Breaking News: Another Priest Removed Too Late

Click here to read: “Priest Facing Suspension – 18 Years Later,” by John P. Martin, The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 13, 2012

Excerpt: “The Archdiocese of Philadelphia plans to suspend a longtime parish priest almost two decades after church officials first learned that he had sex with a 17-year-old girl, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The priest, Msgr. Richard T. Powers, is expected to be removed from his post as a senior priest at Epiphany of Our Lord in South Philadelphia and placed on administrative leave pending a review.

Powers, 76, who has served at parishes across the region since being ordained in 1963, could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.”

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  1. Anyone want to venture a guess on the name of the pastor who intimidated this mother. From the 2011GJ report . Shero is the lay teacher going to trial shortly. So feel free to guess the name of the pastor

    When she testified before the Grand Jury, Ms. Gallagher failed to mention that the mother who complained about Shero also notified the police when she felt the school had failed to respond. The mother told the Grand Jury that, after she called the police, she was summoned by the pastor to come to the rectory. The pastor did not tell her the purpose of the meeting. She thought he might want to thank her for all of the work she did around the parish.
    Instead, she said, when she entered the rectory, Shero was there. In front of Shero and Ms. Gallagher, and with no warning, the pastor confronted the parent and asked if she had been the one to call the police. She was angry and hurt at the priest’s stunt, but took the occasion to tell the pastor, Ms. Gallagher, and Shero all of her concerns. She said she felt ambushed. Had she known the purpose of the meeting, she could have brought with her other parents who had similar complaints.

    1. Amazing isn’t it. They always place them up the ladder, or on the spiritual platform whenever there’s something afoot.
      I recall when the Franciscans had one of their friars on the Medjugorje circuit, as Australia’s healing priest to raise funds to support his child and prevent bonding.
      At 64 and entering junior seminary at 13, he was snowballed, absolutely, unaware of his universal rights as a father.
      He died trying to implementing them.

    2. Kathy, that story of the priest, teacher and principle ganging up on that woman……is just plain disgusting.

      The notion of contacting law enforcement FIRST in an abuse situation makes even more sense.

      I am ashamed of those parish people and my sympathy goes to that mother…please tell her!

      1. Joan I wish I knew this Mother -what I posted was an excerpt from the 2011 Grand jury report.

      2. I wish I knew that mother too!

        What an example!

        She did what the priest should have modeled to her to do.

        Can you imagine what Jesus was thinking when that priest was berating the Mom who did the right thing?

        Can you imagine what Jesus is thinking when the priests’ silence is deafening on this issue?

        I would imagine He is in angst, “Not in My Name!” Not to My Children! Whatever you have done to the least, you have done to Me.”

        Makes me want to clean up my messes, apologize to those I have hurt, love more deeply.

      3. And can you imagine how this mother felt yesterday when Msgr Powers was suspended ?? No one knew anything about the allegations involving Msgr Powers until yesterday. They were locked away in the secret archives, no that’s not right , they were shredded in 1994, no wrong again , they were discovered in a secret safe in 2006. Actually I believe his name made it to the secret archives, shredder and secret safe – a trifecta .

    3. Kathy, I can’t seem to get that story of the mother, who apparently had been a church worker….she thought that father might thank her for her efforts when called to this ‘meeting’….and instead she was sand bagged by the perp, the principal and the pastor ….had she reported the alledged abuse to the police?

      The abuse crisis is an unbelievable horror in itself, but for the longest time I have been trying to fathom the horror under the horror.

      I think I ve got it.

      The institutional church, for all its contrary verbiage, seems to be uncaring of its parishioners…but it loves and protects itself. It will treat you tolerantly, if you contribute and ‘don’t make a wave’. It will ‘instruct’ your ignorance, from the heights of its wisdom. it will bury your dead, at times begrudgingly. it will deliver the sacraments, a few hours a week with varying degrees of civility, but love you, don’t count on it.

      There are individual clergy, who are very happy exceptions, and parishes characterized by their hospitality and warmth…but then there
      are the Msgr Powers of the world….and the Bevil devils, and the AD that just wont respond….with anything but heavily PR spun remarks.

