Voice of the Faithful Invites All to Thurs. Meeting

Voice of the Faithful Greater Philadelphia invites all to a meeting June 30 at 7:00 in Plymouth Meeting.
Charles Gallagher, former assistant District Attorney of Philadelphia, who directed the 2005 Grand Jury Report, will speak to us.  A report on the American Catholic Council will also be part of the evening.
If you are going west on Germantown Pike, go about a ½ mile past Plymouth Meeting Mall to Walton Road. Turn right at the light and Local 1776 Walton Campus, 3031 A Walton Road, is about ¼ mile on the left side of the road. Our event is in the first building but you have to go around the building to park and enter the building from the door near where you park. If you arrived at Epiphany you have gone too far.
Donation: $15

14 thoughts on “Voice of the Faithful Invites All to Thurs. Meeting

  1. Sorry.. can’t help but chuckle at “if you’ve arrived at epiphany, you’ve gone too far.” Enlightment wil lhave to wait for another day, I suppose? 😉

  2. I don’t know if I asked already, but can it be videotaped? I’ll donate, too, if you need money for it, and a cheap videotape would be fine (i.e. borrow a $200 Flip Video camcorder)

  3. Deliver me, O Lord, from lying lips and deceitful tongues. Ps 120:2

    The entire community of believers was united in heart and soul. Acts 4:32

    These two verses jumped out at me recently and I have been mediating and praying using these scripture verses. I think they are appropriate considering the exchange of information, and organizing going on in the church right now(especially the laity) to make it safer and more compassionate for children, survivors and all catholics. I don’t agree with all solutions and ideas but conversation and exchange of information is what is going to help stop sexual abuse of children.

  4. I checked and was given the “all clear” to videotape Charlie Gallagher’s speech on the need for legislative reform concerning the statute of limitations . The only problem is that both Susan and I have schedule conflicts for Thursday and won’t be present to videotape the speech.Is anyone attending willing to videotape ? We can then post it on the site to share. Let me know .
    I highly recommend attending to hear Charlie speak. Susan and I have learned a great deal from him about the importance of the House Bills. Thanks,Kathy

    1. Kathy,

      My wife (Debbie) bought me a video camera for Christmas, and I was puzzled as to why? Could she have somehow known of Patrick’s request before he did? I will bring it, although I must admit I am a novice when it comes to using it.

      I am trying to get out of work (always 🙂 ) early on Thursday so that I can arrive by the 7PM start time.

      Buddy Schmidt

      1. Buddy,

        God works in mysterious ways, and made sure you got a video camera so that this event could be taped. After the event, please send the camera to me. He also made sure you got a lawn mower for Christmas which you should also send to me. And cash.

  5. So I went last night to this meeting. About 45-50 people showed up and about 40 of them I recognized. I was wondering where everyone else was? I thought more people would show up. I guess my assumptions are correct when I truly feel like Catholics don’t give a shit about children being abused by priests. They prove that to me time and time again in their very few numbers.

    I did get to meet another victim, so it was worth the 2-hr. drive just for that, but it’s obvious to me “nobody cares.”

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