Archdiocesan “Muzzle” Memo To Employees Revealed

Click here to read: “Prosecuters: Archdiocese Memo Could Have Chilling Effect on Sex Abuse Trial,” by John P. Martin, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Dec. 17, 2011

Excerpt: “Assistant District Attorney Patrick Blessington cited a memo sent this month to archdiocesan employees reminding them to notify church lawyers before responding to requests from law enforcement or others about the case.”

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  1. The Philadelphia Inquirer picked a good headline for this article, “Prosecutors:Archdiocese Memo Could Have Chilling Effect on Sex Abuse Trial”. Except it probably should have said ‘WOULD have Chilling Effect….

    This is oh so typical….in one breadth yhe AD assures everyone they want every witness to be fully forthcoming, in the next breadth, the AD wants their attorneys PRESENT when all that ‘fully forthcoming” data is shared with the Prosecution.

    The Assistant AD SAID IT WELL :
    “Blessington told Common Pleas Court Judge M. Teresa Sarmina that the request posed a conflict because the lawyers, Robert Welsh and Catherine Recker, were being paid by the archdiocese while advising potential witnesses whose testimony could hurt the church and its leaders.

    He said the lawyers want to sit in on all meetings between the employees and law enforcement. “You don’t have to stretch your imagination to see the chilling effect that will have,” Blessington said.”

    Jerry I would welcome your input.

  2. I believe it is next month that a decision will be handed down from the judge concerning the evidence the DA wants to include that shows a pattern of coverup. Evidence/files from years showing the pattern of switching abusive priests from parish to parish. This decision is going to be critical -I know in one article both the prosecutors and defense agreed that it will set the course for the trial in many ways.

    1. Kathy, look up Christian Order: The Catholic Response to Clerical Corruption by Margaret Joughin her credentials at the bottom of the article and see how the Archdiocese in Melbourne handled their legalities at that time: nothings changed. Margaret like many of you, wants the church to be credible and accountable and worthy spiritual leaders of the faithful.
      A woman before her time.

  3. The same old underhanded tactics we’ve come to expect from our wonderful Roman Catholics leaders are used in the AD, and the RC Church throughout the world. They’re truly moral guides that inspire one’s faith. “You will know them by their love.”

  4. This story is full of pain for sexual abuse victims.

    And, in some ways it is a horrible repeat of their own experiences.

    The PA Grand Jury reports and those of so many other jurisdictions are full of stories of abuse victims going to a Diocese, being treated badly, dismissively, or just plain horribly, by diocesan employees and especially their lawyers, who essentially called all the legal shots.

    And here we are again….the Diocese cant afford to just have their employees meet with the D A’s office….they want ‘ handlers to keep the data within boundaries.’

    I am very sorry for the pain this will cause survivors.

  5. Pennsylvania is a pro-pedophile state. From the catholic church to the governor’s office and all points in between like Penn State.

    PA senators and PA representatives all suffer from Joe “No Snitch” Paterno Syndrome. It’s an ailment that affects adults in positions of authority who do as little as possible when confronted with the rape and sodomy of innocent children.

    PA is so bad that pedophilia is politically correct. How else can Jerry Sandusky and his sex ring have gone on so long with little or no interference from PA government and law enforcement.

    So what does Penn State do, they bring in a former Hooverette, with ties to Opus Dei to investigate the crimes. Who’s next Cardinal Law.

    Reporting live, for the time being, from the Golden Triangle. Where the confluence of the Sicilian mob meets the democratic party and forms the DeMOBocrats.
    Mike Ference

    1. Speaking of diocesan legal counsel and their behavior, the 2011 Grand Jury on page page 111 (found in the RESOURCES section at the top of this page under Grand Jury 2011, presentiment)

      In it’s Recommendations segment says, “The report noted that Church officials’ strategies for handling child sex-abuse cases had the effect of multiplying the numbers of victims and increasing the harm they suffered, ‘as abuse reports grew’ the jurors observed ‘the archdiocese chose to call in the lawyers rather than confront the abusers.'”

      One of the Grand Jury’s recommendations was to utilize an independent entity in these matters, given the Diocese’s record.

      1. Oops, the 2011 Grand Jury report found in the RESOURCES link of the top of the page, detailing the behavior of the Archdiocese relative to treatment of sex abuse victims is found on page 111 of the FINAL GRAND JURY REPORT, not the ‘presentiment piece.’