      If GOD is at the center of this ‘institutional’ church…then God doesn’t really care about any of us either….

      THAT Is the fundamental message to victims and survivors (who sadly all too well understand these matters, from their horrifying experience,) BUT it the subtext message to all of us….no wonder there is a mass exodus.

      1. Yup, Joan! Anyone looking for caring or a fair shake in the RCC had better forgetaboutit!–and bring an attorney.
        Anyone looking for warmth or charity had better go to a protestant church or a synagogue. I’ve always known I’m nothing more than a name on an envelope and a statistic –and a potential victim of abuse.
        The structure and systems of the RCC aren’t set up to work in this millennium –and the pyramid of societal misfits who run it won’t listen and change anything (because they’re infallible), so really, what’s the use…

      2. Crystal, Kathy and everyone, my thoughts on institutional church cited above were positively feeble, compared to Thomas Doyle’s excellent piece in the NCR:

        Doyle speaks of SNAP, as does the NYTimes editorial, he speaks of the 28 years that SNAP has been caring for victims, started by victims and thoroughly disdained by the bishops.

        Doyle notes the bishops current efforts to kill SNAP with extensive episcopal challenges. Gerry makes some excellent point as does Jim Jenkins…this a must read…I don’t think you will be disappointed.

  2. The question I have was when was he made a Monsignor before or after the act?

    If it was after what were they thinking knowing promoting someone with issues

    1. Bishop Cistone and Bishop Cullen got their promotions after being there in 1994 when Bevilacqua shredded a document detailing the “Philly 35”, the 35 known pedophile priests that Msgr Lynn had discovered.

      How do you think they got their promotions. The mafia and other gangs work the same way. When you do the dirtiest work, and know the most secrets to help the family or the gang, you get the best promotions. The big difference is that this mafia doesn’t have honor.

      1. …and other difference…A mafia family wouldn’t turn a blind eye to child-sex among it’s members. These guys would be deemed bad for image and business, and be dealt hard with (..or at least that’s how those Soprano’s do!)

      2. I’m not how C4C rates Laurie Goodstein of the NYT, but a story published April 2 2009; Early Alarm for Church on Abusers in the Clergy. I happened across a print out from 2 years ago.
        The founder of Servants of the Paraclete, Fr Gerald M.C. Fitzgerald saw the writing on the wall dating back to 1952, [made public by following a link], warning American Bishops “in forceful” letters, that pedophiles should be removed from the priesthood, because they couldn’t be cured.
        It certainly contradicts the most consistant defence given they were unaware of abuse until recently.
        Have you read it Patrick?

      3. L. Newington,

        The links below provide an excellent insight into the founder of Servants of the Paraclete, Fr Gerald Fitzgerald, what he told the bishops and Pope Paul VI, and how he was treated for providing them with the information he did.

        The RCC is a little more than any other corporation looking out for its own interest. They will do ANYTHING to protect the company. As you said, “It (Fr. Fitzgerald’s letters) certainly contradicts the most consistent defense given they were unaware of abuse until recently.” The Church lied, surprise!–paraclete_report.htm

  3. Jim from the report, I am not sure if he was a monsignor at the time or if they refer to him in his present title (2011) in the report

    Msgr. Richard Powers, at the time pastor at St. Michael the Archangel School in Levittown, went out of his way to intimidate and humiliate a mother who, frustrated with the failure of the school to curb Shero’s inappropriate behavior with children, reported the teacher .

    1. Kathy, do we know how the police handled this report?

      Can you explain who Ms. Gallagher is in this story?

    2. Kathy, the Ms Gallagher mentioned was the principal of the school. I am not sure of the response by police -the section I reread doesn’t go into too much detail. It seems the things this Mother was reporting are what is the black hole of “boundary issues”-not criminal to be handled by police.

