13 thoughts on “Many Prayed for Philadelphia Catholic Church During First Friday Vigil

  1. If many of the Bishops had not abused their power and authority there would not be the public outcry , need for reform and mass exodus of the church. God Bless the Church the Church that Jesus Christ founded it shall prevail despite these bishops. I think many Catholics have and will pay for their lack of action and intergrity. We are now as a church reaping what they sowed. We are their sheep they have not protected us nor lead us in the right direction. They have allowed many of us to be eaten by the wolves.

  2. Bravo to Philly Catholics for their inspiring example. While they prayed, Chaput wrote the duplicitious pulpit piece designed to defeat Obama as a “anti-Catholic” bully opposed to “religious liberty” and in favor of birth control health insurance access. The bishops are now cast as the “victims”. Obama’s “sin” is obvious to the bishops and has nothing to do with bullying Catholics. Obama is stepping up legal efforts against child abusers and their enablers, including bishops. Chaput and his boss are really worried about the current “jailer in chief “, so are trying to replace him with a new presidential jailer friendlier to bishops.

    The insatiable need to protect bishops from prosecution knows no limit, it appears. That the bishops’ preferred presidential candidates favor, by reducing women’ health insurance coverage, facilitating unplanned pegnancies and the related increase in abortions is conveniently overlooked. Further cutting taxes on the rich and reducing needed benefits for the poor and unemployed are also acceptable to the bishops now, as is cutting women’s cancer detection programs. Attacking Iran and starting a new war is even OK.

    Chaput and his group will sacrifice everything, rather than honestly dealing with the criminal child sexual abuse culture among the hierarchy. Chaput’s phony appeal to “conscience rights” is unconscionable. Catholic voters will not be fooled again.

    1. Jerry that is a very interesting take on things. I had not thought of it that way. I respectfully disagree I do think Obama does have an agenda and it is contrary to Catholic teaching(abortion) and I believe the agenda has been present even before legal efforts have been stepped up I have been watching and reading it unfold. In many ways Obama is forcing his values(abortion is ok) on third world countries and there is starting to be a backlash. Obama has also funded organizations that force (not choice)abortions on Chinese woman all in the name of population control. I don’t want to debate this with you and get off subject but that is my two cents and your two cents gave me something to think about.

      1. Thanks, Beth, for your thoughtful comments. I do not want to debate either.

        My principal aim was to clear away the mystical smokescreen from the bishops’ “religious liberty/birth control” ploy, that is much more about bishops’ avoiding jail for conspiring to abuse children, then about protecting the unborn.

        Catholics should, of course, vote their conscience; but not be misguided pawns in the bishops’ deceptive criminal defense strategy.

        As far as I can tell, neither party has really done much more than talk about protecting the unborn. Unfortunately, the topic too often only comes up meaningfully in an election year.

        Not yet abused and abused children, as well as unborn children, all deserve our consideration, even if it means we have to weigh our electoral choices that much more carefully.

      2. Jerry, it’s a sad day when you have to question motivations and intentions of the bishops( I am speaking for myself. The thought saddens me but after readings Archbishop Bev’s testimony and seeing how much the church pays for lobbyists any thing is possible). So much politics and not even love going around.

    2. On his welcomed visit to Australia in 2007, he held public lectures on’Renewing the Church and Converting the World’. Reclaiming our Catholic mission, sponsored by the Confraternity of Clergy and the Australian Catholic University.
      I can’t see too many having an adverse opinion of him here with that support.

  3. Some guy named “Bill” wrote the following comment:

    They need to step INSIDE a Church!

    The following was my response:

    Bill-I do step inside my parish church-every Sunday and sometimes on weekdays. I also like to visit an adoration chapel at a nearby parish-since our parish doesn’t have one. I was also outside 222 N 17th Street on Friday and have been down there a couple other times in the past year on the first Friday vigils. I was there to support the victims and their families.In my vocation as a wife and mother I have followed the teachings of our church, even some tough teachings when faced with infertility, because I believe in them. If I can follow church teachings with regard to my vocation, the priests and in particular the bishops should have been able to follow church teachings. I am thinking of one in particular when Jesus said:

    “At that time the disciples* approached Jesus and said, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He called a child over, placed it in their midst, and said, “Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children,* you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. * And whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me.

    “Whoever causes one of these little ones* who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

    I finally know what I want to put on a sign for the next prayer vigil-these words of Jesus Himself that our leaders seemed to have missed. Ironically, He was answering the question of who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Our leaders placed themselves above the children whom Jesus Himself said were the greatest. For the victims and their families out there try to keep these words of Jesus in your heart this week while we endure the media coverage of the funeral of one of the so called princes of the church.

    1. Well said. I make use of the sacraments and love to sit before Christ also. I have been going to confession more frequently. The state of the church has caused me to examine my relationship with Christ ,His Church and my neighbor alot. The purpose of all of this in the end is to get to heaven and take as many people with us as we can. If I remember this truth everything else falls in place.

  4. “… Working with our Archdiocesan Priests’ Council, our Archdiocesan Finance Council and the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council now in formation, I do promise that every aspect of our shared life as a Church will be subject in the years ahead to the kind of clarity, greater accountability and careful stewardship our people deserve…”

    In light of your statement, Cardinal Chaput, regarding the Finance Council of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, what access, information, input, etc. will be available to individual parishioners concerning the discussions, decisions and reports provided by the Finance Council of which you are the Chairman?

    This clarity and accountability of which you speak……will the members of your archdiocese be able to participate in these important values with regard to the operation of the Finance Council?

    When will the Archdiocese of Philadelphia publish a complete, thorough and comprehensive annual financial report that details ALL of the expenses, revenues, assets, liabilities, trusts, real estate holdings, etc? Such a much-needed and long-overdue archdiocesan financial report to the parishioners of the entire archdiocese would do much to accomplish your mission of “clarity” and “accountability”.
    “Shared life as a Church” – these are your words, Archbishop Chaput. How will this “shared life” between Church leadership and its Philadelphia-area faithful be accomplished?

    1. Michael… Why do you care? The more people that leave the less anyone will care … But there still will be innocent people who don’t so we should keep the “screws on” and their “feet to the fire” But if everyone left, there would be no funding at all of their “evil demonic ways”Will that ever happen .? I hope so.

      Those who won’t listen to the REAL Word of God, will have to face the consequences.

  5. On behalf of the victims and their families, THANK YOU to all who, for the past 6 years, have prayed and protested in front of the Archdiocesan building. It is something to think about in the saying: “Prayer doesn’t change things; it changes people, and people change things.”

  6. on the issue of abortion,the republicans do not want to see this be overturned because then it would be a non issue.there was no reason they could not get it overturned when gw was the president and the supreme court was and still is a republican court.the roe decision was made when nixon was pres and of the seven justices that voted for it ,five were appointed by republican presidents and the two dissenters were split.one r and one d .so why would the republicans want to overturn when it is a good political point that they can always count on to stir up the religious right!

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