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  1. This is exactly how things need to always be handled. A concern arises,have law enforcement investigate…simple as that. Now this priest has been cleared by law enforcment, not a review board. If police investigate with their expertise and resources, and find no criminal activity has occurred -that works for me.

  2. ” The problem here is that no additional information will be forthcoming regarding what caused the teacher to be removed. More importantly, there is no information or disclosure regarding the nature of the incident that led to the priest/teacher being removed. Uncertainty, distrust, lack of information, secrecy……when will the leadership of our Philadelphia archdiocese ever learn that such conduct is unproductive and leads to further alienation and concern regarding the safety of our children. If you are a parent(s) who is considering Devon Prep for your 8th grade son next year, wouldn’t you want to know all of the facts and evidence surrounding the incident investigated both by the school and the Chester County DA? “

    1. I see where you are coming from Michael and I agree,I would want to know all of the details if my kids attended the school -only seems fair. Maybe parents at the school were given the info?
      It was such a vague article a few weeks ago when this story first broke. But I will also reiterate that this is what needs to happen-investigations by the proper authorities. I just want allegations against priests to be handled as would allegations against any other citizen.

  3. I’m with you, Kathy. The incident was investigated by civil authorities and the man was cleared. As far as I’m concerned, the matter is settled. It is probable that the particulars of the incident are available in the public record, as they should be.

    We must not assume that once a person is charged, he is automaticaly guilty. That makes us as bad or worse than those who have covered up for the guilty. When allegations are made and investigated by proper (CIVIL) authorities, then we need to accept decisions made by those authorities, and move on.

  4. Elizabeth:

    ………It is probable that the particulars of the incident are available in the public record……

    Where is the public record? And who can gain access to it? Does it contain the information describing the details of the incident?

    …….When allegations are made and investigated by proper (CIVIL) authorities, then we need to accept decisions made by those authorities…..

    I believe that this repesents the same thinking that has brought us to this level of deceit, hypocrisy, denial and transparency in many insitutuions, including the Catholic Church. In the Penn State instance, we have an old allegation against Sandusky that was supposedly investigated by the local authorities and what was the outcome? Seems like everyone accepted the decision and we moved on many years to the current criminal charges against Sandusky.

    My commets are not concerned with the guilt or innocence of an individual who is alleged to have committed an offense, but rather the details, evdience, etc. that is available to the public or concerned individuals who need access to the facts and investigation

    1. Michael from experince I know there are loopholes all over the place. In many cases it is his word against your word. In our case we are lucky he confessed which is rare.Even after prosceution I could tell you stories of how i have seen offenders even manipulate judges and parole officers. In many cases if they don’t see you as a “violent ” offender they (parole officiers) really dont have time to “babysit” you like they should. I do think the public should know so they can make their own judgements.

  5. Michael…I agree with all you have to say.

    Public record is extremely important when you are trying to evaluate a difficult situation that has your children’s (or anyone’s innocents) physical and spiritual life, hanging in the balance.

    Access to the facts are of critical importance to the concerned parents or guardians of the lives of these precious people who have been so maligned by their abusers and those who look the other way . it’s not a pretty sight.

    Just ” lets move on ” is no answer to evil. Keep “fighting the good fight”, as it is still happening all over the Roman Catholic World. Not just in your little world.

  6. The typical Catholics in the pews have a lot to do with this, since they continue to support their church regardless of an unending practice of pedophile protection.

    Most law enforcement officials don’t want to cross the Catholic church, because the church is hateful and vindictive against those who cross the church, and the church is very forgiving to priests who have had or will have sex with children. Of course, today’s Catholic church is also vindictive against the victims of child rape.

    Note that last month, in Archbishop Dolan’s back yard, an assistant principal from a Bronx Catholic school, Brother Lawrence Gordon, was caught viewing child porn on a school computer, and was so cavalier about it that he left the USB drive in the school computer.

    He was caught in mid-February, but wasn’t reported to police until March, because he was being hidden, Catholic-style.

    Students in the school didn’t know until the day before Thanksgiving. Gordon has been fired. Newspapers were informed on the day before Thanksgiving, one of the best days of the year for “burying a story”, since most people (especially in New York) are travelling and aren’t keeping up with the news.

    More at http://www.snapwisconsin.com/blog/tag/brother-lawrence-gordon/ or all over the internet in abbreviated articles about “Brother Lawrence Gordon” that day.

    Gordon will go into therapy for a year, and will be working in some unsuspecting Catholic community in the future.

    Catholics are professionals at hiding their pedophiles.

    No jail time for Gordon for viewing child porn containing young boys in the library of the school where he was assistant principal. Presiding over young boys. No investigation into the school to see if he sexually abused any of the young boys there. No outrage from the Catholic community.

    If any boys were to come forward now, they know will undoubtedly be trashed by Dolan and the Catholic League, much like the 16 year old girl from the Bronx in August who was sexually abused by 87 year old priest Father Jaime Duenas. Duenas was quoted as saying, “She didn’t protest giving her a massage. She wore short skirts.” More at http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2011/08/04/bronx-priest-accused-of-inappropriately-touching-16-year-old-girl/

    Dolan and the Catholic leageu trash the girl at http://blog.archny.org/?p=1556

    It takes a village to rape a child, and no village is better at it than the Catholic village.

  7. omg…wait a minute. let’s say it right. OMG…. do you think any District Attorney in their right mind would drop charges if there was any scintilla of evidence???? Their collective backsides would be handed to them on a silver platter if they were found to be negligent of pressing charges!!!!!!!! Somehow I feel many people commenting on this subject hate the Church and do want it to be destroyed in totality. ridiculous. i’m dropping this site as it is provides no positive for putting the Church back in the right direction. I want to see the problem solved, not just have a forum for hatred. Jesus died for our sins. We humans have a lot of them. it aint just the Church. look at PSU and the AAU. there’s more out there. right in your collective backyards.

    1. First, you spelled Tantrum wrong.

      Secondly, every district attorney with any political aspirations is afraid to cross the Catholic church because they can rally their remaining congregation to vote against the DA. Seth Williams gave a glowing goodbye to Rigali in the same year that Rigali lied to the congregation about pedophiles he has been hiding for years. Weeks after Rigali’s statement, a grand jury report came out with details much worse than those at Penn State, with Cudemo getting a girl pregnant at age 12, getting her an abortion, and worse.

      Jesus didn’t just die for our sins. He died to show that we should all be wiling to fight and die for the right thing. Helping children who were raped in the Catholic church and bullied by cowardly bishops is the kind f fight that Jesus would want us to fight to save the integrity of His church.

      Other places like Penn State had one accused pedophile and fired 5 of its highest officials in 5 days. The Catholic church has 4,392 accused pedophiles and never fired any high ranking official.

      You move along, Marty Tantrum. Someday, you’ll get to tell Jesus why you didn’t bother to help clean out his church. Put 8 exclamation points at the end of every excuse.

    2. Marty if you would like to see the problem solved -it takes the talent, time and resources of many people. Visit us at http://www.justice4pakids.com and let us know how you would like to help. Children cannot protect themselves,as adults it is our responsibility.

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