        The whole section is worth a serious read as it is extraordinarily relevant to the current efforts of the AD attorneys to ‘muzzle’ archdiocesan employees.

        After reading pages 111 et al. I think it is very understandable that the AD’s attorneys want to be present to ‘chill’ employees testimony.

  6. Please let me know if anyone heard the news that Msg Flood’s civil lawsuit, which was filed in Delaware, was dropped??

    I understand rumors are always flying but . . . . . . . . . . .

  7. In my opinion, when an institution “muzzles” or “chills” individual expression, ultimately, the intention and the effect is mind control.

    I find the memo to illuminate the draconian nature of the hierarchy. Heavy-handed, controlling, oppressive, strict, harsh, having an underlying yet clearly punitive edge. Threatening.

    Go back to Patrick’s comment: “You will know them by their love.”

    Bi-polar disorder.

  8. From the defense attorney’s perspective, this is standard operating procedure. From the AD’s perspective, the Q is, are we like all the other cooperations out there, or are we the light on the mountain top, not trying to hide under a bushel basket? Do we set a “Jesus-standard” for ourselves, so we can lead others to Him? If so, the AD will offer to tell the truth and accept the consequences, even if that involves a good deal of penance, monetary & otherwise.

    Based on recent (2002 & post) history, my best guess is that the AD, even w/ its new AB, who I think has an good understanding of these matters, including their influence on Christ’s charge to “go & teach al nations”, will not rise to the occasion. I pray I am too pessimistic.

    1. Ipmulligan, your post is very special.

      I think it’s the first time I have seen a really constructive suggestion, dare I say holy, proposal made to the AB.

      If the AB could bring himself in this case to call off the legal hounds, use the ‘Jesus standard ‘ that you suggest, and take the consequences that would occur. I think it would make international news and go a really long way to restoring the Churchs credibility.

      I hope and pray he will seriously considerbyour suggestion!

    2. Ipmulligan,
      You are exactly right. AB Chaput may have not created this mess in Philly but he certainly has the power to clean it up and clean it up the right way even though it is painful for all involved. It’s roots are deep in the archdisocese and they have to be dug out. Many will say this is going on all over the world in many dioceses and it is but this is where he is Archbishop and this is where he can be the Christ -like shepard we have been longing to see. I would like to see him support laws to protect all children that equally cover public and private institutions and all children.

  9. If Benedict is tired, weak, “wiped out,” and no longer meeting with bishops individually, yet he occupies the top place in a top-down institution in a crisis of epic proportions, is our position to be “oh well, as usual, our hands are tied”? Were this the case for, say, any other institution on earth, would its members resign themselves to such a scenario?

    1. Haditcatholic…a quick google run came up with world RCC stats of about 5000 bishops, 408,000 priests and a 40 to 60 person staff in the Holy Office to deal with laicizations et al.

      1. Joan,

        I’ve always had the feeling that the entire operation runs on auto-pilot. Regardless of the times, crimes, circumstances, crises, or the evolution in knowledge, the papacy fundamentally amounts to a figure-head entrusted to preserve Tradition.

        Insert “Tradition” disc, hit auto-pilot. “Wiped out”? The beat goes on…

      2. Thomas Reese was interviewed in 1996, by Commonweal relative to a book he wrote on the Vatican and he describes their management style thusly

        :”* REESE: Absolutely. What makes this flat structure work are: First, the role of the pope in appointing bishops. He appoints people who basically agree with him. That means you don’t have to do a lot of supervision. You don’t have to tell them what to do. They’re already trained and on board to do what you want them to do.

        Second, there is the whole socialization process of seminaries and priestly culture and education that goes into the training of bishops. It’s not like you hire someone off the street. Those are the kinds of things that make it work, that the major participants bring to the organizational structure.”

      3. Joan I read an article about Archbishop Martin a few months ago. He said that when he began to read through all of the files he was overwhelmed at what had happened to children. There was one abusive priest who had sexually violated countless children around the ages of 8 and 9 years old. Archbishop Martin went to a school and spent time with children of that age so that he could feel the enormity of looking at children 8 and 9 years of age and relate that to what he was reading in the files.
        He had been at the Vatican for many years before returning to Ireland. His interactions with children ,very limited. He purposefully went and spent time with children and was left just horrified after looking at the innocent faces of children that age and reading of the horrific abuse that other children had encountered. Did you read the comments under the article about the woman who contacted him and he personally became involved in her situation?

