8 thoughts on “Please Take This Poll

  1. I think it is clear that a religious institution that needs to keep secret files and lies about enabling and protecting abusers needs to be exposed . Everyone gets this except some law makers who may be influenced by the catholic conference of bishops, time to tax the rcc.

  2. Thanks Susan and Patrick for posting and pasting the link. I voted. And, for all the victims in the late 50’s, I continue to pray and hope that all the altar boys molested at St. Gregory’s in West Philly at the hands of Fr. Gerald Chambers (dec’d) (last assignment, a boy’s orphanage), will have their day in court. God help all the victims.

  3. Since much deceitful and unlawful behavior has been proven throughout our Church hierarchy, how else could victims ascertain all predators are named?? Of course victims should be given additional time to consider suing this institution. The same hierarchy may be pressuring PA lawmakers to disallow an extention in an effor to hide additional information.

  4. I hope our votes will count in helping our abused victims start to heal. We love them and pray for them.

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