The List Cardinal Bevilacqua Didn’t Want You to See

This “list of priests who have been guilty or accused of sexual misconduct with a minor according to the file material” was attached to the memo from Msgr. William J. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy dated February 18, 1994. This is the list that Cardinal Bevilacqua ordered to be shredded.

The leadership involved certainly put the secret in secretariat and endangered countless children over decades. Our children. Mine and yours. Please don’t let this go unchallenged. It’s up to the courts and lay Catholics now. No more empty promises of accountability. Insist that the archdiocese acts on all the recommendations of the 2011 Grand Jury report. The Memo is below:



Diagnosed Pedophile

  1. Reverend James J. Bryski (1977) Exit in 1985 – Activity occurred more than five years ago.
  2. Reverend Nicholas V. Cudemo (1963) Restricted faculties/living with relatives.
  3. Reverend Peter J. Dunne (1954) No official assignment. – Activity occurred more than five years ago. Encouraged to seek laicization. No response to the request for laicization at this time. Living on his own in his private residence.

(Editor’s note: Peter Dunne was finally exposed in the 2005 Grand Jury Report. Good thing, too. My family had no idea there was an issue.)

 Guilty of Sexual Misconduct with Minors

  1. Reverend Edward V. Avery (1970), Chaplain, Nazareth Hospital/ Resident St. Jerome. Sexual relationship with same minor three times. Action occurred more than five years ago. (Editor’s note: as if it might clear up over time – like a rash).
  2. Reverend Pasquale R. Catullo (1963), Pastor Annunciation B.V.M. Sexual relationship with highs school junior (1968-69). Self reported. No complaint issued. Requested transfer.
  3. Reverend James M. Dux (1948) Associate Pastor, Saint John the Baptist. Diagnosed in 1965 as sexually deviated and this problem is deep-rooted and of chronic duration. Sexual advances (kissing) teenage boys reported. Pornography. Action occurred more than five years ago.
  4. Reverend Francis J. Gallagher (1973) Associate Pastor, Immaculate Conception, Jenkintown. Alcoholism and solicitation of adult males. In psychological evaluation. Self-disclosure of mutual masturbation with two adolescent boys with whose family Father had a personal friendship. No complaints ever filed.
  5. Reverend Joseph Gausch (1945) Retired. Living in Cape May, NJ. Sexual activity with young men. Actions occurred more than five years ago.
  6. Reverend Richard Jones (1963) Inactive. Encouraged to seek laicization. Living in Florida. Files indicate actions with one minor (17 years of age) and adult males. Actions occurred more than five years ago.
  7. Reverend Raymond O. Leneweaver (1962) Exit in 1980. In 1968 admitted sexual acts with high school boys. Actions occurred more than five years ago.
  8. Reverend John J. Murray (1947) Retired. In 1992, fondled a teenage girl while under the influence of alcohol.
  9. Msgr. Richard T. Powers (1963) Pastor, Incarnation of Our Lord. Had a sexual relationship with a 17 year old girl in Caracas, Venezuela while with the Society of St. James. Action occurred more than five years ago. (Editor’s note: just removed from ministry).
  10. Reverend Martin J. Satchell (1963) Health leave, Villa St. John Vianney, Downingtown. Self-reported sexual contact with teenage boys.
  11. Reverend Charles Siegle (1953) Deceased. Sexual contact with boys. Actions occurred more than five years ago.
  12. Reverend Aloysius H. Vath (1940) Deceased. Sexual acts with young boys over a period of 18 years. Actions occurred more than five years ago.
  13. Reverend Thomas J. Wisniewski (1974) Staff, Tribunal, Resident, St. Justin, Narberth. Sexual contact with a teenage boy over the period of three years (1984-1987)

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct with Minors with no Conclusive Evidence

  1. Reverend Michael C. Bolesta (1989) Associate Pastor, St. Agatha/St. James
  2. Reverend Robert L. Brennan (1964) Associate Pastor, Resurrection of Our Lord
  3. Reverend Raymond Cahill (1947) Deceased
  4. Reverend John A. Cannon (1948) Chaplain, St. Joseph Home, Holland
  5. Reverend Richard D. Dolan (1962) Exit
  6. Reverend John C. Dougherty (1945) Associate Pastor, St. Bartholomew
  7. Reverend Stanley M. Gana (1970) Pastor, Our Mother of Sorrows, Bridgeport
  8. Msgr. John E. Gillespie (1953) Pastor, Our Lady of Calvary
  9. Reverend James T. Henry (1964) Associate Pastor, St. Patrick, Norristown
  10. Reverend Dexter A. Lanctot (1976) Faculties Restricted, resident, St. Catherine of Siena, Horsham
  11. Reverend Joseph F. McCafferty (1961) Chaplain, St. Mary’s Manor, Lansdale
  12. Reverend James J. McGinnia (1978) Associate Pastor, St. Joseph, Collingdale
  13. Reverend James E. McGuire (1970) Associate Pastor, St. Ignatius, Yardley
  14. Reverend Richard J. McLoughlin (1969) Associate Pastor, St. Bede Parish, Holland
  15. Reverend Joseph M. McKenzi (1951) Deceased
  16. Reverend John H. Mulholland (1965) Associate Pastor, St. Francis of Assisi, Norristown
  17. Reverend John D. Reardon (1973) Resident, Presentation B.V.M., Wynnewood
  18. Msgr. Charles J. Schaeflein (1949) Chaplain, Mount Nazareth
  19. Reverend David C. Sicoli (1975) Pastor, Our Lady of Hope
  20. Reverend Joseph W. Thomas (1955) Resident, Archdiocese of San Francisco
  21. Reverend Francis X. Trauger (1972) Associate Pastor, St. Michael the Archangel, Levittown.

