Vatican Announces Meeting On Abuse

“The symposium next February will draw experts in psychiatry, church law, sociology and child protection programs to the Pontifical Gregorian University for three days of meetings and workshops with 200 bishops and religious superiors. The meetings are designed in part to help bishops draft guidelines to combat abuse that must be submitted to the Holy See by next year for review.”

Excerpt from: “Pope: Look Crime of Sex Abuse in the Face” –, June 19, 2011

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13 thoughts on “Vatican Announces Meeting On Abuse

  1. You’re right, Dr. Nick, but still I will never understand why an organization needs to facilitate a meeting or a set of guidelines on what to do if they have knowledge or they have witnessed a child being abused. It’s common sense that you call 911. End of story. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure that one out. However, when the organization we are talking about looks at one of it’s priests having sex with a child no different than the priest having sex with an adult man or woman, because it’s all considered the same sin, then the problem not only lies with the perpetrating priest, but also the hierarchy.

    But similar to what you said, “Don’t tell me what you can do. Show me!”

    1. Don’t forget the worldwide Church. Imagine what goes on in countries with lesser legal systems. There is no 911 in third world countries. The Vatican needs to set higher standards for clergy everywhere – not equal or lower than that of any given country’s laws.

      1. Actually Susan, if the Catholic Church had any backbone at all, the Pope would be their 911. Unfortunately, Cardinal Ratzinger is just as much complicit as anyone.

  2. Probably the most important statement in this article
    “No bishop has ever been disciplined for failing to stop an abuser. Victims’ advocates argue that without any enforcement mechanism requiring bishops to comply with church law or their own guidelines, children will remain at risk.”

  3. The church will take until next February, then until next May to figure out what any parent or any human being would have figured out in 5 minutes when this started over 60 years ago – child rape is a reprehensible crime and should be dealt with in the harshest manner.

    Here’s What Jesus Would Do, in my opinion:

    – find the truth immediately. If the best way to do that is through lie detector tests, give every priest a lie detector test. Make them confess every crime they’ve committed or concealed. This includes every bishop. Remind them that their answers on the lie detector test will be the defining moment of their life before God.
    – go find the victims, and get them unlimited therapy. Open credit card at the sex therapist down the street. Just go and get help. We have you covered. Sell every church if you have to. If you have faith in God, you know the church would survive the loss of big buildings, and you know that God wouldn’t care if people worship in warehouses. True Catholics wouldn’t care either.
    – give the priests to law enforcement, and make them go to prison. Make sure they are put in the general population. They can try to convert prisoners to Catholicism. Pedophile priests corrupted the most innocent, so now they can try to convert the most guilty.
    – if the priests ever get out, they are brought back to the church and are put in a dungeon. They never get out. They are fed the worst food. They spend all day rewriting bibles or something else. They never get contact with the outside world. This becomes the Catholic churches new “secret”
    – the Catholic church shows future generations that they know how to deal with their own crimes with honesty and integrity, even if it means giving up money. People who like and respect these honorable actions “come home” to the new, true, Catholic church

    That’s just a start. I’ve got much more, but Jesus and I are keeping it secret.

    My Jesus is smarter than their Jesus.

  4. “…in the operational decisions of our local Church, the Holy See’s influence is remote” according to Bishop Chaput. Here is the link: So which one is telling the trutch, the Pope or the Bishop? As I understand this article from Chaput, he will decide what his diocese will do. And he will not interfere in the operations of any other diocese. Nor will he be submitting anything to some remote office in a foreign country for review. Susan, you were asked if you thought Chaput was Conservative or Progressive? I would say he is an Egomaniac, and possibly more dangerous than Rigali.

  5. “Scicluna stressed that ordinary faithful have not only the right but the duty to inform the Vatican, via the papal nuncio or ambassador in each country, when a situation of abuse is affecting the life of the diocese… “It’s not to denounce their bishops or betray their bishops” but to bring their concerns directly to the pope, Scicluna said.”

