Archdiocesan Finance Committee

– compiled by Michael Skiendzielewski – Advocate for Children

Members of the Finance Council, Archdiocese of Philadelphia – 2012

Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M.Cap., Chairman
Most Rev. Timothy C. Senior, ex officio
Deacon Alvin Clay
Michael Crofton
Walter D’Alessio
Dr. Robert LeClair
Frank J. Miller
Shaun O’Malley
Gerald Parsons
William R. Sasso, Esq.
William Sautter

9 thoughts on “Archdiocesan Finance Committee

  1. Again…. I reiterate… once more.. what does this have to do with CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE IN THE CHURCH.

    You people are unbelievable!

    1. Deborah, You may not be aware of how some areconnected with the child sex abuse issue. Just one example is William R. Sasso, Esq. He is with the law firm Stradley and Ronan. Until just recently, that firm represented the Archdiocese in regard to all clergy sex abuse cases and consulted on the matter (under Cardinal Bevilacqua and Cardinal Rigali). He therefore had a vested interest in how the Archdiocese spent its money. If you’d like to understand Bishop Senior’s involvement, please read the latest article on Msgr. Lynn’s trial. Shall I continue?…..

  2. I think this post fits in with one of the stated goals on the “about” page
    -Church Accountability to Laity
    Child sex abuse is our main concern because well—it involves children ,but not our only concern. Many of these issues are connected in many ways. For example although everyone in the U.S. deserves the right to a defense in court..does everyone receive the services of a high powered legal team? Why are resources within the Archdiocese being depleted to pay for this legal team?
    Maybe some who follow this site would like to email or write a letter to a person on the Finance Council,maybe many are unaware this council even exists.

  3. Kathy, you are absolutely right on. The financial power of the AD of Philly is absolutely central to the way they handle the Sexual Abuse Crisis. Alas, strange as it may seem, the AD probably does not even consider this crisis as a shameful attact on vulnerable people, rather they see it as just another attack on their financial power.

    I am beginning to think the only way to get their attention is to attack their tax exempt status…

    1. My thoughts, exactly, Elizabeth. The AD has shown, even with people holding back on their contributions, they manage around money troubles by closing schools and parishes. Maybe thru loss of their tax exemption and change of Statue of Limitaions in the state, maybe that will have an impact.

  4. Is this the same William R. Sasso, Esq. that works with/for Governor Tom Corbitt? Wasn’t he on his election committee or head the transition team or something of that sort?

    Is this the same William R. Sasso, Esq. that sits on the board of some Children’s protection agency upstate somewhere?

    And Susan, I seriously doubt that any or all ties with William R. Sasso, Esq./Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young, L.L.P., have been severed.

    And another thing – there are rings of sexual predators/pedophiles all over this state in all kinds of organizations whether public, private, church, cult, educational institutions….

    What about the Hershey School?

    Better laws – House Bills 832 & 878 – have to get on the books and church leadership in every denomination should be advocating for this.

    Sister Mdaureen

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