayer and acceptance of all who come to share the message of Jesus.

  8. May all the victims of these evildoers be especially blessed today. May you have the courage to go on with your lives and get past these horrors. May God hold you and comfort you. Please know that you are no longer alone. So many now recognize the truth of what you have gone through. May you at long last receive justice. We are with you in spirit and prayer.

  9. “At the Cross, her station keeping, stood the mournful Mother weeping, close to Jesus to the last.” How many mothers and fathers are weeping for their children, abused by priests who crucified those children in a way we can not even begin to understand? Holy Thursday, Cardinal Rigali asked his priests to renew their loyalty to him, to the church as institution, and to the people. But, does that loyalty oath mean those priests will support him, instead of reaching out to victims and families who suffer the pain of Good Friday every day of their lives?
    Priests of Philadelphia, break out of your lethargy and false loyalty to “authority” and truly support the victims and their families. These are Jesus tortured and crucified in our period of time. Remember, Jesus suffered under the accusations and intimidations of the priestly powers (Caiaphas, the high priest), as well as the powers of Rome (Tiberius, the Ceasar of Rome).
    These beloved little ones, whom Jesus called and loved, have suffered through no fault of their own, but only because malignant evil and marauding wolves brought such violence to these innocent lives.
    My fellow priests, wake up! stand up! and support the victims!… not the authorities who knew and lied, and who allowed these innocent victims to be crucified again and again.

  10. My heart is broken by the pain and suffering you have gone through as a result of priest sexual abuse and the coverup by the Philadelphia hierarchy. My husband is the victim of abuse by a man of another denomination and we will never be the same(we put his offender in jail last year) Remember Jesus loves you, can heal you and will always strengthen us to do His Will on earth. With Jesus all things are possible. I have witnessed him do amazing things. Did you know “Be not afraid” and “Fear not” are perhaps the most common sayings both in the Old and New Testament…….he did that for a reason:)I was asked to have my feet washed at Mass Thursday night and I was thinking the Church should be washing your feet…….I believe Jesus Christ works through people and I as a member of the Catholic Church love you, are praying for you and promise to do all I can through the Power of the Holy Spirit to bring about postive changes to create a safe, healing church environment in which all Catholics know and feel the healing and protective love of Jesus Christ . The Bible says”love always protects…..” 1 Corinthians 13:4 anything less is not love.Peace

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