Catholics4Change Mission and Site Reminders

As things heat up in the Philadelphia Archdiocese, Kathy and I wanted to remind readers of our mission and comments guidelines. was created to serve as a forum for Catholics who would like to respectfully share their concerns and questions regarding Church accountability to laity on a variety of issues relating to the protection of children. Catholics4Change strives to create a system of meaningful communication and solutions between each other and Church leadership. Catholics4Change will offer related news, links and commentary from a variety of perspectives. reserves the right to withhold from publication comments deemed to be spam or unrelated. Comments that include personal attacks on other people taking part in comments at may also be withheld from publication. Repetitive or  rant-like comments may also be removed as they don’t promote meaningful communication.

We appreciate the thoughtful, well-researched comments that have kept this site alive and have motivated others to put the Catholic faith in our words and actions. Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Catholics4Change Mission and Site Reminders

  1. Many thanks to the commentors for all of the info and links they post on the site and email to us. Susan and I would never have the time to gather such important info to share with everyone. Thank you also to all who have shared such thoughtful comments,I have used your thoughts in many conversations that have helped enlighten people to the problems that still exist with treatment of victims and protection of children.

  2. I agree Kathy, with your mission statement and KNOW I have over stepped your bounds.

    Michael Skiendzielewski

  3. Kathy, always good to review the mission and the rules. I have found this site to be a place where facts are exchanged, as well as feelings and emotions. There is a balance, and I really think the majority of posters strive to avoid bashing and approach the topic with fairness and a continued respect of the faith. Thank you, Kathy for all that you do.

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