108 thoughts on “The List Cardinal Bevilacqua Didn’t Want You to See

  1. i just checked under local news in my recent copy of PHAITH and i did not find this list or any mention of any lists.
    i wonder how they missed that??

  2. My question is this: whether any of these men are still active in the priesthood, removed or
    recommended to be laicized, are any of them under supervision or are they still able to continue their behavior? I have always wondered. Yes, it is good that they have been identified. But that is not the whole issue.

    By the way, Father Tom Wisniewski was chaplain at Immaculate Mary Home when I worked there. That is public knowledge. Did the archdiocese really think that was an appropriate

    1. Fr. John Mulholland was also sent to be the chaplain at the Immaculate Mary Nursing Home, which sits right next door, in extremely close proximity, to St. Jerome’s school – he had a perfect view of the kid’s playground. There are just no words!

      1. Oh, and one of the most recent chaplains of the Immaculate Mary Home was Fr. Thomas Rooney, who has also been placed on administrative leave. All these accused priests sent right into the backyard of the St. Jerome’s school children.

    2. Mary: I’ve wondered how Archbishop Chaput has been able to do “Internal Investigations” of several priests in the Philly area. Are these priests, whose names were on a new list? How and why has he been allowed by Law Enforcement to do this? If you or anyone else knows why Law Enforcement isn’t involved in the current investigation, please let me know. Thanks. Jeannie

    1. I myself am a survivor & the friend of Ernie in regards to a joseph p gallagher from St. Monica s also his brother a victim now in more ways than you can imagine. civil window now!

  3. Kathy or Susan, are the 21 priests in the last list, posted above, part of the “suspended priests” list that the AB is about to report on? Who else is on that ‘suspended list’?

    I think Brennan on that third list is indicted for child rape and is about to stand trial. Avery is accused of child rape, also about to stand trial and appeared on the the second list….’guilty of sexual misconduct with minors’ as was the very recently removed pastor, Father Powers.

    What a mucked up mess….how many other guys should be on those lists?

    1. Joan,
      No. Not all the priests removed from ministry last Spring are on the above list. If you put “suspended priests” or “priests removed from ministry” in my site’s search bar, articles with that list should come up. Brennan is about to stand trial. Father Cannon, also on the third list, is mentioned in my previous post.

      This lack of transparency continued under Cardinal Rigali and may continue today. How can we even begin to trust when even the most basic of grand jury recommendations haven’t been followed?

      1. Susan, is it possible to combine the suspended priests list and the additional names that folks are mentioning into the closest thing to accuracy that NOW is the case in the AD?

        I get lost in the data, but think folks have a right to know ‘the current facts’….Thanks for your input AND C4C! Joan

    2. Joan, the priest on trial is James Brennan. The only “new” name from this list was Msgr Powers who was suspended last week.

    3. Joan good question. It’s like drunk driving by the time they get caught been doing it for awhile usually. Fr. Smith not on this list but I believe in grand jury report. I also am concerned about priests in hospitals being chaplains who else did they take advantage of?

    4. I meant to ask this question earlier, but on the ‘guilty’ list there is often a notation ‘occurred more than 5 years ago’….this list dates back to the mid 90 s…1994 I think. Could Lynn’s reference relate to statute of limitations considerations?

      There was much stringing along of victims and their reports to the Church, till past the SOL dates…wonder if PA law at the time and the SOL issue intersected with the ‘5 year’ notes. Nothing would surprise me!

      1. Joan, The trial evidence I received contains meeting notes on how to keep the statutes of limitations in place and keep evidence from the civil authorities. It was blatant and will all come out during the trial. – Susan

      2. Speaking of the Statute of Limitations, SNAP had a very important story on their website recently. It said that a Judge in SE Missouri said that a case could go forward, where parents of an altar boy, who ended up committing suicide, could continue their lawsuit against the Church, even though the Statute of Limitations had expired. He reasoning was that the Church had committed “fraud,” so the Statute of Limitations didn’t apply! This could have BIG significance if this case is successfully prosecuted, like the case of Monsignor Lynn’s up in Philly! I’m sorry. I don’t have the link but Google: SNAP Missouri Judge Statute of Limitations, and it’ll show up.