    3. Rev, Richard Dolan who repeately raped and sodimized me at the age of 14 was from St. Michael the Archangel Church, back in 1963, he had only been a priest 1 year when he started in on me. In 2006 I found him in Tennessee and on VIDEO confronted him, of course he denied it all and said I had brought it on myself as I was too Attractive. I brought the video to the victims coordinators and they in turn took it to the review board, remember my abuse was in 1963, so the review board was able to investigate my charges and they found me to be credible and now he is listed on the archdiocese website. The other priest was Fr. Basil Lynch TOR who started on me at 16, I sued the franciscan order and WON! The last was my principal of Bishop Conwell High School and he was placed on prayer and penance. This is the first time I have named my 3 perps on this website and you know what, I feel great! Thank you

      website! I have been raped by 3 catholic priests, one was a franciscan TOR at Bishop Egan and the other Rev. Charles Schaeflein who was placed in Prayer and Pennance, oh by the way, I won my suit against Rev. Basil Lynch TOR!!!

      1. I forget to mention my third perp, Rev. Charles Schaeflein. Please excuse the last paragraph, repeat, my laptop is acting funny!

      2. All I can say is wow and I am happy you can have some relief by speaking the truth. I always had an eery feeling passing that church now I know why.

      3. Vicky,

        You’re a very couragous person. You will never know how many other victims of similar crimes you may have helped.

        God Bless you.

        Mike Ference

      4. I am going to run intereference for Vicky before someone makes some kind of comment that will be hurtful. Vicky’s case was not only deemed credible by the Archdiocese but she was asked to speak at the Archdiocese event Witness to Sorrow which over 300 priests and the hierarchy attended.

      5. Poor Vicky! the Friars Minor have one or two skeletons in their cupboard too.
        In Australia that is, but you never hear of them, signing confidentialty clauses.
        Did their lawyers call you an immoral woman?
        Imagine the heartbreak.
        Another thing, they have been exempt from episcopal governmence so Bishop Peter Connors wrote, for many centuries.
        All power to you Vicky!

      6. Dear Vicky,

        I am in awe of you (and the other survivors that speak out).
        Please know…your brave and honest posts are very important. These comments “fire up” the rest of us.
        May God bless, and guide all the survivors.

  4. I have to admit that during my law enforcement career I am hard pressed to recall such behavior and conduct as exhibited by the alleged perpetrators, their superiors and Church management re the destruction of our children, their bodies, minds, spirits and souls.

    The entire spectrum of criminal conduct from start (the offending clergy) to finish (shredding of documents corroborating such evil conduct) is such that it redefines the concept of “CRIMINALITY”.

    If I were a faculty member in the Criminal Justice Department at one of Philadelphia’s local community colleges, public universities, or private educational institutions, I would be designing an undergraduate and graduate course entitled “Criminal Conduct in Religious Institutions”. Any college would be wise to fund such an endeavor; it certainly would be a money-maker.

    1. Michael, “a money maker”? The real money is in the tax free collection plate, unmonitored thousands of parishes around the globe, not to mention all the little old ladies and men who leave the pastor or parish or diocese as beneficiary. Much of it ends up in the corrupt Vatican Bank, where they also launder drug money for those sinful drug dealers, on a massive scale. Here are two books that offer details, In Banks We Trust, by Penny Lernoux; and The Profits of Religion, It’s an old shell game, and we all have been taken for a very long ride of myth and fantasy. As they say … there’s one born every minute.

      1. Michael and Mark, the layers of corruption are staggering……and all that’s missing are the togas and bath houses…

    2. Well, Michael, if the Inquiry in Melbourne expands, hopefully criminal conduct within religious institutions will be addressed, barring those who have signed confidentiality agreements and too afraid to speak up and acknowledge they were under pressure.
      I only hope, that the likes of Angela Ryan csb, doesn’t get caught up in the foray. She had a deep remorse for those who were betrayed by church personnel, from the top down, and within the boundries before her, did much to repair and restore the faith she was grounded in at her mother’s knee.