      4. Kathy, I just read her comment on the Irish Central piece (it wasn’t there when I first posted). It was terrific!

        I think I want to take this opportunity to acquaint any of your readers who may not know about Abuse Tracker, which is easily accessed, on the Internet, ( by typing in Abuse Tracker), it is sponsored by Bishop Accountability, and daily publishes worldwide sexual abuse reports. Some in foreign languages.It’s not exactly an ‘upper’ but it is significant, and media and others use it regularly.

        Anyone who thought sexual abuse was a US problem will be quickly disabused of that notion.

      5. Joan and Kathy,

        Voice of the Faithful would refer to Archbishop Martin as a “priest of integrity.” When Kathy states in her great comment that she wishes there were more of him, one has to ask, again, why there are not?

        Martin is a priest and a human being. No more and no less than his fellow brothers in Christ. Perhaps what he has been able to do, that his fellow brothers have not, is step into the shoes of victims purely humanistically, minus the baggage of priestly loyalty and vows. In doing so, his actions reflect the imperatives of his own conscience, rather than those of an institution.

        A question I would like to ask all clergy members is this: What would be your stance, points of view and actions, today, regarding the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, were you not a member of the priesthood? What would you do and say? If it is at all different from what you are doing and saying, today, then you lack, miserably, what it takes to be a priest, tomorrow.

  10. “He straightened up and said to them, ‘Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone'”… John 8:7

    1. A Friend,
      You quote the Scripture that many of my former catholic friends use to justify child rape and enable those who covered it up.

      There is no greater sin than to get in the way of a child getting to His Father. Look at the hundreds of thousands of children who have been kept from Him because of the evil of rape and the lying that followed.

      Keep digging in Scripture because you will find Jesus said a lot about what His Church is supposed to be doing…and the rcc is failing Him miserably.

      1. survivor’s wife, I know exactly what you are saying. To “A Friend” first of all we are not throwing stones -we are trying to shed light on what has happened so that once and for all it stops and children are protected. Second,I am absolutely not a perfect person and have sinned in my life and will again. But I have never harmed a child and I have never covered up a crime.

      2. And third, Kathy, to keep with your thought, isn’t there a very strong statement about it being better to be at the bottom of the sea with a millstone around ones neck than to harm a little child.

        Or my favorite, ‘and Jesus wept’….

    2. AFriend,
      Please visit a drug or alcohol center, prison ,anorexia and suicide prevention center, sex workers, runaways and ask as many patients/people as you can if they have been sexual abused as a child? Then get back to us with your findings. Not all victims end up at these facilities but you will see a disportionate number of these patients/people have been victims of sexual abuse as a child. Then you can ponder your Bible verse in a new light maybe you might even consider protecting kids by helping change the laws.

      1. The catholic church should be leading the fight to protect kids not further hurting them by leaving them vulnerable to predators . I hope they support law changes soon.

    3. I’m interested in hearing A Friend’s point of view. Can you explain or discuss, in your own words, what you are thinking and/or feeling?

      1. Hadit catholic,
        I was thinking the same thing. I am far from perfect. Everyone keeps talking about Christain charity. But it just seems many victims have not recieved Christian charity.I just really want the catholic to protect kids and help change laws so all kids are protected instead of fighting all child protection laws at least let us have hearings so we can come up with fair laws for all children. I think this website got more cynical after it was ignored by Achbishop Rigali. Being ignored it seems is what the victims of abuse have felt for awhile now.Some communication would create more of a sense of community and less of them(heirarchy) vs the laity and victims

  11. The terrible thing that most people don’t “get”, is that it is not just the hierarachial people who do all the damage but the LITTLE DIOCESSAN PRIESTS, RELIGIOUS NUNS AND BROTHERS THAT DO, “SEE WHAT’S GOING ON” and “do nothing’. They are all complicit!

    THERE IS ABSOLUTELY SOMETHING YOU CAN DO! LEAVE! NO PEOPLE, NO CHILDREN TO RAPE, except the CATHOLIC INSTITUTIONS.. THEY’LL FIND A WAY….. Orphanges, mental institutions.. They’ve used all those (in- carcerated) in those places, all over the Catholic World, for their sick evil pleasures…..(and it’s a mighty big world of Catholics out there.
    We spent 60 years in this place and didn’t know how evil it is. Once we knew, we were OUT!!!

  12. When they came to the place called the Skull, they crucified him and the criminals there, one on his right, the other on his left.

    Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”

    They divided his garments by casting lots. The people stood by and watched; the rulers, meanwhile, sneered at him and said,s “He saved others, let him save himself if he is the chosen one, the Messiah of God.”

    Even the soldiers jeered at him. As they approached to offer him wine they called out, “If you are King of the Jews, save yourself.”

    Above him there was an inscription that read, “This is the King of the Jews.”

    Luke 23: 33-38

    Yes… Let me repeat the word of Our Lord… “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”

    1. A Friend – When you quote Luke, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” Is that in reference to the leadership of the AD?

      If they know not what they do, I certainly will not follow them, and I have a moral obligation to stop them, before they do it again.

      As far as forgiving them, that is an option reserved for the victims. I am not the one who has been wronged, so I will seek justice, and the the victims can forgive them if they chose to.

    2. A Friend,

      As long as your comments continue to consist of biblical passages, alone, you really have brought nothing to this conversation. Are you aware of how Catholics interpret scripture? They implement faith and reason.

      The manner in which the Catholic Church interprets scripture was greatly influenced by the work of the 20th century scholar Rudolf Bultmann (1884-1976) He sought to strengthen faith and reason.

      Bultmann noted the various literary forms and genres implemented by the writers of the New Testament. The forms and genres demand that we implement a critical view when interpreting scripture. (1) We are to make a distinction between what the passage says and what it means. In doing so, we demythologize it or remove its myths. (2) Additionally, interpreters are called to bring to biblical passages the reality of their lives, the reality of contemporary life, its events and circumstances, the present human condition and the truths of human existence. It is this, literally, that makes the New Testament a “living message.” (3) Finally, our responsibility to view scripture in the light of our understanding of reality permits us to criticize the New Testament writers if they fail to say what they should have said or if they fail to say what they say as well as they should have.

      In light of the way Catholics interpret scripture, could you bring to the biblical passages you cite the reality of our world– the victims, the perpetrators, the enablers, the grand jury reports, the politicians, the lawyers, the crimes, etc., rather than merely assenting to an ideology having an ancient world view?

      1. Catholic Answers state, that: the true rule of faith as expressed in the Bible itself, is scripture and apostolic tradition as manifested, in the living teaching authority in Catholic Church to whom was intrusted the oral teachings of Jesus and the apostles, along with the authority to interpret Scripture correctly.
        There’s been a huge communication breakdown somewhere along the way.
        There’s certainly no practicing of what is preached or fear of the consequences.

    3. A Friend,
      Please pray for me and I will pray for you that we will see ,know and follow the will of God in all that is going on in the church and that he may reveal the Truth to us that we have all been searching for…………..God is at work here but much of it is beyond my understanding………………..

  13. This isn’t about PA, but talk about a power play.

    In my state of Illinois, Cardinal Francis George, along with some other bishops met with Governor Pat Quinn (raised Catholic). I’ll provide a link if anyone is interested in how the boys play ball. What do you suppose the real intent of that meeting was? I’m guessing it was to assert their influence, power, and control over a politician…just guessing. Quinn states, as a Catholic, he has to follow his conscience and the bishops “reminded him” that a Catholic’s conscience basically would not conflict with Catholic Church teaching. Really? All that talk about the poor, disenfranchised, gay marriage, Catholic Charities, and not a word about the sexual abuse of children? The politicians walk this fine line with catholic hierarchy because they know who butters their bread.

    1. SW I read your link, and remembered that a major piece of govt funding for adoption services in your state was removed from the Church, and passed on to other service providers, due to the possible placement of children with same sex couples, and the Church’s objections to that requirement. The governor suggested to the bishops that Peoria was managing that issue.

      I could hear your governor asking for help in getting out details on a new earned income tax credit state program.

      The numbers at the meeting seemed a bit odd, 6 or more bishops to one governor.

      I don’t think the bishops see sexual abuse as a problem….they have the Dallas Charter and in their view have done their part.

      What I think the bishops are about in an election cycle is asserting their moral power relative to ‘prominent’ Catholic leaders. You can expect more of the same elsewhere in the US, this year.

      My guess is, from a purely political point of view, catholic leaders will be more concerned about polling data than bishops input.

    2. By Margaret Ramirez and Manya A. Brachear Chicago Tribune reporters
      11:39 p.m. CDT, August 16, 2008

      “When Cardinal Francis George released his deposition on the sexual abuse scandal last week, he offered an unprecedented look into the Roman Catholic Church’s shameful actions and also into his own mind.