  4. I googled for the list of suspended priests, and got the following

    Rev. Philip Barr (1948)
    Rev. John Bowe (1973)
    Rev. George Cadwallader (1992)
    Rev. Paul Castellani (1996)
    Rev. Michael Chapman (1982)
    Msgr. John Close (1969)
    Msgr. Francis Feret (1962)
    Rev. Mark Fernandes (2004)
    Msgr. Michael Flood (1968)
    Rev. Mark Gaspar (1998)
    Rev. Joseph Glatts (1966)
    Rev. Steven Harris (1980)
    Rev. Daniel Hoy (1948)
    Msgr. Joseph Logrip (1972)
    Rev. Andrew McCormick (1982)
    Rev. Zachary Navit (1994)
    Rev. Leonard Peterson (1967)
    Rev. Robert Povish (1990)
    Rev. John Reardon (1973)
    Rev. Thomas Rooney (1991)
    Rev. Peter Talocci (1986)

    With the exception of Reardon no other ‘suspended priest’ was on the Shredded list.

    1. Msgr. Michael Flood has been totally cleared and his name should be removed from that list. He is an innocent man.

      1. Msgr Flood was put on admin leave by the Archdiocese ,not by us. This list appeared in every local newspaper and televised report..we are not creating any the media if you want his name is their list . Or contact the Archdiocese and ask them to,they are the ones who placed Msgr Flood on admin leave.

    1. Let us not forget ‘charles newman (currently in prison for stealing $900,000.00 dollars from archbishop ryan high school and regis howitz’ both of whom have creditable allegations of the sexual abuse of a minor, ask mary achilles why they are not on the list and then wait for her response, you will be appalled !

    2. Susan, any idea why Givey and the other priest are not included with the others on the list? Do you know who the other priest is? I’ve never seen him named.

      1. Here is a snippet from last Spring after the initial 21 were removed after the 2011 grand jury report was released. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported, “The Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced today that two retired priests have been placed on administrative leave while it reviews allegations that they have engaged in inappropriate behavior with minors. Donna Farrell, spokeswoman for the archdiocese, declined to name the two. The Inquirer has identified one as the Rev. David Givey, 67. Givey was editor of the Catholic Standard & Times from 1985 to 1992 and served in numerous parishes and chaplaincies since his ordination in 1971.”

        In regard to the list of 21, I’m not sure why they weren’t on it. It may have had to do with the way their files were categorized. I’m basing this on evidence I reviewed today. As for not being on the list in the above post from 1994 – allegations could have been made since then.

    3. mimzy
      the other priest suspended a few weeks after the “21” has never been identified -the press wasn’t able to find out to my knowledge. It was said that he was already retired living in a private home -something to that effect ..who knows?

      1. Thanks, Kathy. It’s gotta make you wonder… what’s so special about this guy that he has avoided being named. To the best of my knowledge, Givey also “retired” rather young and is enjoying life in a private home at the shore.

  5. Rev. John M. McDevitt. Deceased. (My abuser.) From the religious order, Saint Francis De Sales in Wilmington, DE. The Delaware courts, and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office considered McDevitt a “prolific” child abuser.

    Look into files from the recent Delaware Diocese and religious order settlements. Tons of religious order priests have taught and continue to teach in Philadelphia-area schools. Delaware priests sent to abuse Pennsylvania children.

    Rev. John M. McDevitt taught at Northeast Catholic High School and Father Judge High School in Philadelphia.

    1. That’s horrible Rich. .North, Judge and CD, housed SO many offenders over the years. I went to CD in the 70’s–and it infuriates me that they let this happen – Maybe it’s best that CD and North are gone now… no more kids can be hurt there. I remember the “house cleaning” in the 80’s at Fr Judge.. so disgusting.. it’s amazing it survived at all.
      They ought to put up a plaque for the victims of their priests, right at the school’s entrance – next to the Vietnam War memorial..

    2. It is good you say that Rich so people know.Thankyou.It might help people put the pieces together and not feel alone.

  6. My prayer is that the victims can begin to heal. I was a victim of sexual abuse as a child and started a non profit for victims of sexual abuse.We have many women and teen girls come forward but for the men they still have so much pain that they live in isolation and silence. Trees of Hope is here for all the men as well. You are our brothers and we understand your pain. Dee Proietto

  7. Victims4Justice…..I noticed that you mentioned the Oblates, order of St. Francis De Sales in Wilmington, DE. They have been represented by another Stradley and Ronon (archdiocesan counsel) attorney, Mark Chopko, head of the non-profit group at the firm over the past several years. For twenty years, he was the General Counsel to the USCCB in Washington, DC. The below citation indicates just how far this Jesuit trained and educated Catholic attorney will go to protect the leadership and the organization at the expense of the innocence and vulnerability of young child victims of sexual abuse and predation.

