Consider Voice of the Faithful When Organizing on Parish Level

by Nick Ingala, for Voice of the Faithful, Guest Blogger

We at Voice of the Faithful thank Catholics4Change for presenting this excellent forum for shining light on clergy sexual abuse and the need for accountability in the Church. We’ve read on this blog how outraged many Philadelphia-area parishioners are at the revelations of clergy sexual abuse and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s reaction to it. We’ve seen from comments to blog posts that some parishioners are even thinking of forming groups to organize responses to this scandal. We would like to help through our Parish Voice Affiliate program, which could give you a head start on organizing. You may already know of one of those very active Parish Affiliates, the VOTF of Greater Philadelphia. You can visit to find out more about Philly’s VOTF affiliate and to find out more about the organization overall. You also can click here to answer the question, “Why Voice of the Faithful?” Of course, you also could join VOTF as an individual simply by clicking here, where you can sign up for our regular e-mail publications or indicate how you would like to volunteer. And don’t stop voicing your concerns at Catholics4Change.

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