Justice4PAKids Launched by Coalition of Child Protection Advocates

Will our soon-to-be-named new Bishop fulfill the recommendations set forth by the Grand Jury? The likelihood varies with the candidates who have been rumored as replacements for Cardinal Rigali. I was hoping the assignment would be announced to Philadelphia’s faithful during Sunday Masses. But it looks like this will be a media announcement. Spiritual healing hasn’t topped the Church leadership’s to do list.

One of the Grand Jury recommendations was to support legislation that would remove the PA statute of limitations for child sexual abuse. Catholics4Change has joined forces with other child advocates to form Justice4PAKids. The site is still under construction, but we hope you’ll visit, subscribe and support the effort. The individuals and groups involved are taking this initiative to protect ALL Pennsylvania children and we are proud to participate.

9 thoughts on “Justice4PAKids Launched by Coalition of Child Protection Advocates

    1. Yes Susan , Kathy and all other supporters and members of this new movement have seen what needs to be done and you are doing it. Thankyou for all your hard work it is not easy but then again doing the right thing is never easy. You are in my prayers and have my support also,

  1. Looking forward to the new site. Need some real reform in this area as these predators and technology get more sophisticated. In NE PA we have judges making a buck on kids – Kids for Cash scandal and it seems we hear of an abuse case a day here including public officials, ministers and priests. Need to expose these monsters and many of the representatives don’t get it – its not just a Philly problem.

  2. “During the two-hour proceeding, the mother of one of the victims tearfully described her daughter’s pain – exacerbated a year and a half ago when she told her father what had happened and he disowned her.”

    “It doesn’t fit who my son is. . . . He made one careless mistake,” said his mother, Janet Nicholson, asserting that the victims “had a part of it, too.”

    “Her daughter, Christina Nicholson, agreed, suggesting that the girls knew their actions were wrong.

    “It doesn’t seem right that he’s the only one being punished,” she said.

    Nagle reminded them that the victims were 15.”


    Victims being blamed again, the predator is a father of two young children. Father of a victim disowns her. So sad,has more courage than I would ever have and she is disowned by her father.

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