    “……Mark Chopko, an profession for a Oblates who also has served as principal authorised officer for a U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, argued that a General Assembly had no inherent management to change a government of limitations. He argued among other things that a Oblate sequence had a “vested right” not to be theme to lawsuits that differently would have been barred by time, though instead was forced to urge itself opposite an “ancient claim.”

    “Where a vested right is impaired, a legislature might not tread,” he said…”.

  8. I’m not sure where I should post this question.

    Where do you (we) expect the hierarchy to place these people who have credible allegations against them? If they are not criminally charged and there are no civil cases against them…they are “innocent” and therefore free to go anywhere the AD sees fit.

    I’m not talking about the moral responsibility the AD has in regard to placement…I’m talking logistics.

    They all can’t live on the same “island of misfits.” Where should they be placed?

    Argument #3278 for why the statute needs to be opened up.

    Any thoughts?

  9. Survivors wife,some of the priests that have taken the life of prayer and repentance rather then be laicized, reside at a facility about 5 miles outside of Philly,in the middle of a bustling neighborhood with schools and homes . To my knowledge it is a nursing home for older/ill clergy and now houses some of the abusive priests . I am going to have Margaret from Catholic Accountability Project comment on this -a particular interest of hers.

    1. The prayer and penance facilities concept is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.
      I resent that these guys are automatically sent work in nursing homes and hospitals and made to seem respectable. Fire them!

      Only in the catholic church would this ever be OK. Why do we settle for so little?

      1. crystal,
        That’s my point. I know about the “prayer and penance” houses…my husband’s perp is living in one.

        This is the dilemma…they, technically, are innocent. So, where can you place them that isn’t near unsuspecting adults or children? I think this is the dilemma many dioceses face with pedophiles.

        The communities are relying the Catholic Church (with its history of not protecting children) to determine where “credibly accused” priests are placed. Is anyone comfortable with this arrangement?

      2. The ‘where do you put these guys’ is a national problem. I know of one situation where 8 or 9 of these offenders are placed in an area with several schools in the neighborhood and seemingly lax oversight.

        I would be very interested to hear Kathy’s resource person at the level of how the Philadelphia AD is handling the matter.

      3. sw, I guess i mean why do they need to be placed anywhere? They be put out into society where they’ll pay real consequences if they commit a crime.

      4. Crystal, the difficulty is that if you put these guys out in ‘society’ that does’nt have a clue…they are even more dangerous to innocent kids.

      5. Just a further thought on offenders….What I have seen is that these guys are ‘redistributed’ as has occurred in the AD to some rather inappropriate area…and ‘lax oversight’ is the MO.

        What I’d like to see, is their ‘redistribution’ to some very isolated location with heavy oversight, that is, the diocese commits substantial personnel so these guys ‘stay put’.

        I don’t think this will happen until they offend again and it is costly to the diocese or religious order!

    2. My experience with Villa St. Joseph is that the priests who are assigned there for a life of prayer and penance are kept there. Children, including youth groups with holiday gifts for the infirm, cannot go there. If the priests have not been jailed or laicized, then canon law requires that they be provided for. I do not know of any priest that has been assigned there for a life of prayer and penance who has been permitted to minister outside the Villa in any way. They can never function as a priest.

      Although I am not happy with the requirement that these men must voluntarily submit to be monitored, that’s much better than being laicized and living in public. Without criminal charges and a finding of guilt, there’s nothing else than can be done.

      This is a link explaining the creation of this community. It hasn’t been updated in a while.

      1. Thank you for sharing that info. I am going to have Margaret comment because she has done some research into this very topic and I know has spoken to people within the AD. The impression I had is that the priests can sign in and out ,simply telling the staff where they will be . Does anyone actually check up?
        But I agree -a former laicized abusive priest ended up as a teacher in a local public school -clear criminal background checks since no prosecution.A mother of a victim I met ,told me the priest who abused her son and countless others,is laicized and living in California. I think he is only in his late 50’s and if we have learned anything about child sex abuse with the Jerry Sandusky case,it is abusers don”t stop abusing ,even into middle age and beyond.

      2. Cleanstart, nothing would make me happier than the fact that Villa St Joseph works well for offending priests.

        And I read your link, but when I got to the following quote, I had a sad and sinking feeling:

        ‘The residents of the Annex must report where they are going, how long they will be there, and who they will be with. They must record all their activity weekly. A social work coordinator reviews their schedule and checks up on them. They must account for all time away from the Annex.’

