Collateral Damage in Delaware

In Delaware, the Church bankruptcy will take its toll on Diocesan employees, laity and school children. Blame belongs with the hierarchy, who thought they were above accountability. Victims find relief in non-monetary judgments that will protect other children, specifically the release of records.

“As it pays for the past, diocese tries to move on,” by Beth Miller, The News Journal, August 7, 2011

Excerpt from linked article:

“If you look at what Delaware has been through — as excruciating as it is — there’s nothing that is not either known or will be known when more documents are released,” Holman, the attorney and survivor, said. “It’s the exact opposite [in Philadelphia]. There’s a complete firewall of information and no law that will force a different result.””Is that better for the Philadelphia church? In some ways. But I think Wilmington is light years ahead.”


5 thoughts on “Collateral Damage in Delaware

  1. A very interesting part of the article was the efforts of many Catholics who supported the Delaware Child’s Victim Act. State Senator Karen Peterson who is Catholic and was a lead supporter of the bill said “When I saw the people who came forward — I realized if they’ve got the courage to tell these stories, I as a Catholic have to have the courage to try to get them some justice”

    That is exactly how I feel about my efforts with catholics4change and justice4pakids -I can’t and won’t ignore what has happened within the Church.

    1. If I did not try to change things………..I could not go to church anymore knowing what I know both of the institutional church and personally………God needs all of us so he can work through us. I firmly believe Satan works thru people……….I have seen it with my own eyes and Christ needs us so he can work through us. God does not like what is going on but he gave people free will . I know if we trust him he can work miracles through us……….we just need to dig deep…….

  2. I am looking forward to the non-monetary portion of the settlement which will release all documentation of any priest who ever had an allegation of abuse lodged against him and it will show how those complaints were handled.

    I already know for sure that my abuser had a ton of allegations against him, and he was transferred numerous times because of complaints, and there seems to be gaps in his record in which no one knew where he was. The documents will prove that the Diocese of Wilmington and the Oblates of Saint Francis De Sales were well aware of Father John M. McDevitt’s propensities toward and his abusive actions against young boys.

    All of this evidence, once released by the Diocese, will become public information. I can only hope that everyone takes a look at how the Church moved these guys all over the place, silenced victims, and tried to get away with it. These documents will also prove that I’m not crazy and will add upon the fact that I have been validated. Money can’t do that, because you will always have your assholes who will claim that there was no evidence to support our complaints and we only did this for money. The documents will prove otherwise!

  3. Keep in mind also, that many priests who abused in Delaware also abused in Pennsylvania, because the Oblates of Saint Francis De Sales owns and runs schools in Philadelphia. Many abusive priests, including my own, were constantly transferred back and forth from Delaware to Pennsylvania on many occasions because of complaints. The Oblates of Saint Francis De Sales is known to have one of the highest number of abusive clergy in their order.

  4. Also, keep in mind that the press seems to concentrate on parish priests that abuse, The numbers increase when you number in all the order priests that raped children.One of my perps was a member of St. Anthonys Monestery a priest of the Franciscan order TOR. I will never forget that when 2 detectives came to interview me for the 1st grand jury I had my catholic high school yearbook they looked at it and pointed out all the priests that were mentioned by other victims and the priests that taught at my high school were all from this order. Add that amount of order priests to the list then add 10 to 30 or more children raped by one priest and you have a number that would blow your mind.

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