What are the Vatican’s Priorities?

Apparently, it’s far more grave to believe in women’s ordination than it is to rape a child. This priest’s excommunication and expulsion sends that message. A Belgium Bishop who sexually abused two young nephews has yet to face any major punishment from the Pope. So many other priests guilty of sex abuse crimes remain firmly in the fold of the Church. While matters of doctrine and sacred tradition are certainly important, what are the Vatican’s priorities?

Excommunicated Priest Now Faces Expulsion, by Bruce Nolan, Religion News Service, Huffington Post.

12 thoughts on “What are the Vatican’s Priorities?

  1. For the life of me, I can’t understand this stark contrast. Thank you for highlighting this… the Church simply must get this right, and soon.

  2. Demonstrated Vatican priorities make it painfully obvious that Benedict XVI does not share the deep revulsion felt by many around the world and reflected in words of John Paul II himself in April 2002 (8 months before Law fled):
    “Labeling child sexual abuse an ‘appalling sin’ and a crime, John Paul II told U.S. prelates there is no place in the priesthood and religious life ‘for those who would harm the young’.”
    The imminent beatification is telling us as much about Benedict XVI and his views on harming the young as about John Paul II and his. The tradition goes on.

  3. It is possible that God has an answer to the shortage of priests- we know there is an answer. What if the answer is to allow women to be ordained? What if God is inspiring and planting the seeds of this enlightenment? Would the present Catholic church leadership hear the message? Are they even open to the voice of God? Recent evens would lead me to doubt. We do know God works in mysterious ways and has great power.

    1. Please, please you and so many others misled and misguided- there is only one Priest now, the Lord Jesus Christ. In God’s plan for us there is no priesthood but that of Christ.

  4. And Bernard Law continues in good standing, at the end of the day he has a cushy Vatican appointment and likely sips espresso in Piazza Navona. Justin will likely join him there soon.

    It’s time for Vatican III and this time open those windows all the way…lots of fresh air needed.

  5. The Vatican’s priorities so far, (as so boldly witnessed in this present time) are to cover up, conceal, hide the pedophiles, and DISTRACT: as in the beatification of John Paul 2 (May 1, 2011.) The hierarchy bespeak a cult of arrogance, avarice, and audacity. They have no conscience, and they truly have lost all integrity.

  6. The ship of Peter is truly floundering, not because of outside storms but because the plug has neen pulled from the inside.
    So many issues that should be dealt with honestly are being stonewalled by an “infallible” coverup. The priorities of the Vatican are simply power, control,clericalism, protection of the facade.
    Jesus has to walk on the waters again and say to those sailing the vessel,”Oh you of little faith”.
    Come lord Jesus! Calm this storm by challenging Peter again.”Do you love me? Do you really love me? Feed my lambs, Feed my sheep.(Listen to your people!!)

    1. I have often heard that the simplest answer is often most likely to be the correct answer. There is nothing complicated about it. If the Pope does not remove a priest or bishop proven to have been involved sexually with a minor or its cover-up, he is complicit in the act. Such behavior is without question negligent as best.

      What moral person could in good conscience hold that individual up to be their spiritual leader, or at least not be embarrassed to admit that he does?

      How many 1,000’s of pedophile priests, and cover-up bishop are in the Church? How many has the present Pope (or any pope) removed? The difference is not even close.

  7. This is my last plea before Easter.

    Philadelphia can get 50,000 people to pay $100 to sit in the cold and scream for the Eagles. Philadelphia can get 300 people to protest Michael Vick because he killed dogs.

    What is Philadelphia willing do to make the rapists and the liars within the Catholic church pay for their sins, and what can you do to replace them with people that would have done the obvious Christian choice int he first place.

    You have everything you need – proof in the format of a Grand Jury report. The hierarchy took the lowest possible road, lying to protect their reputation, and ignoring the cries of children that were raped by their own priests.

    Tomorrow is the big game. Easter, when all the fringe Catholics that go to church twice a year show up in the good weather. You can convince them to have a reason to come back to the church. That the church has a congregation that they want to be a part of.

    You need 50 people to stand in front of Rigali’s church. If I didn’t have to care for a sick relative, I’d drive 10 hours and protest by myself, but I can’t.

    You could start to change the world, and God gave you all of the opportunity you need. If you passively go to another church, you didn’t even show up for the game.

  8. It is time for the faithful in this diocese rise up and submit a petition the Pope in his role as Vicar of Christ to send us a new bishop. The current shepherd has shown by his conduct in this matter that he is morally defective, and therefore uanble to lead this flock. He has scandalized this diocese and the good men and women who serve the people with courage and decency. His position requires that he speak authoritatively on matters of faith and morals, and he is manifestly unfit to speak with authority on matters of morals. As such he is unable to provide the effective leadership that this community needs and deserves. If the Pope declines to hear us then he also should realize that he tacitly condones the actions of Cardinal Rigali and he gives scandal to the greater church.

  9. Some one mentioned above the Bernard cardinal Law was rewarded with a cushy ju=ob in Rome. I think you would be surprised that he has mare than a cushy job. Law has the final say on the names of the clergy handed to the pope for consideration on who will be named bishops, arch bishops and cardinal in the United States. I personally know of two who were promoted up the ladder in hierarchy who assisted in the cover up of an abusive priest and silencing the victim after the southern diocese paid off the victim. How many others are there???

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