        The reason for my concern is that if these guys are not accompanied by staff, when out and about, than quite frankly you really don’t know what they are doing, or to whom.

        This is exactly why I am suggesting that there needs to be heavy personnel coverage.

        You can make all the reports in the world, and they can be terribly wrong.

        A situation I am familiar with, does essentially the same thing…offenders dressed in civies wander around without a supervisor present. Trust me, the neighborhood with highly educated folks and two schools is appalled. Media has been involved.

        The problem I see is that there is really no cure for these guys and their ‘self reporting’ reminds me a bit of the AD reporting to the USCCB that they are ‘in compliance with the Dallas Charter, when they were very clearly not!

        I do think the system would work, if there was a commitment to personally accompany these guys. I don’t trust the reports.

        Perhaps some victims or survivors could comment….

      3. AND we are experiencing legal responsibility for Church behaviour, big time. I would not be surprised if legal counsel has advised Villa St Joseph that their program would pass the ‘smell test’ in terms of restraining offenders, and should the offenders reoffend while wandering around without an accompanying supervisor, the diocese would be protected from litigation.

      4. I can’t disagree with you, Joan. But absent of convictions, we can’t do anything more. We need that statute of limitations lifted. That would help with some. With others? Fr. Kornacki did his time and then volunteered to submit to a life of penance and prayer. I’m not sure what else could be done in a case like that.

      5. Joan it is not much better in the real world. My husbands offender has a parole officier visit once a week and goes to support group once a week after 18months in jail/house arrest this is after molesting 3 boys in the 1970’s. Alot of laws need to change the question is are tax payers willing to foot the cost of longer sentences and monitoring? Laws are tougher now Thank God but you really don’t know who you have walking around in public. That is why statues need to change etc……

      6. Cleanstart, there is one thing you could do, you could strongly encourage Villa St Joseph to provide attendants when offenders are ‘away from the Annex’ and you could get other folks to make that point too!

        I actually think that would be a huge help!

        The program sounds good, except for that glaring weakness!

        Thanks for your input, jJoan

      7. Beth, I know it’s really bad on the outside and your husband’s abuser was not a priest. And you are so right…the laws need to change and there needs to be a political will to pay for monitoring!

      8. Joan.I reread my blog sorry if I came across the wrong way.Hard to get voice tone etc in a blog. I just think it is ridiculous what is common sense to us is not common practice for the church and outside the church. They must always be chaperoned. Our kids safety is worth it.

      9. Joan by using the term “real world” i was using it in relationship to the church leadership they don’t live in the “real world” they live in a bubble that is now being burst my frustration was not directed towards you at all. You bring so much information and good questions to this blog.

    3. Kathy: If you go to the local police station, in the community you are concerned about, the police should have a map, which outlines where every “known Pedophile” lives. The key is “known” pedophiles. Some do not register with the police as they should. It would be interesting to find out how many known Pedphiles and Pedophile Priests, past and present, are living in the house to which you referred. Please let us know if you find out! Thanks.

  10. I am left wondering just how many lists did actually get shredded and how many are still out there somewhere in the church and/or in the general public “ministering” to children and or living comfortably and well somewhere while their victims are left to pick up the pieces and live with their pain. If this happened in one diocese, I think we can be reasonably sure it has happened in other dioceses around the world. May God have mercy on their souls.

    1. I’ve also wondered the same, but in addition I’ve wondered how MANY “Secret Archives” each archdiocese has. Do you remember that Lynn found his list in some “forgotten safe” on the 9th or 11th floor of the Archdiocese? How dumb do they think we are? Well, on second thought, that’s probably self-evident! If there was another “secret Archive,” which housed Lynn’s document, chances are there are many more, each more damning than the one before!

  11. I can’t stop thinking how many children would have been spared if only the RCC… from priests to bishops to the Pope… had taken the moral road and done the right thing. Defrock abusive priests, notify authorities,. Hundreds, no thousands, of poor children subjected to sexual abuse by those they were taught – and belieived – to be trustworthy may have been spared. Instead, they carry emotional scars for their entire lives. This is beyond shameful, beyond forgiveable.
    Pedophiles are not unique to the RCC… they are teachers, coaches, boy scout leaders. However, the RCC created a safe haven for pedophiles, didn’t they? Hey, so you’re a pedophile, hide out in the Catholic Church! We turn a blind eye! Criminal charges? Not to worry… we’ve got you covered!
    I do not want to hear my pastor speak from the pulpit about forgiveness at this stage in the game. I want to see and hear him speak out for the victims and members of his Church.
    IF THE INNOCENT RELIGIOUS DO NOT SPEAK UP NOW, AND DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY, AND DEMAND CHANGE, I, for one, am done. Done with the Church I believed in for 50+ years. But not done speaking out for the victims.

