Attorneys Claim Msgr. Lynn Did a Good Job

Click here to read: “Attorneys: Monsignor Wrongly Smeared,” by John P. Martin, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Dec. 12, 2011

“Surely some mistakes have occurred,” attorneys Thomas Bergstrom and Jeffrey Lindy wrote. “(But) the fact that no new children or young adults were harmed … is a clear testament to his diligent and competent efforts to treat problematic priests and isolate them from interacting with children.”

18 thoughts on “Attorneys Claim Msgr. Lynn Did a Good Job

  1. This is the type of piece where, when you finish reading it, you say to yourself: “The way you guys operate makes me sick.”

  2. History will prove itself. One can’t be blamed for thinking is the Judge a Catholic. When we have John Paul 11, telling lawyers not to be part of divorce cases, how much more to protect the church.

  3. Why are these lawyers allowed to speak out publicly about all this? I thought the judge had issued a gag order? Seth Willliams says nothing, but these guys are chatting away to reporters. What’s the deal?

  4. Great question, Joyce.

    I am guessing that they filed some document that allowed them this discussion latitude.

    Obviously as a pretrial favorable publicity stunt….best defense is a good offense….get your ‘favorable’ story out first and repeat it a lot.

    Think, perhaps, we should all blog specific segments from page 43 on, in the 2011 Grand Jury Report, which through to page 55 describes Msgr Lynns appalling behavior.

    Or one can go to page 29 in the 2005 Grand Jury Report and do the same.

    You can’t copy and paste, but it might be an interesting Advent discipline.

  5. It says in the article that the attorneys’ argument is “the fact that no new children or young adults were harmed… a clear testament to his diligent and competent efforts….” First of all, we don’t know that no other children were abused, just that no others have come forward. Secondly, to me that shows good luck more than diligence. Many children WERE harmed over the years due to his lack of care, as well as that of some of his colleagues and superiors.

    The archdiocese is paying these lawyers and, yet, they are supposed to be working on the healing of victims and protection of children. Clearly, they are making their real priorities clear here. Also, is this really the careful and thoughtful spending of OUR money, as Archbishop Chaput promised? Maybe he should ASK his flock where they would like their money spent.

  6. “Attorneys: Monsignor Wrongly Smeared…”

    I have no problem with that statement. The lawyers are doing what they’re paid to do, defending their client. They would be negligent if they did anything other than defending Lynn to the best of their ability.

    On the other hand, I have a MAJOR problem with the archdiocese. They are paying for high end lawyers for Lynn, using the peoples dime. Let Lynn pay for his own defense, or he can get a public defender. What makes him so special? Answer: protect him and the creeps above him are protected.

    1. Let me see if I got the defense position right? In Msgr, we have a sterling character that protects children, made one inappropriate mistake in good Father Avery’s placement and has been ‘smeared’.


      Two Grand Jury reports in remorseless detail identify Lynns behavior relative to priest predator passing on. One has only to look at the RESOURCES link at the top of the page for both of the reports which give lengthly coverage to Msgr Lynn. Try page 43 of the 2011 report or page 29 of the 2005 report.

      At best, his defense says, Msgr was only following the Cardinals orders…which I think of as the Nuremburg defense. After 2007, with a statute change, the good Msgr had enhanced legal liability as ‘ an employee and supervisor’ of these priests.

      He ALWAYS had moral responsibility!

      1. …with a statute change in 2007 Lynn would have increased liability for his personnel decisions as one who ’employed or supervised’ clergy.

    2. drwho13, that’s what I was trying to say…..the archdiocese is “supposed to be working on the healing of victims”, not the lawyers. Yes, the lawyers are simply doing what they are being WELL paid to do….with our money. The archdiocese is making its efforts clear by the placement of their money into this man’s defense fund.

      1. Jackie,

        Quite simply I was attempting to mock the archdiocese. I’m sorry that the sarcasm intended was missed. I’ll try to be clearer in the future. I’m one of the most disagreeable individuals you can imagine when it come to the RCC Inc., from the parish level right up to the Vatican. I have been advocating for children (helped put a priest in prison), at well as fighting, and disrespecting the leadership of the RC Church for over 15 years.

        Collectively I believe that the hierarchy of the RCC in immoral, unethical, and frequently criminal in their behavior. I want to make it clear that I despise the actions of these “holy men,” (sarcasm intended.)

        MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT; I ‘M AN ENEMY OF THESE OF THESE VILE CLERICS! I hope this restores my reputation as a nemesis of this corrupt organization.

  7. Attorneys lie for their clients. That is part of their job. Priests lie for their church. That is part of the church.

  8. Typical BS official style: they state, “Mistakes have occured” instead of “that asshole made mistakes”

  9. It seems to me that The Lord said( symplified) ” Liars don’t go to Heaven”. Priests, lawyers, , Paul didn’t have much good to say about either. Melchizedech , the H\igh Priest in scripture, was the only one who was perfect.

    We do live in an imperfect world but we must not get to the point where it’s an OK thing to sexually or physically abuse the weakest of our society.I consider it Spiritual Murder, being the UNFORGIVEABLE SIN. It is the Sin against the Holy Spirit. This is the form of blasphemy that God detests.

    These priests, nuns and brothers all took vows to uphold God’s Holy Word…They have taken a vow to hell and not ever come back, when you see what they have done to the precious ones of God.

    “There is nothing that is hidden that will not be revealed.” You’re seeing the Lords Words come into being. What to do??? Oh my goodness…Use the good brain that God gave you, that’s what! LEAVE EVIL TO ITSELF!!!!HAVE NO PART OF IT!!! SHAKE THE EVIL DUST FROM YOUR FEET!!!! THAT’S WHAT TO DO.!!!!!.

  10. I would like the person who is putting all the thumbs down on the last several topis to have the b—-, guts to comment on why when people are speaking the TRUTH you choose to consistently put thumbs down? I have a pretty good idea who you might be, so stop hiding behind the thumb and say out loud how you feel. Now I have that off my chest!

    1. vicky, I consider it a compliment when I get a thumbs down…it means the catholics in the pews are watching!!!!!!

      If there are multiple thumbs down…more truth has been spoken and they are watching! How hard it must be to read and not be able to defend themselves. So, if a thumbs down shows up on something you have written…it means you are reaching them!

      Take it as a compliment!

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