Paterno Coverage Scores a Touchdown for Advocates

I almost imagine God asking Himself, “What will get the attention of these humans? Ahh, yes. Football.” I’m kidding, of course. But I do believe this timing is a result of God’s grace. Penn State’s scandal breaks at a critical juncture in Catholic Church history. With Msgr. Lynn’s trial around the corner, advocates needed people to understand the way institutions can cover up sex abuse.

In just a few short months, Catholics4Change has evolved in such way that I must believe it’s also God’s grace at work. I’ve met people who have helped at critical points along the way – beginning with Kathy Kane and then so many others. I don’t believe it’s been by chance, either.

Thank you to all who help, read and comment on this site. Hearing Diane Sawyer, Joe Scarborough, Anderson Cooper and other national network news anchors address the child sex abuse at Penn State in relation to the Church scandal is fortifying. The problems can only be addressed if they are known and understood. This is a huge step for the betterment of society and our Catholic Church in regard to childhood sex abuse.


13 Responses to “Paterno Coverage Scores a Touchdown for Advocates”

  1. Everyone please call AND email Rep. Ron Marsico’s office TODAY! A one sentence email saying you support 832 and 878. Call the office and state that you support 832 and 878. Even if you are from outside of PA. still make the call. Tell them the eyes of the nation are on Pa. and these bills must be put on the agenda for hearings. We ALL must work for the protection of children. As adults it is our responsibilty.
    Hon. Ron Marisco, Republican Chair, 717-783-2014 ,

    • Susan, I wanted to comments, on your comments, a bit. I think you are absolutely right about Gods grace at work, right now, in Philadelphia.

      The timing of C4C, the style, commenters input, the ‘tipping point’ in terms of the abuse crisis, and especially the Msgr Lynn situation. Even Penn State.

      I truly don’t believe this is accidental.

      But do you really think God decided to use Football? Just teasing. Thank you and Kathy! Joan

  2. Is it not ironic that our secular leaders set the example for our religious leaders on a question of moral leadership!

  3. Kathy and Susan… the guest on Radio Times this morning mentioned that Pennsylvania would benefit from the creation of an Ombudsman for Children’s Safety/Welfare (can’t remember exactly what he named it) to whom children and families could go when there was failure to follow up on reports of abuse. Does anyone know anything more about this?

  4. I cannot for the life of me understand the sense of outrage and shock being expressed nationwide over the Penn State situation. It is as if this is the first example of abuse (both of power and of children) that the media representatives have heard about. While terrible, it is sadly common place as we Catholics know but I have not seen one single parallel drawn. Is a football coach more monstrous then a priest? A university president more duplicitous then a prince of the church? The Penn State powers to be followed the same cover up plan as the church they just were not nearly as effective. When their story broke it seemed that there was immediate arrests, firings and resignations of all those involved. Our power brokers move into the cozy retirement homes we pay for and wait for the storm to blow over while their replacement tells us that we are really more concerned about school closings than any other issue facing us. Maybe since football is more important we can hope for changes in the statue of limitations. God knows lesser issues have not been successful in achieving these changes. Hope Penn State does not hire the Church’s lobbyis

    • Bill… I’ve been noticing the contrast, too. For the first time in my life I’ve tuned in to sports talk radio this week. The Penn State story has dominated the air waves. They have had more discussion and call-ins on this story this week on sports networks than any of the Catholic radio or cable stations have had since 2002. Until C4C, I hadn’t found an outlet to even discuss my shock and outrage at the Catholic grand jury reports and problems. I am grateful, however, that this story is getting the reaction and attention… I think it can only help to bring about the legal changes we need to enforce changes within the Catholic Church. Sadly, I don’t think they will come from within.

  5. Susan, I also believe the Spirit may be working here.Of course, we all are once again saddened by the horrors boys were subjected to and the disgraceful failures of PA governmental officials over a dozen years.

    Not only must the PA bills on the SOL’s be enacted asap, but the Federal government must also begin to pass laws to protect all American children. Our Federal politicians have repeatedly failed to do so, often bowing to the lobbying pressure from Rome and the US bishops.

    It is an election year and politicians must be pressed on these critical child protection issues. Federal law now protects from sexual abuse immigrant women and college students, but not defenseless kids. Absolutely absurd!! Women and college students surely need protection, but so do innocent kids.

    For more on this and on the Penn State fallout implications, please note my comments and related cross links under the comment heading, “What is the real story?” , accessible by clicking on at: .

  6. This leaves me very confused:

    Victims’ Lawyer Attacks Penn State Board

    Updated: Thursday, 10 Nov 2011, 9:08 AM EST
    Published : Thursday, 10 Nov 2011, 8:52 AM EST

    STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – The Penn State Board of Trustees opened a huge can of worms in its firing of Joe Paterno, as it is now under attack from the lawyer for victims in the sex-abuse case.

    “The board of trustees got it wrong. They should have consulted the victims before making a decision on Mr. Paterno,” attorney Ben Andreozzi said in a statement released to the Harrisburg Patriot News.

    “They should have considered these victims watch TV and are aware of the students’ reaction and may not want to be associated with the downfall of Mr. Paterno. The school instead elected to do what it felt was in its own best interest at the time. Isn’t that what put the school in this position in the first place?”

    Andreozzi does pro bono work for a group of victims in the case based in Harrisburg.

  7. Note that Mark Madden wrote about this whole story in April of 2011

    God gave us Penn State to show a bunch of things:

    – powerful people can hide evil to serve their own purposes
    – people won’t do anything until it becomes a big enough story
    – when people do find out, and find the information was right in front of them all along, they get angrier
    – the story is much worse than initial stories report

    Lots of people don’t realize yet that

    – the Catholic church hid 37 accused pedophiles until February. Penn State hid one.
    – the Catholic church moved known pedophiles. Penn State didn’t.
    – priests gave a standing ovation for Msgr Lynn, but the priests weren’t drunken college kids that just learned about an issue. They had years to think about it.

  8. Maureen Noone-Jones Reply November 11, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    If only our current and past Cardinals held a press conference and made the exact statements Governor Tom Corbett (PA) made yesterday about the victims in the Penn State case….the fact that we must idenify the victims and reach out to help them. If only………..

    Agreeded….more reporters, journalists, and yes….Catholics must make the same correlation to the abuse and cover-up in the Penn State case to the abuse and cover-up by the hierarchy of our Church. While I certainly would have wanted the same public outrage against the Church that the Penn State case has received this past week…..the PS case will certainly impact the upcoming pedophile priest trial. God is good.

    Additionally, I plan on calling State Representative Boyle ‘s office to thank and commend him for introducing the necessary “reporting” legislation in Pennsylvania. I will also call my State Representative and urge him to become a co-sponsor of this much needed and long overdue Bill.

  9. Do not be discouraged by Marsico’s email response. Call and email AGAIN today. We must move these Bills forward. Let him know that you are not giving up -we sure aren’t.
    Everyone please call AND email Rep. Ron Marsico’s office TODAY! A one sentence email saying you support 832 and 878. Call the office and state that you support 832 and 878. Even if you are from outside of PA. still make the call. Tell them the eyes of the nation are on Pa. and these bills must be put on the agenda for hearings. We ALL must work for the protection of children. As adults it is our responsibilty.
    Hon. Ron Marisco, Republican Chair, 717-783-2014 ,

  10. A tribute to Our Philadelphia Priests and Seminarians


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