8 thoughts on “Critical Hearing In Msgr. Lynn Case Today

    1. Kathy, I read this on Abuse Tracker this am.

      Really glad the prosecution was so graphic, and am optimistic that the judge will allow the evidence, and lots of other similar evidence, to be entered for trial.

      All anyone has to do is read the segments on Msgr Lynn in BOTH Grand Jury reports of 2005 and 2011, found at the top of this page in the RESOURCES link, to understand why the prosecution wants this evidence on record.

  1. God has allowed all of this evil to come out into tha media to separate the good from the evil. We have HIM to thank for letting us KNOW about what has been going on in the R Catholic World and also the world of higher learning and the way these “elite people” treat the
    vunerable people of our society.

    It has to be stopped or we are as much to blame, We must identify it and then take it to the proper authorities, (which is not to the institution that has committed these felonius acts of depravity to the vunerable ) If the authorities will not listen, as they may be protecting their favorite institutions, people, status, or whatever, then we Must Go to a caring media, an attorney, or someone (without prejudice )and use the LAW to stop these Crimes Against Humanity, by these (so called) “respected individuals”.

    It’s up to each and every one of us to take that responsibility…The same goes for anyone who “knows” and does nothing about it,…. like all the priests who “cover up” or just” shut up” about this evil.

    Joe Paterno learned his lesson the hard way but don’t let it be learned by any of you that way and have his heart break be in vain.

  2. This is long… I hope you read it all.

    The Roman Catholic Church is the greastest” Multi Level Marketing Business “in the world.
    I know, as I have some experience… being a member of this church for over 60 years.

    I have just come to this revelation…..I will share it with you. After reading this; go to: Az. EastValleyTribune/ Fr.Jack Spaulding.

    Example: Bishop needs a secretary. He picks a vunerable young priest who wants to get ahead in the church. He’s so excited he can’t believe he picked him. You must obey your Bishop if you are to get your own parish. Young priest gets groomed (just like a priest gooms a child) With things they love.and have been denied at seminary.( The previous Bishop was a condemned pedophile, who died in a supermarket, taking a bunch of boys up to his cabin in Prescott, Az.

    This particular priest had polio when he was a child and has a crippled leg. After he is told it’s an OK thing to do the things the Bishop wants him to do, he has now learned how to do the same things at his “new” parish. that he wanted so much to have, to prove he was a “‘good responsible priest” When trouble comes to this new pastor after awhile, he gets a new parish, where no one knows what he’s up to.. and so it goes…for this particular priest (that we know personally)he’s had about 6 parishes and is now found out No parish at all.

    He’s still a priest ’cause the bishop is still alive and doesn’t want him talking. He’s been known by the diocease for his “works” for over 40 yrs. He’s gotten away with most of it. He’s 68 now and still a priest but no parish anymore and humiliated by scandal, what can he do?

    Well, he has an old friend Fr. Loren Riebe and hooks up with him, (a ‘thrown out” priest from Chiapas , Mex.) who had an orphanage that he allowed to come to his parish in Scottsdale, to milk the people for money for the orphans..We got pictures of our orphans and a letter. How nice!

    As this priest went from parish to parish, over the years, he hooked up with more “thrown out” priests from around the country(see, he knows what it’s like to be a vunerable person) .and he takes them in, against the diocease orders.

    Stuff happens in Mesa, and he is found out again. But he doesn’t get his priesthood taken away, as he has to have a way of surviving, as he is still a priest accustomed. to his wants. So he and his friend ,Fr. Loren, (as he was called) buy an orphanage in South America. (with money from where?). Can’t do anything here in the states or Mexico as you’d get found out!. ….. this scenario goes on in every parish(not exactly the same of course) but the Bishops know how to pick their honeys.

    They have been “learnedly taught” by their superiors.. This is just the last pedophile we found out about this year. We had 5 in our parish of SMG.. He is the 6th and was the one that we felt would not do this ,as we knew him so well as family friend The Men’s Club @ SMG bought him a hot tub (at his request) and that’s where lots of stuff happened.) Ho.Ho, Ho,

    We have been out of the RCC for over ten years. This guy was a real surprise…but this all seemed to come together when we read many articles about him. His case is going to the Vatican now to gert him thrown out. This is one small parish in Scottsdale , Az. ..can you imagine this scenario going on all over the world????

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