Judge Rules that Accused Priest Can’t Question Former Altar Boy

Click here to read breaking news: “Priest accused of rape may not question ex-altar boy,” by John P. Martin, Inquirer Staff Writer, Nov. 1, 2011

Excerpt from above linked article:

“Common Pleas Court Judge William J. Manfredi denied the request by the Rev. Charles Engelhardt and Bernard Shero to interrogate their accuser and be given access to his medical and personal records. He said the parties in the civil case would not have to exchange evidence until next July.”

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  1. “He was still the parochial vicar during that time although he was not to be at the parish nor was he to exercise his public ministry,” Farrell said Tuesday night.

    She said archdiocesan officials learned at the end of 2010 that Engelhardt was still working at the parish.

    “We have no clear evidence that Father Engelhardt performed public ministry from then until now. It came to our attention in late December 2010 that Father Engelhardt had been doing office work at the parish. He should not have been. The archdiocese intervened and it ended,” said Farrell.

    this is from the article:


    Summer vacation? We don’t forget. You aren’t special.

  2. A good decision that suggests perhaps some Philly judges may even read Catholics4Change. Please just keep up exercising your constitutionally protected right to petition (lobby) your government, especially Seth Williams, to enforce the law without regard to external pressures from powerful interests, including Chaput’s lawyers’ political connections. Your voice and your vote matter. Please continue to use them both.

  3. God bless this Survivor and St. Michael the Archangel protect him in battle…………In Jesus name. Amen

  4. This is an attempt to rattle the plaintiff by the defense attorneys, I would like to ‘interrogate’ all four of those dirt bags ! Stay strong “BILLY” you will prevail !

      1. Not likely, Beth, but you could try Googling the victims lawyer’s name, Slade McLaughlin of PA, getting his e-mail address and sending the victim a note of support, via his lawyer.

      2. Beth, contacting the judge is probably not wise. It could backfire and cause him to lean the other way to avoid even the appearance that he was improperly influenced by an private outside party. If a time arises in the future where a critical ruling seems imminent, Philly Catholics could consider assembling before the Philly courthouse to emphasize publicly their concern for a fair decision . I also hear you on your wise “tone” advice.

  5. So, Engelhardt and Shero want to be given access to their accusers medical and personal records yet St John Vianney is legally barred from turning over their patient’s ( priests) records to prosecutors. Can someone please explain the difference? Mr. Slevin? Thank you

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