    1. 4thechildren, I agree with you. Some pastors will address this from the pulpit,even off up an apology or tell people they understand their anger..and all that does is make the priest and congregation feel changes absolutely nothing from the past or the future for the victims

      1. Kathy,
        I wish I could bold and capitalize what you wrote.


        Parishioners, look for actions…words are cheap.

      2. “Some pastors will address this from the pulpit,even off up an apology or tell people they understand their anger..and all that does is make the priest and congregation feel changes absolutely nothing from the past or the future for the victims”

        For me, these type of platitudes “understanding the laity’s anger”, etc. just increase my anger and frustration. Talk is cheap. Major changes must take place to regain members’ faith and trust in the Church. (It may even be too late for that.)
        TAKE ACTION, BOYS!! Admit the horrendous actions of the Church (too numerous to mention); turn over “secret documents”; hold the abusers and hierarchy accountable; clean house; put new procedures in place; never, never, never again turn a blind eye. Only then can healing begin.

      3. Has anyone ever heard any priest in the Archdiocese speak in support of implementing the Grand jury recommendations that will provide justice for victims and protect children?

  12. Survivors wife, once a priest is identified as an abuser (and, in many cases that means that he’s already been in and out of St. John Vianney, or another “rehab center” for pedophile priests, and it’s no longer an option to move him from parish to parish due to the volatility of the victims or their families) he is given the option to be admitted into the “prayer and penance” facility. He will be cared and provided for so long as he agrees to abide by the rules (previously mentioned…never to be alone with children, etc). If he CANNOT agree to stay away from children, he will be laicized. Set free to live next door to us, to work in our schools, coach our children with a nice check…courtesy of our donations…a clean record and no one to look over his shoulder.

  13. I am sick to my stomach reading all of this. What a complete mess they have created by protecting all of these criminals for so long. Now, we have a ton of pedophiles moving freely in our communities who can no longer be prosecuted without a change of statutes. How many more victims will there be because of this horrendous conspiracy? How can these AD men sleep at night knowing that they have directly caused more crimes to occur.? How can they function knowing that a child could be in horror at any moment because of them? Their continued lack of transparency creates more and more likelihood of another innocent child being marred for life.How horrible is it that the only hope of getting these pedophiles is if they commit more crimes and their new victims come forward? Dear God, the laws have got to change.

    1. Jackie if you really think about it with a compassionate and open heart like you do you see the horror…………and it is an Oh my God we have to do something moment…………like now!!!!!!!!!!………..that is a decent humane reaction lacking in our leadership………their response is Oh my God we have to protect the money and the reputation of the church at all costs……….even the cost of souls……….that is where it becomes even more vile and Satan is laughing(the coverup)……….Nonething is more pain inducing on so many levels like child sexual abuse……it needs to be stopped and we need to help our survivors

    2. hmmm, I wonder how much real money and effort has gone into the problem of the prayer and penance, statue-beating types…..There’s no reason for any of us to trust the AD to fix a problem such as this.
      … For a long term solution.. turn St. Charles Seminary into one big, maximum security, State-wide, prayer and penance facility with a big sign out in front, advertising exactly what it is.

  14. The priest who molested me is on the list that was intended to be shred. Contrary to what is stated, there was conclusive evidence by 1994 that he had abused at least two children. In 1990, one victim filed a complaint. I filed mine a year later. Of course, by then the statute of limitations in both cases had long expired. Perhaps he denied the accusations, as well. I believe that is how the archdiocese judged evidence as “conclusive.”. Did the priest admit to wrongdoing? Had the statute of limitations expired? “No” to the first + “yes” to the second = inconclusive. The souls and the sanity of innocent children never factored into the equation. Protect the Church at all costs.

    I was assured by then Father Lynn, now Monsignor, that the priest who molested me would be prevented from accessing other children. That was not the case. Is anyone surprised by this? He was moved to a parish where he had daily access to school children. He wasn’t given a psychological evaluation until 1994. He wasn’t moved into the Villa until 2004. Nice retirement for a pedophile. I doubt he is suffering.

    When PA laws allow, I intend to seek justice.

    I am forever grateful for the wisdom and foresight of Monsignor Malloy. His actions will change the course of history.

    1. Thankyou for speaking out and speaking your truth. My heartaches for the pain you must have gone thru and still go thru. I have faith people are listening and change will come.

    2. I’m so sorry that happened to you. Thanks for sharing your story…it shines a little more light on the evil of this thing. Looking forward to the laws changing and hoping you get justice!

      I always thought the Villa was only for elderly, infirm priests -does it also house younger, healthy, prayer and penance priests?

    3. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Laney. Your tragic story is proof, once again, of the immoral and illegal way in which crimes against children have been handled by the “leaders” of our Church. I am so sorry. I pray that you may get some feeling of justice from the upcoming trial and from, hopefully, future trials and legislation. You are in my prayers.

