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  1. Well, I must say– why can’t they do a webinare online or SKYPE each other for FREE- think of the money they would save on travel costs!!! All this saved money perhaps save a school from closing OR be able to pay a victim of therapy for sexual abuse.

  2. And WHY do we need to go to the Vatican to determine HOW to protect the children of our Catholic Faith as well as any other child that is under our care and supervision? A less expensive alternative may be to go to 222 N. 17th St. in Philadelphia.

  3. The Most Reverend Michael J. Fitzgerald – Bishop Fitzgerald
    D.D., J.D., J.C.D., V.G.

    FOUNDER, OFFICE FOR LEGAL SERVICES, Archdiocese of Philadelphia (now Office of General Counsel) 1991 – 2004 – Residence, St Thomas Aquinas Parish, Philadelphia, Annunciation Parish, Philadelphia.

    A civil attorney in charge of the OFFICE FOR LEGAL SERVICES during this critical period of clergy sexual abuse allegations. Am I the only one who would like to know what action/decisions were made relative to clergy abuse allegations by this office and this director/founder during the period 1991-2004?

    E-mail: BPFITZGERALD@adphila.org

  4. Michael, that invitation included a three year, apparently already funded, ( I think based in Germany,) entity that will use media to “share” their insights, learnings et al.

    Western Europe is exploding in an abuse crisis. Asia and Africa are huge potential problem areas. The Vatican’s ‘Global’ response is thus forthcoming.

    1. Joan, your well informed about that.
      The Apostolic Nuncio of Nigeria was the Attache here in Australia and it appears he walked into a bit of a quagmire.
      ‘Abuse of African children by Catholic priests veiled by stigma’ gives you an idea.
      With the worlds largest seminary junior and senior, the heart sinks when looking into the faces of those beautiful young men, hoping there is no pain lurking behind their smiles.

  5. I think it will be in reality a brain storming session on how to BS the pew catholics and the world that the rcc and its enabling and protecting of the abusers is behind them and never happened , and that all is safe, just listen to ‘dolan and his buddy donahue’ as they place the blame on everyone and everything else but themselves.

  6. I’m for the symposium. I’m impressed with the credentials of the speakers, I like its global nature considering the problem is a global one, and I like that openness is the objective in terms of permitting the press to cover it. Since it is a global event, Rome is as reasonable as Philly. Skype or teleconferencing is hardly the ideal means for a victim to communicate, or for professionals to communicate about the horrendous issue of sexual abuse.

    The problem is that I know the hierarchy, and I know how they operate. When the hierarchy mixes with 21st century, global, professional reality, it falls flat on its face. It falls flat on its face due to its medieval culture, its arrogance, its secrecy, its obsession with protecting itself, its… The endless list insulates it. It is wrapped in so much discrete and covert “baggage,” that it unrecognizable to the rest of humanity. It is impossible for the hierarchy to engage in any sort of synergy with other people and groups. It stands apart and away from everything. Time and again, it falls flat on its face. The whole thing is simply a dead, lost culture flailing around in the 21st century. WE are the Church. I wish WE were the orchestrators of the symposium, rather than the bumbling, three-ring circus, covert hierarchy that has done nothing but fail miserably for the last 10 years.

  7. I’d like to be wrong about this, but the Symposium, and especially the three year media entity based in Germany ‘to set up a consistent global response’ to abuse issues, sounds very much like a global PR project to give global ‘cover’ to Rome.

    1. Quite frankly, Joan, I don’t know who or what entity would knowingly enter into any sort of symposium, three year deal, plan, partnership, effort or attempt with the Catholic hierarchy.

      Mentally transitioning from the diabolical, hierarchical stuff going on in Philly (and elsewhere) to the symposium in Rome is just, well, incomprehensible.

      1. Hadit, the ‘entity’ is the e-learning centre in Munich, which will and I quote, “…enable the dissemination of good practices to assist in the setting up of local structures to introduce robust procedures to deal quickly, and effectively with all allegations of abuse and will go ‘live’ at the conclusion of the Symposium.”

        See how easy it’s going to be to promptly resolve ALL global abuse problems.

      2. AND, I think the reason the media are being courted, Symposium and e-centre wise is that Rome desperately wants to counteract all the ‘global’ negative abuse publicity. The more media attention they can get to show that they are addressing the global abuse problem, the better they will like it!

        As I say, I would be happy to be wrong about this….but

      3. Well one top Australian religious sister I know isn’t going, and she’s travelled worldwide when the protection of children and vulnerable adults have been has been on the agenda.
        I don’t think many would have heard of her, always the quiet Brigidine achiever.

    2. PR………yes sadly that is the first thing I thought and thus my first instinct was waste of money if their hearts are in the wrong place.

  8. A Couple Of Things:

    1. The purpose if the symposium is to “set up a consistent global response…” Set up? Does that mean they are only starting now? They are only starting discussions now?
    2. Here’s why nothing really happens. How can ideas be exchanged in a forum like this?http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-h8bdRvOfFFY/TxgFHirXKAI/AAAAAAAAI-k/n0niynaUm6U/s1600/tmdadl.jpg
    3. Finally, I can’t tell from the calendar on the AD Philadelphia website (because it hasn’t been update since DECEMBER) but with all the Heads of Family going to Rome for Dolan’s party the week after the symposium, I doubt anyone from AD Philadelphia will be going (unless they send the newly-competent Bevilaqua.

    1. Only now, so it seems Charles. Attorney Dan Shea has done a lot of work over the years and was the one who by chance, unearthed the ‘Crimins Sollisitationes document which was disputed at the time by many but has now grown in momentum over the last few years considering what has since been revealed.

  9. Behavior is congruent, especially deviant and dysfunctional behavior, which I think adequately describes catholic church hieracrhy. Nothing will change until they are forced to change and church hierarchy knows this.

    The catholic clergy sex abuse and cover ups is probably the biggest scam of modern times.

    Mike Ference

    1. Speaking on the need for change, children and vulnerable adults.
      In clearing out files I’ve collected over the years I came across this article.
      Just look at the beautiful face of this young religious sister:
      ‘Sex abuse victim told to “go to hell b….”The Age.
      Whats the saying, ‘Out of the abundance of the heart…even with the apology.

  10. Mike, the word you used is correct: SCAM. And, let the pew sitting catholics who continue to contribute to the collection be advised that their donations will probably be used to fund the symposium. First class anyone?

  11. I guess I should be grateful that the Vatican has FINALLY decided to host a conference/symposium on the subject of protecting the children, better late than never! While the Vatican may be getting into the discussion rather late, they still have countless resources from which to gather information, e.g. the victims, victim’s families, the perpetrators, the therapists, the bishops, priests and religious. Each and everyone has an insight and something to add to the discussion. I do find that scheduling ONLY one victim to speak to the attendees is grossly unfair in portraying the prevalence of the sexual abuse crisis. Reading about the shame, embarrassment and humiliation of sexual abuse is one thing, hearing about it from a victim is quite another.

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