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  1. “Citing the grand jury report, the lawsuit says the archdiocese had a history of protecting sexually abusive priests and should have known that Ayres “had a sexual interest in children.”” from philly.com

  2. Please God the day will come when allegations such as these are handled swiftly by the civil authorities. Any person who is abused sexually by an RCC priest or nun must learn that the first place to report this abuse is to civil authorities. Clearly the RCC is unable to handle the perverted actitivies of some of its priests, and should immediately refer this abhorrent behavior to the civil authorities.

    Enough of the tears, apologies, meetings, prayers, and even the money. Civil prosecution is the answer–and all the attendant publicity that goes with making the community safe from sexual predators. This is one job the world does NOT want bishops to be responsible for!!!

  3. I am going to storm heaven with my prayers for this victim and all the victims of clergy abuse. By the time one gets to court it is usually after a painful and agonizing journey to the truth of the evil and affects of the abuse on one’s life.

    1. Beth said:

      ” By the time one gets to court it is usually after a painful and agonizing journey to the truth of the evil and affects of the abuse on one’s life.”

      No truer words spoken.

  4. Here we go again. Once again, my Philly friends, you must write, rally, even shout if necessary, to make sure Seth Williams and Philly judges do their jobs impartially, despite Chaput’s lawyers’ powerful influence with both major political parties. As the 2012 election primaries get underway, you must get to the rallies with signs, bells, whistles, etc., whatever it takes to get your voices heard legally, but clearly. You don’t need an army to do this. Organize a few fellow believers in your area and go to the political rallies and make sure the attending media sees and interviews you. Our federal, state and local politicians and judges have failed us, especially our defenseless children. We need more Federal and state laws to stop this scourge and better prosecutors and judges to enforce them. On a more cynical note, the new case does offer Chaput another excuse for a priests’ party to cheer the latest defendant.

    1. Note that Seth Williams is a practicing Catholic, and is on the board of a couple of Catholic organizations. A lot of his voting base is Catholic. He is a politician, and praised Cardinal Rigali on the way out the door. Just months before, Rigali told a congregation that there were “no accused priests in ministry” before the grand jury report showed he was lying, and he had to dismiss 21 of the 37 accused priests. He had already set the others free.

      Williams will do as little as he can get away with unless there is public pressure. Just like the Catholic church.

      1. Also, Patrick, in February Seth Williams informed ( or warned..I’m not sure which) Rigali a week before it was announced that felony charges were being brought against Lynn and the 3 other priests and teacher. A week before!!! I don’t like or trust the man…

    2. Thanks for that Patrick. It confirms my worst suspicions. Clearly, Philly Catholics must maximize all legitimate pressure on Seth Williams and the Philly judges now and hereafter, at least until the criminal trials are completed. Otherwise, you all may wake up one morning and find Williams has cut a “sweet deal” with Lynn, Avery, et al. If that happens, Philly Catholics will then be legally unable to undo the deal. Better to shout out now than later, when it will be too late. Blogs are nice, but regular rallies with a media presence in front of Williams’ office and in front of the Philly Courthouse steps is much better. You don’t need a large group at first. Word will spread, including via this blog, and soon other disgusted Catholics will join you. Just look what happened with the first few protesters at Occupy Wall Street. You will also feel more empowered if you take real action. Notify the Philadelphia Enquirer in advance and ask them to cover the rally. Try contacting John Martin at jmartin@ phillynews.com and Craig McCoy at cmccoy@phillynews.com. John and Craig are real professionals who have followed the Philly sex abuse scandals closely and fearlessly from the beginning and wil follow any legitimate related storry, I would expect.

  5. Which is exactly why we were in Harrisburg on Monday holding a press conference asking why Rep. Marsico is not moving the House Bills out of the judiciary committee. We then went to his office and delivered petitions signed by 2,000 Pa. residents. Jerry we are definitely bringing attention to politicians who are not supporting legislation for our children.

  6. Kathy Kane……on Monday in Marsico’s Office, was he present to receive the petitions? What about his chief of staff, Autumn Southard or Counsel to the Judiciary Committee, Ryan Boop, former DA in Lancaster County? Were either of them present in his office?

    By the way, checked with staff in Marsico’s office today and the agenda for next weeks’ Judiciary Committee hearing DOES NOT list HB 832 and 878 for consideration or review.

    Could a similar effort be organized with similar proposals in the PA Senate?

    1. Michael, Rep. Marsico was not in his office when we delivered the petitions.I believe having the similair proposals introduced in the Senate is being explored.
      Represtenative Duane Milne,Republican, came and spoke at the press conference in support of the House Bills introduced by his two Democratic colleagues. That is encouraging.

  7. I agree with all of the comments regarding the DA. Seth Williams needs to know that what Catholics want is NOT for the perpetrators and accomplices (ie. those who covered up) to get a hand slap and go off on their merry way. I believe a great number of us in today’s Catholic community want justice to be served and the proper example to be set so that the future will be better than the past. To get Catholic votes, justice must be served. He needs to hear that loud and clear.