  15. Laney, I am so sorry and when you write “The souls and the sanity of innocent children never factored into the equation.” So true,to tragically true.

  16. I always try to be fair -fair in the midst of all this insanity may sound crazy but I will not let anything, including the Church change that about me. Many of the priests named on this list went on to be named in the GJ reports and are now either laicized or living a life of prayer and repentance,others could have left on their own. We don’t know what the allegations are behind someone being named on a list. Could it have been an anonymous allegation that could not be substantiated..we don’t know. The problem is how much we don’t know. That being said ,no one on this list has been criminally prosecuted they are free to do whatever they want,whenever they want..the same as you or I.
    A priest named in the GJ reports who is now laicized and living in California -laicized because his abuse was “substantiated” he can do whatever he wants -clear background check.

  17. Wow!–I echo what haditCath says.
    May I ask what position he holds at Children’s Hospital of Phila.??!!

  18. My point is not that any of this makes sense ,but if former priests with “substantiated” abuse are out there doing whatever ,then a former priest with “unsubstantiated” allegations obviously can do the same. What does “unsubstantiated” mean, how is that determined..who knows? I do know that the Philadelphia Priest Association is working to try to define these things,the process involved etc…because it has been one big black whole in the past. Even with the current suspended priests,we have been told to not paint them with the same broad brush because the allegations range from actual sexual abuse to boundary violations..whatever that means. I am not offering this as an opinion, just addressing the reality of the situation. I am not comfortable accusing anyone -priest ,coach,teacher,neighbor of harming a child unless I know exactly what the allegation and how the determination is made.In cases involving the church we don’t know the allegations or the way determined or how one person’s name ends up on a list and a notorious abuser’s name is not on a list. We simply know nothing.

    1. Yes sadly there is common sense and then there are the laws and reality………facts vs. secrets we may never know.

    2. Which is why Kathy all abuse issues should be turned over to civil authorities, immediately and anyone who has experienced some form of abuse should never go to Church first.

      The Grand Jury reports detail at least some of the problems with ‘substatiation’ or the lack there of.

      And they have been noted on C4C….the heavily flawed Review Bd process and the ‘essential norms’ that canonically set a standard for guilt that is totally unreasonable, to mention a few.

    3. “Boundary issues” means that a priest was reported for behavior that violated the “Standards of Ministerial Behavior.”
      Their behavior is problematic because it appears to be grooming, but it hasn’t crossed the line to criminal behavior.

      The Philadelphia Priest Association definitely needs to clarify their definitions and protections. It is a black hole and many of the good priests, still sworn to obedience, are struggling like we are. They sacrificed their whole lives to the institution that also betrayed them on many levels and will sacrifice one of them to avoid lawsuits, which is beginning to be synonymous to “scandal.”

    4. Thanks cleanstart, I understand what is categorized as boundary violations ,I meant that they suspended 26 priests with a whole range of allegations and we were are told to not treat them with the same broad brush. What does that mean- how can I treat them in any manner when I do not understand what they have even be accused and human nature always leads to the worst case scenario being imagined.

    5. it has been my understanding that the 21 who were put on leave one year ago were originally CLEARED of any issue (some very well might have been anonymous accusations-and the ones i heard about are the silliest accusations- no we do not know. yes, none of this is silly, this is serious, many priests reputations have been ruined -that is why you hear not to paint with a broad brush… let me ask you really believe that YOUR should be everyone’s business….think about it. cardinal rigali pulled these men to have gina smith reinvestigate every little piece of dust about the boundary issue or accusation, whatever. lets keep things straight here. and i do not have time to back and forth. that is my comment and i dont comment often because you get attacked if you dont spread venom here. that is my experience

    6. Senga,
      I heard one priest pat a kid on the butt and another was emailing kids online both are not criminal but can be seen as grooming. None of our busniess? Protecting kids is all of our business. Many people say the same thing about abortion the church has no right to get into their business. Same argument different topic depends where your beliefs and values are. I am for protecting all children born and unborn.

    7. Senga, google Fr Perzan and see if you find these allegations to be the silliest things. I am going to go out on a limb here and take a guess that you are not a parent. Any parent in the Archdiocese has a right to know what their child has been exposed to,who they have been exposed to -you name it full disclosure when it comes to children,anything less is unacceptable. As for you feeling attacked when you come here -you show up from time to time-attack just about anyone and anything and then disappear. Stick around and have a conversation sometime.

    8. Senga, Cardinal Rigali used some very heavily crafted language to suggest that priests whom the Grand Jury had been very concerned about were OK.

      Several weeks later, the AD suspended these guys. If there had been no ‘problem’ they would not have been suspended.

