Bishops Offer Nothing More Than Weak Tweak

Bishops barely revise the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People despite clear need demonstrated in Philadelphia and other cities.

Read about it here:

“Bishops squandered opportunity, victims’ group says,” by Dan Morris-Young, The National Catholic Reporter, June 17, 2011

“Bishops Uphold Policy on Sex Abuse,” by Laurie Goodstein, The Boston Globe, June 17, 2001

“US Bishops Revise Guidelines Against Sex Abuse,” by CNN wire staff

“Bishops on abuse policy: Don’t we believe in forgiveness?” by Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA Today, June 17, 2011

7 thoughts on “Bishops Offer Nothing More Than Weak Tweak

      1. Patrick: That’s fine, but people only need to read the newspapers or news on their emails to get the same info. My point is to stop going through the church for justice. Go directly to the police, press charges, get a good lawyer who specializes in clergy sex abuse and sue the living daylights out of them.

  1. I just read multiple comments to the NCR on line article. I posted there but I am sure they won’t let it see the light of day. I said Catholics need to learn from the old time movies: you go after them– not with letters, prayers, pleadings, demonstrations etc. you go after them with stakes and hammers. [When they are asleep in their coffins.]

  2. Catholic parents – you’re on your own.

    A new problem that you have is that the Philly Grand Jury report is being read by the existing pedophile priests in the Catholic church. They are learning the techniques that worked, including:

    – how pedophile priests can get your children’s trust (most of them were very popular)
    – how they can talk your children into being alone with them
    – how they abuse them
    – how they said God would punish the children if they told anyone
    – how they told them that their parents knew about the abuse and allowed it

    Kids trusted priests and they took advantage of it.

    The newest predator priests now know what works.

    Catholic parents – you better read the report to learn those methods so that you can protect your children. Its at

  3. Sexual abuse is murder of the soul the bishops need to treat it as such. Someone murders your soul you can forgive them or not your choice. But if the abuser is not in a state of grace when they die they go to hell whether you forgive them or not. Either way just as you have consequences for murder there are consequences for murdering someone’s soul. I think everyone agrees whether you forgive a murderer or not they can’t keep going around killing people and God will be their final judge. It is that simple. Sexual abuse is a crime, a sin and sickness just as murder is. You can’t let s murders run around and kill everyone and the same goes for sexual offenders murdering people’s souls . The Bishops are not just so out of touch….. they are sick .They have years of documentation noting how offenders go on to reoffend…..its behind denial……it is sickness and rotteness of heart. …absence of Jesus Christ .

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