      Many Catholics were appalled to learn the cardinal worked to reduce the 20-year prison sentence of a convicted child molester, Norbert Maday. Others were infuriated by evidence of his repeated refusal to follow recommendations and promptly remove abusive Chicago priests from ministry.

      In his own words throughout the testimony, he often appeared deeply conflicted between his concern for children and his duty to defend accused priests.”

      UPDATED 11/16/11 6:55 a.m.
      CHICAGO (CBS) — “One of the victims of a sexually abusive priest has reached a $3.2 million settlement with the Chicago Archdiocese.

      The victim, whose identity is not being released, sued the Archdiocese and Francis Cardinal George in 2007, on allegations that they failed to remove the Rev. Daniel McCormack from his post even though they knew of abuse allegations against him.”


      1. I read every single page of Cardinal George’s deposition…he’s a real piece of work.

        More than Maday and McCormack, this is his pattern.

        He knows so much and says nothing. Hey, but, he planted a healing garden. That protects children, doesn’t it?

  14. “There are cases of sexual abuse that come to light every day against a large number of members of the Catholic clergy. Unfortunately it’s not a matter of individual cases, but a collective moral crisis that perhaps the cultural history of humanity has never before known with such a frightening and disconcerting dimension. Numerous priests and religious have confessed. There’s no doubt that the thousands of cases which have come to the attention of the justice system represent only a small fraction of the true total, given that many molesters have been covered and hidden by the hierarchy.”

    1. Definition of NON SEQUITUR : “an inference that does not follow from the premises; specifically : a fallacy resulting from a simple conversion of a universal affirmative proposition or from the transposition of a condition and its consequent.”

      That was what I took from the article you cited when I contrasted it to what’s taking place in the RCC today.

      Your attempt to defend the indefensible is not going convince anyone on this blog.

      Does “A Friend” = Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League? If not, it’s very close.

      1. Good article Kathy……….so what was the change in thinking that lead the Pope to be more specfic in his condemination of child sexaul abuse?

    2. That’s interesting and I heard something before of Pope John Paul ll coming from a background of communsim that had certain ideas about homosexuals and the government and persuecution. So could you be saying because the Pope is German his frame of reference with the Nazis affects how he sees the current sex abuse scandals in the church?

      1. I really think people’s background influence how they approach sexual abuse. …..Retreat, Denial or confrontation and change.

  15. Surely you are not suggesting that the molestation crisis worldwide, with predator passing on is a Nazi plot?

    Long before the second world war, actually about the third or fourth centuries, the church was officially dealing with these issues :

    The Catholic Church was officially recognized by Emperor Constantine in the early 4th century.  With this recognition the religious leaders, soon to be known as the “clergy” gradually evolved into a separate, privileged class, the most exalted members of which were the bishops.  Although celibacy did not become a universally mandated state for clerics of the western Church until the 12th century (2nd Lateran Council, 1139) various church leaders began to advocate it by the 4th century.  The earliest recorded church legislation is from the council of Elvira (Spain, 306 AD).  Half of the canons passed dealt with sexual behavior of one kind or another and included penalties assessed for clerics who committed adultery or fornication.  Though it did not make specific mention of homosexual activities by the clergy, this early Council reflected the church’s official attitude toward same-sex relationships: men who had sex with young boys were deprived of communion even on their deathbed.

    The Council of Elvira was not the only source of early legislative attempts to curb the sexual misdeeds of the clergy.  Other gatherings of bishops throughout the Christian world, which encompassed what are now Western Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East and the British Isles, passed laws attempting to stamp out clerical concubinage, clerical fornication and homosexual activity. 

    1. I agree this problem has been around awhile in the church. Isn’t something in the “canterbury tales’ about it too? I remember studying that a a catholic school high school and thinking really? I have studied church history and has been around awhile.

  16. For everyone trying to convince A Friend that they are misguided…it’s futile. The postings are not about conversation or truth seeking or even sharing different perspectives (which I could respect)…the postings are about justifications.

    Justify wrong and you are complicit.

    Every victim has what no one else has…the whole truth. They don’t need comparisons to Nazis, Scripture references to justify complacency, or excuses for why Catholic teachings are the only way. They have the truth. The rcc has been exposed…and those who justify criminal, immoral behavior by their leadership are just as guilty.

    1. Survivor’s wife,

      You’re correct; it’s like trying to convince Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League that he’s misguided. I actually don’t think that he believes the material that he writes, but he does love the money he gets for writing it.