  5. Kathy, what Vicky did, would have taken some doing, believe The Franciscans as previously stated, are exempt from episcopal government, meaning they run their own show. A top Melbourne Catholic lawyer forced to represent a woman through Legal Aid, was so afraid he was going to be reported to the Law Insitute on some trumped up card, he wrote to the inevitable bishop previously mentioned to confide his fears, not withstanding he was engaged to represent the woman.
    Imagine her shock when she found the letter folded up in her file which she demanded be handed over to her on the spot, referred to as a “hot potato”.
    They are all cowards.

  6. Breaking News: Another Priest Removed Too Late
    Catholics Leaving Church Over Abuse Issue
    Are Priests Being Quietly Removed from Ministry?
    Word on Suspended Priests Coming Soon
    well i just received my latest copy ot the PHAITH magazine and i looked under “LOCAL NEWS”to get some info on these stories?i guess they are not important enough to address in the feel good about everything magazine that comes to my house that i didnt ask for.i think ill go watch the wizard of oz again!!

  7. I am just disgusted and disappointed with the pedophile priests, the lack of financial transparency with the archdiocese AND Rome and our weekly contributions paying for all this and more! Now is the time for we the laity to stand up and DEMAND change! It is OUR church! Maybe it is time to have the permanent deacons, if interested, continue an additional year and then complete Ordination. If we are accepting former Episcopal ministers to the priesthood then we should be willing to accept our fellow deacons. Maybe the “higher ups” feel threatened by those men who have a lot to offer! I think it is time for the laity to handle the books and finances and have the GOOD priests shepherd the people as their vocation originally called for – I.e visiting the sick, those in prison, community visibility etc.

    Finally, why oh why are not the GOOD priests speaking up? They would have the faithful behind them. They too need to demand answers and change. Please faithful priests take collective action!

    1. In the review of a book released this time last year: What Australian Catholic priest’s really think about their lives and their church, nearly half of the clergy surveyed, not one thing is mentioned on the abuse of children, but include:
      * almost 70 percent thought celibacy should be optional
      * the same percentage thought abortion was always sinful
      * only 40 percent said pre-marital sex was sinful
      * several priests admitted they were in long term committed relationships with women and 19.2 thought it sinful for married couples to use birth control. Obviously it doesn’t mention if there’s a connection to the former, unless they obstain completely or engage in “spiritual communions”.
      No mention of abuse on the ABC Candid Clerics interview transcript either, “a firm evidence of what the priests are actually thinking [and not] I suppose, in Australia any way.

    1. Crystal, I was just about to post the same article, from Abuse Tracker this am.

      Apparently this priest waited till the girl he had groomed turned 18, then impregnated her and paid for the abortion.

      If I were a priest in the AD, I would be having some very serious discussions with my priests association, AND the AB.

      This type of info along withe the abuse trials is horrific, seemingly continuous, and I’m guessing devastating to folks in the pew.

      1. I find it interesting that the defense for the priest is that consensual sex and abortion are not ‘against the law’.

        Authorities are looking at the alledged grooming issue..perhaps it was merely ‘spontaneous combustion’.

        I go back to my earlier point…I deeply hope that priests in the AD are both meeting vigorously in their association AND with the AB.

      2. Joan, I have to wonder just how devastated Cath. folks really are. This type of story is a regular occurrence now. It’s not shocking anyone I know anymore… “So what? Tell us something new … a 44 yr-old priest and a teenager ?– The only thing of any slight interest this time, was that she was a girl…and he sprung for the abortion…”

        (so discouraging)

      3. Crystal, much as I like your comments, this is one time when I sure hope you are wrong!

        The idea that these revelations, are just one more boring occurrence to parishioners, does shock me, and suggests that if folks in the pew really do feel that way, then there ISINT much hope for the Church.

        I am hoping that folks in the pew are genuinely horrified and seriously looking for accountability…..both from the Archbishop and the priests association…perhaps Susan or Kathy can give us the link…I can’t at this moment, in the wilds of Oregon, access it.

      4. There was a break in the eather and I did locate the Philadelphia priests association website …it is

        I personally have posted articles about Fr Jim Connell and his work with victims and a few other related pieces, but see no particular reason why anyone who feels like it could not leave a message on their website, as well. Don’t expect a response.

