Another Bishop Ignores Review Board

Read this story about another Bishop’s huge failure to properly utilize his review board and protect children.

“One day after newspapers across the nation featured front page articles about a U.S. bishops’ sponsored study on the causes of the clergy sex abuse scandal, which blamed much of the crisis on the sexual revolution of the 1960s, another clergy abuse news story was on the front page of The Kansas City Star: A local priest had been arrested for possession of child pornography.” Read more…

“Bishop Admits Failure in Priest’s Child Pornography Case,” by Joshua J. McElwee, National Catholic Reporter, May 23, 2011.

This is just another example of a Bishop ignoring the important role of the review board. Child pornography is a crime. Who doesn’t know this? A negligent and arrogant Bishop. But Kansas City got more than Philadelphia. At least this Bishop publicly admitted he was wrong.

Why won’t the Vatican issue more than suggestions and recommendations on clergy sex abuse guidelines? The Catholic Church should be at the forefront of protecting children from pornography and human sex trafficking. Instead, it seems to aid and abet. The Vatican continues to prove Amnesty International’s report to be correct.

Every Catholic is called to renew their Church and protect children. It begins with your voice.

7 thoughts on “Another Bishop Ignores Review Board

  1. Why don’t they throw Bishop Finn in jail?

    The Catholic church absolutely, positively, does not care about child rape. Their standards for child safety and sexual perversion are far below what U.S. law allows, and Finn should go to jail along with any others that conspired to hide evidence.

    Bishop Finn said he’s sorry, and somehow that’s enough for Catholics and for the DA’s that worry about the Catholic vote.

    Jeffrey Dahmer said he was sorry. OJ said he was sorry. If they were Catholic bishops, they wouldn’t have gone to jail because the congregation would be in an uproar if a “man of God” was thrown in jail for a crime. Wake up, congregation, if they are still hiding child pornographers, they aren’t men of God. God couldn’t make it more clear.

    Msgr Lynn moved pedophiles around like chess pieces, and he was the only one that went to jail. Rigali tells the congregation that there have been “no credibly accused priests” in the congregation for the past 8 years, and a week later you find out he was lying. When the Grand Jury report became public, he suspended 26 of them. People in Philadelphia should put relentless pressure on DA Seth Williams, an active Catholic, to jail Rigali for child endangerment.

    The Catholic church is an organized crime unit, where the crime is child rape and child pornography. We should prosecute any one we possibly can, and clean the filth out of the church.

  2. I love the part where Bishop Finn talks about knowing that pornography is a problem in society having heard people’s confessions for the past 32 years. The following is from another article about this priest:
    Ratigan’s family also turned over several items to detectives, who discovered a CD in a Walgreens one-hour photo envelope. They found 14 images of child porn of a 3- to 4-year-old girl.

    I wonder if Bishop Finn thinks that all the people who confessed to him through the years were also watching child pornography involving 3 and 4 year old little girls.I’m thinking that answer is “NO”
    So in this case the parishioners were lied to,the priest was sent to live with Nuns and the review Board and police were not contacted. However the legal counsel for the Archdiocese was contacted and although the original photos discovered were very troubling they felt it did not technically count as child pornography. Haven’t we all heard this before?

  3. Patrick: I agree 100%. At this point, the only thing that will force Bishops and archdiocesan officials from continuing to protect child sex abusers and sexually disfunctional individuals from ministering to families and children is arrest with handcuffs, convicting and imprisoning them with full media attention.

    1. Dr. Nick, Ever since I brought my case to the archdiocese in 1994 having been raped by 3 catholic priests in the 1960’s and 1970’s and 1980’s I have said over and over :”UNTIL THEY HEAR THE CLANG OF THE CELL DOOR CLOSING BEHIND THEM THEY WILL ALWAYS FEEL THAT CIVIL LAW AS WE KNOW IT WILL NEVER APPLY TO THEM.”

  4. It is quite simple, Bishop Finn needs to be charged in criminal court.

    Until and unless the hierarchy and indeed all employees of the RCC know that they are at risk of civil prosecution, there is no need for them to change behavior.

    The problem as I see it is, how can we the Faithful bring about this just solution?? I now know that there are many, many, many of us who are outraged. How do we turn our outrage into a positive change in our Church???

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