      A Friend doesn’t believe the material he writes either, but he loves the attention he gets!

      No problem “A Friend” I would enjoy crossing swords with you, but for that to happen you have to do more that just quote other people.

      You are A Friend of whom?

    2. Sw,
      You are right. It kinda reminds me of when kids break something they point their finger at the other kid. Abuse is wrong no matter where it occurs and arguing that it happens more somewhere or that the nazis were exaggerating the numbers does not help the victims in the church.The church has been exposed and I think it lead to the Penn State scandal being exposed indirectly and I hope Penn State Scandal leads to more exposure in families and in society in general. I would like to see child abuse stopped as much as possible wherever it happens.

    3. SW,
      Although I don’t agree with AFriend I at least am glad that the Nazi idea was presented because many people ascribe to these points of view and sometimes I forget that and I always like to have some idea where people are coming from. I just wish as you said they might speak for themselves too so we can learn alittle more what they are thinking.

      1. Beth, I want to hear perspective based on experiences. I want to know, “I read somewhere…and I thought…or I learned…or it made me think of…or I don’t believe what this article said because…”

        It means there’s some thought and reflection happening…not just regurgitation.

        I know what you are saying…there are some who ascribe to that line of thinking.

  17. wait a minute! did you people read the article? The whole nazi claim was made up! Beth, how in the world can you agree with what the nazi’s said? this is showing me more and more that you people do not know what your talking about. Abuse exists, yes, and we must stop it! But there are a lot of other misguided claims on this website 🙁

    1. AFriend,
      I feel you are not making yourself clear ,,,,what you think.Why did you present this article? What was the point you were trying to make?The article was about how the nazi where trying to create a panic to destroy the church. The church according to the article proved there was no real evidence to support the nazis accusations. So are you saying we on this site are doing the same thing? What misguided claims are you talking about? I really would like to learn from what you have to say. You have been rather vague in why you feel they way you do til now. I am not agreeing with the nazis. I mean “the Nazi idea” as some people think the church sex abuse scandal is made up to destroy the church similiar to what the article said of the nazi.

    2. It may be helpful if you share your thoughts on the article you read.

      Misguided claims…it’s not enough just to say it, but point them out, name them so we can learn or clarify.

    3. A Friend -The former USSR did the same thing to priests in Poland, as well as priests in other members of the Eastern Block. The Nazi’s claim, as well as that of the USSR was made up! You are correct. However, it was as done to priests who were trying to undermine those governments, not because they were actually sexually abusing children.

      That’s why I refer to the article you referenced as a non sequitur. The US government has no such agenda. So, by citing the article you did, you in fact used one of the tactics that Gobbels (Devil) himself used, mixing truth with lies. Gobbels also said “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” The RCC has used the “big lie” tactic for centuries.

      1. Drwho13,
        That was what I was refering to with Pope John Paul ll in my earlier blog. I have heard that he did not react to accusations of child abuse as fast because of the way communism had made false claims to arrest people in communist countries.

    4. A Friend (of whom) states, “…you people do not know what your talking about. Abuse exists, yes, and we must stop it! But there are a lot of other misguided claims on this website.”

      Give us a break! Start citing the misguided claims, and enlighten us. So far you have presented no evidence that’s convinced anyone to change their position.

      PS – Please hit the thumbs down only ONCE per post; you’re nullifying the accuracy of the voting. Following your lead, I’m making a statement that I can not substantiate.

  18. In reference to the Bill Conlin allegations……………………..

    When will Rep. Marsico, Chairman, House Judiciary Committee, schedule hearings on the proposals to eliminate the statute of limitations criminally and civilly for child sexual abuse? The proposals have been on his desk for over 6 months. As a father and grandfather, isn’t Mr. Marsico interested in the protection of the Commonwealth’s children in the years ahead? There is NO MIDDLE GROUND, Rep. Marsico; you are either FOR children or FOR the perpetrators.

  19. Kathy if you really understand child sexual abuse then you understand why the laws need to change. This is one of the best articles I have seen that explain how it happens. Most people want to believe most people are good and even that this is a one time lapse of judgement but now we know predators are sick people who do these evil acts many times to many children and opening a civil window will help protect kids.

    1. will the thumb down person please tell me how you are going to stop child sexual abuse? Without changing the laws? I have heard that the church is not so much afraid of law changes but the lawyers that write the laws after they are passed. Thumb down person why are you afraid to tell us what you think?

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