      5. At least she was eighteen and her body could handle it.
        They like them younger in Australia. Brokenrites still have on site, one who was 15, carrying a “child of Christ”, who miscarried and Archbishop, (now Cardinal) Pell, signing a compensation agreement not to divulge information about the ‘ordeal”.
        As previously mentioned, up the eccclesiastical ladder they go, as protection. Why would they give any clergyman the light of day who wanted to do the right thing.
        Including a Franciscan friar/s, whose Order are exempt from episcopal governance,”healing” priest/s or not.

      6. L. Newington, that’s a sad, disgusting situation down under. Are people like you being heard? Do the Catholics ALL seem to be outraged?–are they as angry as the Irish were/are?

  8. thanks for that website Joan. I read yours’ and Jerry Slevin’s comments. Thumbs up!
    Honestly, I have no idea what I’d say there .. (lol) I am familiar with Fr. Okonski (a wonderful person)…

    I do feel sympathy for priests who are trying to work to fix things, while trying to stay loyal to their bosses… I can often hear the strain of that impossible dilemma in their speech. What a lousy position to be in! I can’t imagine the uphill climb they’re faced with…Personally, I’d feel so betrayed and disgusted, that I’d leave the priesthood and use my talents elsewhere.

    1. Well, you know Crystal, you could say pretty much what you just said here, 0N their website….my guess is that there would be priests that appreciated your remarks!

  9. Joan. et al ..The folks in the pews could care less. I find my friends that I write to often re” all that is going on” say to me” Do you think I don’t know what is going on? I don’t wish to get into an e mail war with you. The church will stand no matter what hits it and I’m with the church.”

    They of course mean the rcc institution, not “The Church” which is you and me and Christians who have given their lives over to Jesus Christ and have a daily “relationship with HIM”

    It seems to be a no win situation but I still keep sending articles and they never reply, even if I ask them to. I’ts a losing battle with some. But I will never give up on God’s precious vunerable. We’ll all fight to the end. The end of the rcc I believe.

    We had 5 pedophiles in our parish of St. maria Goretti in Scottsdale , Az. (not all at the same time) Only one priest I was pretty sure was ok.Fr. Jack Spaulding. I just found out he is now thrown out, with another priest (his good friend Fr Loren Riebe) that got thrown out of Mexico because he was sexually abusing his orphans in the orphanage that we, at SMG ,took on as a parish charity. The two of them evidently saved enough money to buy an orphanage,from monies they got from parishioners and bought an orphanage somewhere in South America. They are still priests, as they were never tried, just ousted and they immediately left the country.

    I don’t wish to count on any rc cleric. They all knew what was going on for so many years I can’t even tell you and they went along with it save their filthy necks.

    1. Glorybe….Hadit just made the same point recently…and will perhaps repeat her points on this blog.

    2. I have been reading on here for a few weeks and I even posted a comment that never made it out of moderation. I agree glorybe1929. There are too many Catholics who just don’t want to know. They want to sit in their pews and pretend as if nothing happened. There are many good priests. The victims, the good priests, and all those who have the courage to speak out have to carry the burden of the bad priests and the hierarchy who continue to protect them. That burden is compounded by those in the pews who seem to prefer their own ignorance to truth and justice.

      1. Cleanstart, I’m sorry. When I read that you had something in comment moderation, I checked our spam folder. Two of your comments were stuck there. I just allowed. Not sure why that happened.

    3. hey glorybe! me too! I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for so long, to find somebody sensible –anybody- of my acquaintance to talk with with about this. (That’s why I come to C4C so often.-lol!)
      I’ve always run into the same exact brick wall as you have! –The same old, tired line about the church being 2000 yrs old, and destined to go on forever, blah blah….or “The clergy is not the Church, the laity is”… How about this one..”I don’t want to lose my faith or my peace of mind by reading too much about the abuse.”—?! –Or my favorite response yet,.. “Don’t worry because, we’re armed with a crucified Christ and the holy rosary.” (– Told that one to get his head out of his —, and try to speak coherently.)- so depressing!!
      Very troubling about those men who are raping and pillaging in South America right now! May God protect those poor children. Five abusers from one parish is a disgrace -Sounds like it’s a pedophile dumping ground.
      Where on God’s green Earth is the pope in this atrocity? His reaction is very mild to the fact that he’s being accused of crimes against humanity.
      How about Amnesty International’s role?

