17 thoughts on “Coroner Reports Bevilacqua Died of Natural Causes

  1. We’ll never know for sure.

    Bevilacqua’s body was embalmed before the coroner got to it, so there were lots of drugs that could have killed him and not shown up after an embalming, like potassium, adrenaline, et cetera.

    There was certainly reason to kill him. He had already perjured himself in a grand jury testimony, and a week after he died, they find a copy of a document proving he knew about these 35 pedophile priests in 1994 and shredded the evidence.

    Why did the Catholic church embalm him so quickly before the coroner could evaluate the body?

      1. They were never clear in the paper about how Molloy’s copy of the shredded document came out, and why it conveniently came out a week after Bevilacqua died. However, someone in the Philly church knew about it just before the police did.

        If word got to Bevilacqua or his people that he had to testify and that document would show that he already perjured himself, the publicity would have been enormous. 60 Minutes would have been there again. I’m not saying they killed him, or that he asked for it, but it sure saved them a lot of increased bad publicity, and by the way, he got a king’s funeral.

        If he lived another month, no king’s funeral.

  2. So now we know. No questions left unanswered. As I said back when Bevilaqua died, I didn’t think he was killed or anything along those lines. The timing was bizarre and had many area Catholics weighing in with their thoughts, so I am glad the tests were done so we can move on.

  3. I’m glad to know these questions have been put to rest and answered definitively so they don’t come up again in five, ten, or twenty years from now.

    1. Irene,

      “I’m glad to know these questions have been put to rest…”

      Yes they have, but the evil that Bevilacqua allowed to go unleashed will haunt the victims and their families for decades.

      1. Drwh13, is it possible that Bev’s disgrace may cause Philly Catholics to require that the AD REALLY protect kids and deal effectively with abusers?

  4. Time to move on.

    My only concern was whether or not he was deposed in time. Right under the wire.

    God can deal with his soul…I want his lies here to remain for the rest of us.

    1. Wonder if “natural causes” precludes the possibility that his death was precipitated by intentionally discontinuing a cardiac med?–perfectly within his rights to do. He had just been declared competent… Prostate ca. isn’t that rapid.
      He blew our trust and callously hurt so many people …sorry, it’s hard not to be suspicious.

    2. True, and now with the proof of the shredded document, which is being substantiated by Lynn in his last motion, its even more clear that a Cardinal and a Monsignor will throw the whole Catholic church under the bus to save their own skin. They lied before courts after promising “the truth, the whole truth…”, they endangered children, and they did it to avoid civil liabilities.

      Let’s simplify it

      – they sacrificed children
      – they sacrificed the truth in front of the courts and God Himself
      – they sacrificed the credibility and the future of the Catholic church

      so that they could save their own skin and save money. They did it when the internet could preserve the story forever. What Would Satan Do? He’d be so proud.

  5. I agree with Patrick… we will never know for certain how Bevilacqua’s time on this earth ended. We do know, however, of his deeds. He went on a witch hunt years ago to expell from the seminary any gay men wishing to devote their lives to Christ and the Catholic Church… while at the same time permitting known pedophiles to continue abusing innocent children. As any intelligent being knows, a gay man does not a pedophile make! To say I am appalled, disgusted, and disheartened by the actions (and non-actions) of the Church heirarcy is an understatement. Bevilacqua and Lynn are not alone. To name just a few others … Cistone, Cullen, Rigali. I hope it does not take another six or seven years to bring criminal charges against these men.

    1. Remember that in the age of the Internet, you have a voice. Create a Facebook group called “Bishop Cistone helped 35 pedophiles? Prosecute him.”, and just write the basics of the story with pointers to newspaper articles. Create public exposure. Same for Cullen.

      They tried it in Kansas City with “Bishop Finn must go” and got 800+ people to sign up, but like most Catholics, they were passive, and let Finn spend over $1 million to get out of it. They undoubtedly lost tens of thousands of souls as a result, and lost $1 mill, but they saved one bishop, and that’s the priority of this church.

      God’s making this simple – this isn’t God’s church.

  6. It is irresponsible and foolish to pretend that there is decisive evidence, when in fact there is not. There is no scientific evidence that he was murdered; and there is no compelling evidence that he was not murdered. In a body filled with all of the preservative agents from an immediate embalming, it would not be possible to detect any of a half dozen drugs that could have been used to kill him intentionally. The immediate embalming is what was done with JP the First, another Roman miracle instant death on demand. See the book, In God’s Name, by David Yallop, he lays out the process for you in Black and White.

    1. Exactly, and as the saying goes, “the devil is in the details”.

      However, from a PR point of view, the archdiocese thinks that 5-10 years from now, people will just remember the short version, the headline, that Bevilacqua died, and coroner said there was no foul play.

      The Catholic church did this in their original John Jay report when they said that “only” 4% of priests were substantiated, accused sex abusers. Somehow Catholics thought that was ok. The real number in the 70s/80s was between 8-10%, but in the report, they added in new priests, making the denominator bigger and lowering the overall number. Of course, those were just the ones that were reported.

      When the report was written, there was no real internet, so no one looked for the devil in the details.

      The thing the Catholic church doesn’t get is that in 5-10 years everyone will get their info from an Ipad type device, and when people research Bevilacqua, they will see the most compelling stories, and they will see both sides. The idea of it being an accident in light of all this other evidence will seem foolish:

      – He died the weekend before he was supposed to testify?
      – They released a report a week later saying he shredded evidence about hiding 35 known pedophile priests for 17 years?
      – One of the 35, Fr Cudemo, did what to a 10 year old girl? And they hid him?
      – No one did an immediate autopsy?
      – They embalmed his body before it was sent to the coroner? (extra click to see a list of simple drugs that embalming would destroy)
      – Who was this coroner? Was the government on the take, or were they afraid of the Catholic church?
      – This video was his testimony? (click to Bevilacqua video highlights with annotations of specific lies that conflict with documented proof that he thought was shredded)
      – People let them get away with that? What was up with this Catholic church?
      – Bishop Patrick McCormick refuses to talk about it on his Facebook page?

      The devil is in the details, and if details are missing, people in 5, 10, or 20 years will fill them in. Oh, and those “people” are your children.

      1. Gosh Patrick, you certainly say it as it is.
        No wonder Susan say’s your a publisher’s worst…. what was it?
        You would never get a word in on the Cathnews site in Australia, CathnewsNZ seem to have more of a free hand: maybe because their independant, and there’s no reminders with the bishops logo to scare people off.
        It’s a pity really but the staff must love their job and not forgetting there’s power in knowledge.

  7. I am happy that bevilaqua the lying pedophile protecting KREEP is no longer with us , now it is time for indictments and arrests for those links in the ‘chain of conspiracy’ , you maybe able to run but you can’t hide forever , rigalia cistone, lynn, cullen et al !

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