5 thoughts on “Archbishop Carroll AD Pleads Guilty

  1. The most important thing I have learned over the past few months is the need for public awareness and education. In this situation,the child informed his mother,she in turn contacted authorities. Susan and I were just discussing the other day,how many people have shared with us their stories of something “odd” that happened to them when they were young. Not actual sexual abuse but strange encounters,adults behaving inappropriately,saying sexually suggestive things etc. We put so much emphasis on teaching our children about “stranger danger” when in many scenarios the person who is a danger is someone who is a “trusted” adult in the child’s life, such as a teacher,coach clergy,neighbor

    1. Not only was the AD a trusted adult, in students lives but the defense of this predator was a classic Church defense of ” one violation in an (almost) impeccable record of public service.” A defense that does not begin to address the seriousness and evil of molestation.

      “This is an isolated incident in the context of an impeccable record of service and contribution to the community,” they said in a statement.

      The prosecutor on the case, Assistant District Attorney Samantha Cauffman, called such a description “offensive.” Cauffman said she would argue for a state prison term.

      “What he did flies in the face of any work-related accomplishments he could put forth at sentencing – because he abused his position to hurt a child,” she said.

      Possibly irremediably.

      1. Yes you would think with experience, common sense and many studies they would get it these people do it more than once. This is just the first time he was caught. Just like many drunk drivers. Usually by the time they are caught they have driven drunk many times. This kind of ignorance and denial does not protect children. Wake up!

    2. I think prevention is key. I believe when parents have a child they should receive a brochure in the hospital about abuse. They already get shaken baby and other health related brochures. I also think at 3 or 4yr pediatricians show give wirtten informtaion and prevention tips for child abuse including sexua abuse. They already do seat belt safety, fire safety and poisoning safety so why not add this informatin also. Then in school like they do no smoking, alcohol and drug prevention they should add presentations at a child development level that basically tells them tell their parent or trusted adult if anyone make them feel uncomfortable etc I also think parents should have opition to attend or given written informtion they have to read and sign they read.

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