      1. I love when people tell me not to worry, the Church will survive. I always respond that I have no worries that the church won’t survive, I worry that the victims will not survive -to which I am met with dead silence.

      2. Kathy I can’t believe someone would thumb down that comment. I would like to ask them what planet they are from and how many sexually abused children they personally know.

      3. Crystal, I just want to share some good news. Over the past year I have met countless local Catholics who are finally realizing the horror that has occurred in Philadelphia and throughout the world with children being harmed within the church. I have met people who are Eucharistic ministers, lectors, ushers,volunteers-very involved Catholic people -not the fringe that people would like to categorize us.I have met them at meetings,vigils,received countless emails. People are no longer buying that the press is anti Catholic and the Church being unfarily targeted. Catholics have donated to fund lobbying for SOL reform,have met with victims and heard their stories. The most important thing is they now believe the victims -not the hierarchy .A huge unbelievable shift from a few years ago. Even some people who will never take it to the level of getting involved -they too believe the victims.

      4. Kathy, that’s wonderful to hear! I do believe you, and thank you so very much for all you do out there– and right here. I learn something everyday.

        Joan – great article! – good comments underneath too..Had to laugh about Jerry Slevin’s “pelvic issues.” –so true about how they are used as a “hook” for so many of us.

  10. Kathy isn’t that the truth and what we are seeking. …….that the survivors be cared for , respected and treated properly………. and other kids protected. It is heartbreaking that these children treated so horribly are again revictimized by the corrupt system.

  11. Crystal, it’s not anywhere near scratching the surface.
    As far as women are concerned, they’re the jezabels, leading the clergy astray, therefore guilt ridden, taking crumbs in gratitude in many cases, if not prepared to “bend the knee”.
    Unfortunately they get muddled up with the “pop star groupies”, and theres plenty of them around too.
    With children, when the abortionist’s knife is readily available, to remove the visible signs of infidelity with stealth, why would there be any second thoughts on abuse and the aftermath.
    As far as being as angry as the Irish: they’re getting there, due to Catholic seeking a change, [as this site denotes], a few loud voices the “dreaded” media and the accessability of the internet.
    Never the pulpit.
    The government has now weighed in.
    I often wonder about the clergy leading marches holding up the banner of pro-life.

  12. Is anyone having trouble posting? I have been unable to submit posts. I contacted Susan, but I’ve heard nothing back. Just wondering… Thank you.

    1. I know some comments were going into the spam folder for some reason. I will let Susan know

  13. A little something to think about…

    All over this blog you can read any level of the 5 stages of grief…DABDA. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

    Denial – it didn’t really happen the way the victims said it did. I just go to church, I don’t know anything about that other stuff. It’s none of my business.
    Anger – They did WHAT???!!!!!
    Bargaining – Maybe it was the media haters, the greed of victims, we’re not the only ones.
    Depression – will this pain/hurt/deception ever stop?
    Acceptance – children were raped by the clergy. The clergy were more concerned about themselves than they were the children.

    In all but one of the stages we can help victims…and that stage is denial. The more people who come out of that stage, the more help for victims.

    Thank you C4C for being here.

    1. SW, what a good idea to use Kubler Ross’s stages of grief…She used a psychiatric model to explain facing death and made it a world wide issue, with her book, On Death and Dying,

      The analogy is appropriate, hopefully we have the death of ignorance relative to molestation and clergy predator passing on. And the life that can be reborn in a Church that justly faces these issues!

      Good job, SW.

    2. Good thoughts SW -so fitting! I’m still stuck somewhere in the three middle stages –trying to get to the point of “acceptance.”

