Front Page Outrage From Head of Sex Abuse Review Panel for Philly Archdiocese

Front page of The Inquirer today:

“The chairwoman of the panel that reviews clergy sex-abuse cases for the Philadelphia Archdiocese has lashed out at Cardinal Justin Rigali and his bishops, accusing them of having “failed miserably at being open and transparent” about the misdeeds of their priests.”

“Head of Philly Priest Sex-Abuse Review Panel Criticizes Her Church Leaders,” by David O’Reilly, The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 14, 2011

I urge every Catholic to read the Grand Jury Report. Since Church leaders have failed miserably in doing the right (and moral) thing for our children, we must demand they at least fulfill the recommendations set forth in the Grand Jury Report. As practicing Catholics and as a society, we must get behind legislation that protects children in the future. The statute of limitations protects abusers. There is no statute of limitations on murder in PA. There shouldn’t be one for child sex abuse. This is SOUL MURDER!

The public affairs arm of EVERY diocese in the state of PA is actively working against the removal of the statute of limitations. Why? Because they are protecting assets. That’s what got us into this mess in the first place.

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  1. I am trying to understand the following…

    “In many other dioceses…review boards are expected to determine whether an accused priest molested a minor… and make a recommendation about his suitability for ministry.”

    Can someone clarify this for me… why are the review boards determining whether molestation occured or not? I thought they were supposed to be determining if there was reasonable allegation of abuse, and then recommend action to the DA. Perhaps determiniation of abuse makes more sense for outdated allegations that could not be investigated by the DA due to time limit contraints.

    I do believe the articles from and about the Philly review board are opening a door to potential change. The recommendations made by the chairwoman for all diocesan review boards are a huge step in the right direction.

  2. I agree…If they are protecting assets and all the laity leave the church (or laity want the statue of limitations changed)then they are ultimately protecting the assets for themselves right?………too bad they don’t take a vow of poverty……but then again a vow or promise of celibacy has not worked for them either……..there are a few good priests(non-offender, non-witness) but they don’t speak up so it is hard to acknowledge they really exist……..silence helps and helped these crimes continue………you(witnesses) are no different from a mother who looks the other way when a father is molesting his kids………….it is a horrible situation to be in …… risk house and home by speaking up but the other choice allowing the abuse to continue results in separation from Christ’s love and compassion for this person…….which is a sin………it goes against the “greatest commandment” to love God and your neighbor as yourself………please find the courage to speak out…….the laws will change soon and will come throught external pressure law changes, Amnesty International,proscuetions……but what about the Spiritual mess left in the aftermath???????????How are you going to fix that if the laity does not believe you have any depth, compassion or understanding???????? Where is the love of Christ you are suppose to personify??????? Under a rock in the darkest recesses of a cave or on top of a hill for everyoone to see??????? Jesus cleaned out the temple by whipping and flipping tables of the money changers……..we need you to do the same thing…….catholics are use to being lead….we need good leaders to follow…….come out of the shadows……….. The laity is slowly forming groups because we have no Christ like leadership to follow at the moment…it is a time for Saints….throughout history is seems the problems start with priests and bishops corruption and Saints are needed to clean it up… Catherine of Siena……I don’t want to be a saint…….it requires sacrifice but I cannot truly love Christ and doing nothing……….

  3. To say that our Church is in a difficult space right now is to state the obvious. Those in the pews must wake up and demand that all members be protected and cherished as many would cherish their local priests and bishops. Those in the pews must value the living breathing members as much as they value the real property that the Church owns. The prestige of the Church is threatened not from without, but from within. Lies, lawbreaking, cover ups, pay offs, denial and delay are making the Faithful look like fools. For how many years have people suffered at the hands of those who deny there is a problem. This is a difficult time. This is a changing time. Yet, this is a time of Grace. Where are the saints…they are among us.

  4. Rigali and his bishops are stunned. If they’re not taken down now, the momentum is lost, and things will never change.


  5. You know I was thinking …one of the last things my husband’s offender said to me when I confronted him after my husband did was “don’t tell anybody…….don’t say anything…….that is one of the last things he said to me before he went to jail……he miscalculated who he was speaking to……I have not shut up since and neither should we, the catholic church………….

  6. Religious?

    Glad that bishopaccountability is saving these articles. Could give you more, Some of these young men were abused then later became priests. One person would describe how he wanted to abuse kids(claim he didn’t) then was afraid of his next assignment – couldn’t get that info but that priest might have abused him. I have no evidence just a gut feeling. Find out how many religious, who the archdiocese doesn’t list if they offend, are staffing parishes.

    Also with the Allentown article – the priest that gave out the key – probably been having a male friend there for years. I believe someone told me he “visted” rooms at will. Was told I wasn’t his type.

    Still waiting for a few summer camps to hit the fan. We won’t know the full extent of the abuse-victim relationship unless we can open the files and allow the info to flow. Most religious orders have protected their websites from the needed info.

    Again, there are good priests and some who have no clue about what is happening.

    1. Thanks Ed for all your info. and helping to get the word out the problem with these crimes is that it happens behind close doors but it is happening today we just are not always sure where but now we know there are patterns and we need to start with people we are aware of first.

      1. Beth, there is enough church history to support the cause.

        “In the 16th and 17th centuries there is evidence that church authorities often subjected accused clerics to canonical trials after which they were turned over to secular authorities for additional punishment. In the 20th century at least two civil trials received limited local publicity: Fr. Bruce MacArthur (El Paso, TX, 1979) and Fr. Mel Balthasar (Boise, ID, 1983-84)”


        By Rev. Doyle

        also, priest have been sent or expelled to other countries

        Eric Ensey
        Carlos Urrutigoity

        The Delaware case drives me nuts he and uncle jack both sat kids on their laps fondling them when outside the presence of others.Gromming then using. Probably influenced other religious – named with other religious in civil cases won against them.. Thought we took a vow of silence when I walked into the house when they were having their “discussions” with other scholastics.

        So many of us knew bits and pieces, but could not get evidence that would hold up in court. Still wonder why there are always two “expert” witnesses in trials, both with opposite views. Hard time finding the truth.

        One priest I knew wrote to me to call him. He died before I could call him. Still wonder why he wanted me to call him so close to his death. He was working in one of those “retirement” communities – not there because of abuse.

  7. We need a new starting line up in Philadelphia to replace Rigali and his bishops, they are evil men.. To make the change “WE” need to cut off our support $$$. Rigali and the bishops want to protect the blessed piggy bank. Another option is to get Father Lynn to come clean and “tell the truth”.. Should Lynn “talk” the house of Rigali shall fall…

  8. WR – “…get Father Lynn to come clean and ‘tell the truth’.. Should Lynn “talk” the house of Rigali shall fall…”

    NO WAY! If they had the slightest inkling that Lynn would talk he’d now be a citizen of the sovereign State of Vatican City.

    Don’t worry Rigali’s $700 an hour lawyers will be taking very good care of The Very Rev. Lynn, so please don’t cut your support. That wouldn’t be charitable, and Bill Donohue would discredit you for being an anti-Catholic bigot!

    1. Father Lynn will have to place his hand on the bible and “swear to tell the whole truth”…It reminds me of a great movie, a Few Good Men…..Phila DA: I want the truth! Father Lynn: You can’t handle the truth! Ah yes “the truth will set us all free”

      Believe I would rather be “labeled an “anti-Catholic bigot” than to be known as a financial supporter of one of the greatest cover ups since Watergate.

  9. WR – Please keep in mind that being labeled an “anti-Catholic bigot” by BILL DONOHUE of “The Catholic League” is a badge of honor (at least in my book!)

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