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  1. Don’t be too fooled. It appears Bernard Law’s real power, as with all cardinals, was his right to vote until their 80th birthday for the next pope. Since the pope is 84 years old and has had major health issues, this vote could become operative at any time.

    Similarly, cardinal Sean Brady of Ireland, who has admitted to covering up sexual abuse, is protected until his 80th birthday.

    The papal clique will not dare discipline any voting cardinal because that would incur the wrath of all other voting cardinals, who could at any time be voting on electing the present clique’s new boss. All voting cardinals are, in effect, immune from even papal oversight no matter what crimes they may commit.

    Bernard Law continues to wield much power in the US as a member of the powerful Vatican Committee on Bishops. Law even appears to be trying to steer in the upcoming New Hampshire Republican presidential primary.

    For more info on Law’s current NH efforts, please note my comment and cross links under the comment heading,”The RCC, NH and Apologists” , accessible by clicking on at:


  2. Thank you Jerry for your links. I appreciate your connecting the “dots” because I read the same articles and come to virtually the same conclusion: the hierarchy of the RCC really believe their own BS. They do not think there needs to be change because they don’t believe they have done anything wrong. They truly believe that they have the right to control the faithful–in all things!!!!

    We must continue blogging. We must continue to support those who speak out against the power of the Vatican and the RCC. We are the church; we are the community that Christ founded. The forgiveness, the honesty, the love of Jesus is what should move us.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth, we clearly agree. The staus quo clearly is unstable and unacceptable for most Catholics. Given the hierarchy’s evident unwillingness to reform on its own, there seems at this point to be several possible outcomes, at least in the US.


      (1) The Church might just limp along for a few decades as it morphs into a downsized imperial papal cult, as the present pope seems to want;

      (2) The Church’s hierarchical structure might eventually collapse as a result of more dioceses’ bankruptcies from the escalating number of valid victims’ claims and diminishing Catholics’ contributions, as well as more criminal indictments of senior hierarchs;

      (3) The Church might break up into smaller groups, signs of which seem already to be beginning to appear; or

      (4) The next pope might enact fundamental reforms, that could be coming soon if the current pope retires, as has been rumored, next April when he reaches his 85th birthday.

      It is difficult to predict which possibility or combination of possibilities might occur. If any C4C bloggers have views here, perhaps some of them would care to share them.

      In the meantime , we must continue, as you say, Elizabeth, to blog and advocate to help protect defenseless children and to support survivors’ efforts to obtain some basic justice.

  3. Since Bernie’s “outta there”, Vatican City will once again be “Law-less”. But, then, that’s the way things always have been there.

  4. why does everyone attack the hierarchy that was created by Our Lord? He gave us Bishops, priests and deacons, the Church cannot exits without them. You don’t like that than you deny what Our Lord gave us, and you deny Him. Since He and the Church are One Body! The Church is Head and Members.

    “Christ founded only one Church his Church — on Peter, with the guarantee of indefectibility in the face of the persecutions, divisions and obstacles of every kind which she would encounter in the course of history (cf. Mt 16:18). Therefore, only one Church exists, which we confess, in the Creed as “one, holy, Catholic and apostolic”.”
    from: http://www.ewtn.com/library/Doctrine/subsistit.htm

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