Will Pope Address Worldwide Pattern Sooner Rather Than Later?

Sadly, this editorial from April 2010 is still timely. This past Spring, Amnesty International named the Vatican as a human rights violator due to its response (or rather lack of) to clergy abuse worldwide. Why hasn’t there been a stronger and more swift response from Rome?

“Pope should endorse independent investigation,” by Gerald T. Slevin, retire attorney, guest editorial for The Washington Post, April 2010

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  1. Thoughtfully, Slevin calls for an independent commission to reform and preserve the Catholic Church. He invites Benedict to cooperate. Then, he articulates a comprehensive plan of action for Catholics should Benedict fail to cooperate. If Benedict won’t save the Church, Catholics will… or they must try.

    Slevin’s piece made me feel like this:

    Earth to Benedict,

    In your position as pope, you are the guardian of Tradition. You know the Church is in pain and turmoil, but you are the guardian of Tradition. You will not challenge or rewrite Tradition. The guardian of Tradition guards Tradition. You have the papal mantra down: “Tradition, Tradition, Tradition.”

    What hurts is that you are devoid of love and courage, the necessary components for healing, reforming and preserving the Church.

    Earth to Benedict…

    1. Is it that he is devoid of love or courage? or those around him are and he is only one man? Seems like alot of the bishops are not listening to him on matters of doctrine etc……………….he has reponsiblity in this don’t get me wrong……….if he is involved in the coverup justice should be dealt but I see “muntiny” so to speak in the ranks of the bishops………………….even Jason Berry was saying there are clicks of bishops etc.

  2. The Roman Catholic Church has had many popes including Benedict. I assume the Holy Spirit has called to each pope as He calls to every man, and none [to our knowledge] has responded.
    Religion is strong medication. It makes one deaf to the call:
    “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”

    Acts 16:31 And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

  3. Is this a hypothetical question?

    We all know the answer.

    I vote it won’t be sooner or later…is never an option?

  4. Gerald Slevin’s piece is excellent, but it is too straightforward for the RCC. More intrigue is needed. However, the spectre of legal challengs looms large. Perhaps the threats of losing the fortunes of the RCC, the threats of criminal prosecution may bring the hierarchy into a more realistic place.

    I have hope that the RCC is prosecuted in the World Court (sorry if I have not gotten the name correct). I have hope that the hand of the pope is made visible in these prosecutions. I hope that the money of the RCC does not save it from this just prosecution, which is designed to protect children and vulnerable adults from the ravages of abuse by clergy.

    1. Elizabeth, I agee. Please see my recent comment entitled, “POPE IN HANDCUFFS?” under John Allen’s current article on the National Catholic Reporter’s website entited, “A blessing for the Vatican in (really) deep disguise” available at http://ncronline.org/blogs/all-things-catholic/blessing-vatican-really-deep-disguise. I think you and other readers here may also find of interest some of my other comments, etc. , on the NCR website easily accessible by clicking on the “Search” icon in the upper right corner and entering “SLEVIN” in the search box. You can then click on to the title that interest you. While some will disagree with some of my positions, I believe my Harvard Law training and 40 years of law practice and 16 years of Catholic schooling, offers a different perspective than many others proffer.Thanks for your comments. Jery Slevin

      1. Great to have you posting here, Jerry. I just read your response to John Allen’s piece. Unfortunately, Allen always straddles the middle in order to maintain his Vatican sources… and his job.

        Hopefully, there will be people in The Hague who can penetrate the cultish and illusive world of the Vatican and the hierarchy.

        Thanks for offering an informed and encouraging voice.

  5. In May of 2011, I saw the headline posted on line about Amnesty International and the Vatican on the front page of an Irish newspaper. At that time, I never heard or read anything about it in the US. Of course, I may have missed it; but I have since asked all of my catholic friends if they new about the indictment, and every single one did not know what I was talking about. How can something that big go unnoticed? Wouldn’t the press and the television networks have a field day with that announcement? Perhaps since the Vatican is an independent state (albeit very tiny), and the Pope as the head of that state is protected under diplomatic immunity, the news industry just let it slide knowing that the Pope is “untouchable”. Is it possible to have so much power that you can have a story that big kept quiet in the US? Where was the outrage? I was so astounded at that time that I remember thinking that at last something was going to be done to end the insanity. Yeah…..right!!!

    The Vatican may be a small independent superpower, but it has it’s hands in the pockets of every country around the world…..and all of it’s assets are protected. There’s that diplomatic immunity thing again. Scary! To answer the question “Why hasn’t there been a stronger and more swift response from Rome?” I think that the answer has to be that legally they can do whatever the heck they want. Perhaps if we look at Pope Benedict more as a Dictator or King protecting his country than a religious leader hand picked by God, it will all make more sense and become more clear.

    1. Donna Marie: Please click on to the above link to NCR in my reply to Elizabeth for some of the info you seek.

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