  8. Everyone knows “guilt by association” and “birds of a feather flock together”. In the legal world it should not be too hard to prove that our bishops were guilty, along with many priests.

    The rcc will become strong, victims will breathe a sigh, and justice will be served once we see Beviliqua, Rigali & chaput in handcuffs and serving the time in jail that they earned.

    1. I am the last person to defend the Archdiocese – but I have never heard that Archbishop Chaput has ever done anything that would have him arrested. I know in Denver he had a good track record of turing over abusers to legal authorities.Even local law enforcement that Susan and I have spoken to believe that he is going to be much more cooperative with turning over abusive priests than Rigal and Bevilaqua have been. But Archbishop Chaput has fought to block legislation in Denver that could have helped victims and children. That might not be a crime, but it is very sad.

      1. Kathy, I agree about Chaput. To date, there does not appear to be evidence of his covering-up. His cheering on of suspected pedophiles and their alleged accomplices at his priests’ pep rally was a colossal and insensitive blunder, but not a crime.

        Chaput’s substantial lobbying efforts to block the amendments of the PA statute of limitations’ provisions in order to give victims a fairer shot at getting some justice are again not criminal, although his lobbying efforts seem to be very unChristian.

        Given this, Chaput’s future Philly actions need close surveillance by
        Philly Catholics, but unsubstantiated allegations are unwarranted and counterproductive..

  9. Sin of omission? “What I have done and what I have failed to do” What I have failed to to – Good Samaritian? How many continue to walk by victims? Sorry, priests and bishops should be reaching to not rejecting victims(publicly)

    1. Ed I think that all the time “what have I failed to do “and” what would Jesus do?” Also that my mistakes in the past should not keep me from doing the right thing now. I am not perfect and you can’t let your mistakes in the past hold you hostage. “I didnt know” is not going to cut it when we get the the pearly gates……….now we know……….. we need to act.

      1. Beth. As a parent, I find the sins of omission to be the sin I fear the most. Did I do enough for my kids? Leaving positions for better pay for my family, yet knowing the position I left would affect other kids (even sold shoes to supplement my income before leaving one job). How could the AD not struggle with this simple act that is essential to forgiveness in one of the Sacraments. I pray to the Father, Son and Spirit to supplement my weakness and pray for those I left, but I could never put a child in harms way like the bishops did in the above case

  10. Over and over, I try to figure out what makes Bishops so protective of pedophile or teen predator priests and not of children.
    1. They do not have healthy protective father instincts because of personal malformation due to lack of healthy father figures in their own lives, because of their own sexual sins and wounds and because they have never had children of their own.
    2. They are trained to be loyal to and defend the church as though it were the person of Mary
    3. They are trained to be loyal to the priesthood.
    4. They do not have healthy sexual instincts and impulses for some of the reasons in #1.

    This article opened my eyes to the mindset of pedophiles and some are defending themselves in the comments below. http://www.greeleygazette.com/press/?p=11517
    Many feel entitled to gratify themselves. They are not repentant in the least. This mindset would and could be present in bishops and priests alike.

    1. I have no problem with protecting the church from evil however I only see the hierarchy embracing evil by their evil conduct. I see the hierarchy protecting themselves, not the VICTIMS, although they give the public an impression they are. This conduct does nothing for the Image of the church as it is only harmful and destructive. Are the VICTIMS expendable in the name of Salvation. I don’t think so, this is not going away until the enablers and abusers are held accountable and saying ” I don’t know” will not be an acceptable response to any question !

  11. http://www.richardsipe.com/Lectures/2010-05-20-boston.html

    This is a wonderful essay, study and presentation of the Catholic Church, its philosophy, management, internal understanding, etc. I recommend this to all on this site because it provides a much larger understanding of the depth and breadth of the problems facing the institutional Catholic Church, which problems have been a part of our church for many centuries.

  12. “Leadership requires two virtues that seem very simple until they become very inconvenient: honesty and courage.”

    And who is the muse behind these wise words? Why it’s Mr Chaput at yesterday’s prayer invocation for Philadelphia City Council.

    What a load of crap.

    1. I wish I had known that chaput was going to be at city council, as I would have been there ! Was he there to influence the council members ? I strongly believe chaput should not have been given an opportunity to appear , chaput should be reading the Phila Grand Jury reports. Why do all the politicians graciously agree to meet with religious leaders and ignore the VICTIMS ?

  13. Predictably, William Donohue, Catholic League, has come out in support of ‘Bishop’ Finn of Kansas. Donohue promises details of his reasons for doing so in upcoming posts at CL.

    He might as well save his time, energy and electrobytes and just say, “Our Church and Our Clerics right or wrong.” That seems to be his real motto.

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