      1. My cousin, Brother James P. Reese ,was a Holy Cross, Notre Dame brother that was caring for boys at a place called “Boysville ” in Michigan. In the 60’s When he left, he told me why and I wouldn’t believe him. He said the priests and brothers would come in at night to rape and sexually abuse the boys and himself. I thought it was just sour grapes . He died at an early age of a broken heart. This is so true and All the things I’ve heard over years that i wouldn’t believe, I know now to be TRUEIt will be burned into my mind until we have defeated this evil place called the rcc.

    1. Thanks V4Justice.

      As I stated before, my heart breaks for each and every victim. I had to turn it off. None of this garbage should even have happened.
      I too, believe the victims.

  14. Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer story about the AD’s main lawyer being relieved of his duties yesterday would make a great, main post on C4C. Would love to hear everyone’s comments on it. Thank you.

    1. Agree! Tim Coyne was never cooperative and instructed other AD employees to be uncooperative. I suspect that his instructions may be part of Lynn’s defense. I hope Tim got paid well, because he may very well be the one handed over.

  15. Selling your soul pays very well.

    Bill Donahue of the Catholic League makes $400,000 a year. New Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who intimidates child sex victims on his own blog, lives in the most beautiful cathedral in the US, and eats six square meals a day while 16,000 people starve to death.

    The pope wears $50,000 hats and lives in a $1.2 billion bachelor pad.

    God didn’t make this hard to figure out.

  16. Re today’s Inquirer story and in-house counsel, Timothy Coyne, I think it is appropriate to address similar concerns to:

    Founder, Office for Legal Services, Archdiocese of Philadelphia (now Office of General Counsel) 1991 – 2004

    This founder is still here in the Archdiocese; however, he has been elevated to the position of Bishop. He is Bishop Michael Fitzgerald, a civil attorney who was put in the post of Founder of Office for Legal Services by the late Cardinal Bevilacqua, another civil attorney.…….maybe Bishop Fitzgerald may be able to shed some light on what has become a very, very troubling situation regarding the legal services team down there at 222 N. 17th St. Basically, the inquiry is the same…..What did they know, when did they know it, and what did they do with the information they had (re the sexual abuse of children within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia)?

  17. This is a little off the path of discussion, but did anyone see Good Day Philadelphia yesterday? Seems the Pope has commissioned a designer to create a perfume for him as his own signature scent!! So glad his priorities are in order!!!! Disgusting!!!!!

    1. Catholic excuse #1: it happens everywhere.

      All the celebrities are getting their own perfume, so its just fine if the pope does. In fact, 2000 years ago, Jesus came out with His own line of perfume which was a combination of frankincense and myrrh, water and wine. It was even advertised on QVC, but nobody had televisions, so they didn’t see it. Jesus was ahead of His time.

      The pope is always looking for quick fixes, and a perfume seemed the perfect fix to get the stench off the Catholic church.

      1. A few pope cologne comments from the Internet:

        – he calls it…holy water
        – Bet it smells like Hypocrisy!
        – WWJSL? (What would Jesus smell like?)
        – next up – pope soap on a rope

        Ps. 10:3 – “the greedy man curses and spurns God”

  18. Welcome Kathy, are you also Kathy H? If so do me a favor and post using your last initial also -only so people can keep us straight -I will always use Kane also. But then again I have been thinking of pulling rank and stealing “had it'” as my screen name because I have HAD IT!

  19. There have been many terrible things done by priests and all the cover up. On this one regarding Father Powers. Some facts are not fully known by all. This occurred in the early/mid seventies in South America. It was a consentual relationship. The age of consent there is 16. This was not raping boys there were 11 years old. Although against their vows, it does not even come close to the serious criminal activities by thousands. Do not lump this into the same vain.

    1. Joe, the Archdiocese removed Powers, C4C didn’t remove him. Obviously the Archdiocese sees a problem with this consentual relationship you speak of between an adult male and 17 year old. He had sex with a 17 year old, the Archdiocese removed him (years later) the newspaper reported it and we posted in on this blog..put the blame where it belongs. The best way an adult can avoid being ‘lumped ” in with others, is to avoid having sex with 17 year olds.

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