    This whole situation of abuse… the awful crime of it, the cover-up of it, the lack of meaningful leadership to address it, the lack of pastoral response for those in and out of the pews… IS affecting dioceses everywhere. I take Monsignor Sciclina’s statement as a green light for what C4C and others are doing to bring attention to this issue. I would love thousands of letters – from victims, from families, from priests and religious who are dealing with the repercussions of the scandal, from those who question staying or leaving the Catholic Church – to be sent to Rome to give voice to how situations of abuse are affecting their diocese and Catholic faith.

    1. I can tell you exactly what happens when you inform the papal nuncio…NOTHING. Been there, done that…repeatedly and recently. That avenue is as ineffective as the rest, with even LESS authority. It’s quite sad, really. Yes, the ordinary faithful have the duty to inform the Vatican, but that process is strikingly similar to a victim contacting a bishop about abuse.

      More meetings, more wringing of hands. The road map has been given to them time and time again…listen to the victims and their families…they will TELL you exactly what they needed. Honestly, if there had been space within the Catholic Church for my husband and our family to heal, we probably wouldn’t be sitting in another denomination every week.

      I’m also interested in knowing how Catholics plan on changing their church?

  6. I sincerely hope for the faithful, the former victims, and possible furture victims that this symposium will yield positive results. As a person looking in from the outside, I see troubling language and concepts in this article: ” ….the sin and crime of pedophilia…..” Sin is a term of The Church, a concept of religion, and is perhaps too often forgiven, or the purpetrator believes that it will be forgiven. Crime requires thorough investigation, a trial and a finding by a jury. For the world,out side The Church, only the issue of crime should be considered.

    The symposium is to be held at the Pontifical Gregorian University at the Vatican. MMMmmmmmm. Better
    to hold it at a public university, at an international court, under the auspices of the United Nations or some other such neutral venue. The experts are to be drawn from “psychiatriy, Church law, sociology and child protection prograns.” Where are representatives of the justice system and criminal law?

    I find Scicluna’s wording to be wishy-washy . He states that some bishop’s conferences have no interest in being foreced into drafting guildelines and said that they would be “unwise” to ignore the advice of theexperst. Why not justex-communicate them.

    “Scicl;una acknowledged that bishops ‘come in all different sizes and shapes and the vatican spokesmanadmitted some bishop

  7. “But many victims groups have held out little hope for much change given that bishops themselves have been blamed for much of the scandal, since it was they who covered up the crimes and moved molesters around from parish to parish to abuse again rather than reporting them to police.

    No bishop has ever been disciplined for failing to stop an abuser. Victims’ advocates argue that without any enforcement mechanism requiring bishops to comply with church law or their own guidelines, children will remain at risk.”

    Yep, it is the FOXES in charge of the hen house. It will take years for them to come up with a plan, because I don’t believe they want a plan in place. What other organization would put the perpetrators in charge of making changes?

    The problem as I see it is a deep-rooted spiritual problem within the priesthood, itself?

    As a believer in God’s Word now and not in the Roman Catholic religion, I see that there is no longer a priesthood blessed by God since the temple curtain was torn asunder. And we are certainly seeing this as clear as a cloudless sky! Does anyone here know what the import of the temple curtain being torn asunder is?

    I believe that we have one Mediator to the Father and that is Jesus Christ. Simply put, HE is the one who died for us and our sins. Today we each individually have full access to the throne room of the Father, through our belief in His Son Jesus Christ and His once for all sacrifice for us! What joy!

    So, the RCC still has priests…they sort of sewed back up the curtain and said, “oh no…you still need us to get to God!”

    From the beginning of the RCC there has been horrible crimes committed against humanity. Today with Internet and TV etc., we now know how deep the rottenness goes…..and history shows us, that it has always been this way.

    I believe the problem the RCC has is that it can no longer shut down the information highway about their past history and current history….as they were able to do in the past. Today, instead of doing away with the protestors, they are having to face them to some degree. But, the protestors have to realize that it is a massive spiritual problem, not just their priests molesting children, but the fact is, they are molesting spiritually millions of people with their actions and their non action…..

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