    9. senga, I have heard similar things about a few of the priests who were accussed of minor “boundary issues,” investigated, and cleared. Their reputations will forever be tarnished should they return to ministry. The priest accused of swatting a child on the butt was cleared by the child’s own parents when police investigated the incident. I do not know if there is more to it than that, though. That same priest took children on missionary trips– dangerous territory for anyone in our positions today and I would discourage anyone from taking on that risk.

      However, I also know there are priests on that list that were accused and never investigated. Ballard Spahr is just *now* investigating those reports which suggests their names were never turned over (Tim Coyne? AD hierarchy?) to the AD’s own “outside” attorneys.

      I don’t know about getting attacked, yet. I do know some posts make me a little uncomfortable because they seem to encourage others to leave the church. I try to keep in mind that other people’s sins– whether they be abuse, conspiracy, or apostasy– should not lead me away from true faith.

    10. Senga, the fight for child safety comes first; the reputations of priests who’ve made it to AD lists must come second. Their actions show that Cardinals Bevil. and Rigali, didn’t give a flying fig about our kids.–They put us in this defensive position. At this point, I think I just need to see a list of AD priests who are NOT on a list.

      The angry voices you hear on this blog come from experience and knowledge of the severity of the clergy abuse problem and the on-going cover up for it….we’re all in different places in life.. don’t get offended, be willing to hear challenges to what you know to be true.


    This link is for an exceptional and informative article by Ralph Cipriano from 1998 in NCR. I was unaware of all of the controvery surrounding its publication and the Archdiocesan attempt to block its publication at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Why it is so valuable here is that the article provides an insight into the style, personality, conduct and decision-making of the late Cardinal Bevilacqua as it relates to the management of the archdiocese.

    One of the most revealing facts re Cardinal Bevilacqua relates to his “coat of arms”. Bevilacqua holds degrees in both civil and canon law. He chose for his coat of arms the motto, Finis legis Christus — Christ is the culmination of the law.

    For this writer, if Jesus Christ is the culmination of the law, then my life of faith has been one of hypocrisy and lies.


    1. Michael that is a very interesting insight…….you can take that a few different ways………his approach…… take is if you love like Christ the only law you need is Love your God with your whole heart mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself.

    2. Michael a real eye opener. I believe I read that article at some point on Catholics4Change before thanks for the refresher.

  20. Certainly, there is no way of knowing how the late Cardinal Bevilacqua viewed, understood or lived the principle in his “coat of arms”. I would suggest that the facts and information presented in the 1998 article by Ralph Cipriano concerning Cardinal Bevilacqua indicates that your understanding of the principle that “Christ is the Culmination of the Law” may not be the same as Cardinal Bevilacqua’s.

    Did you read the article referenced by the link in the previous post? It is well worth reading since it provides insight into archdiocesan management decision-making from the 1990’s relative to Church finances and the closing of parishes.

  21. Article from The Washington Post (March 19). This is just vile.

    Lawyers for Philly priests charged with rape say they’ll challenge accusers’ motives at trial

    By Associated Press, Published: March 19AP PHILADELPHIA — Two priests charged with raping boys in the mid-1990s will attack the accusers’ motives when the landmark trial starts next week, their lawyers said Monday.
    The Rev. James Brennan’s lawyer will tell jurors that Brennan’s accuser sought the priest out as an adult when he needed to do court-ordered community service.
    “He could have (gone) to a soup kitchen. Of all places, he seeks out his alleged abuser, Father Brennan,” lawyer William Brennan, who is no relation, argued at a pretrial hearing.
    Defrocked priest Edward Avery’s lawyer will also question his accuser’s motivation at trial. Avery’s accuser had been expelled from an archdiocesan high school at age 14 and began a long battle with drug addiction.
    He disclosed the allegations of abuse — which he said occurred when he was a 10-year-old altar boy — in therapy at age 21. Defense lawyer Michael Wallace plans to argue that the accuser hoped to get revenge for his school expulsion, get money from a related lawsuit and resolve drug-related criminal problems by helping prosecutors.
    Wallace will note that the accuser also lost his grandmother, his closest relative, about the same time he was expelled.
    “He’s hit with a lot of traumas that year. There are alternate reasons for developing a drug habit,” Wallace said. He called the accuser’s motivation and bias “the entire defense.”
    The judge said she would allow both lines of cross-examination.
    However, prosecutors want to be sure the two victims aren’t dragged through the mud. Brennan promised not to do so “for sport.”
    Bringing allegations of child sex assault doesn’t give the defense “a vehicle to bring in every single bad thing the kid ever did,” Assistant District Attorney Patrick Blessington said.
    The third defendant, Monsignor William Lynn, is the first U.S. church official charged with child endangerment for keeping accused priests in ministry.
    Lawyer Thomas Bergstrom argued Monday for the right to remind jurors that Lynn alone is charged with child endangerment in the case even though his memos “are going right up the chain of command” at the archdiocese.
    Those memos include a recently discovered list that Lynn prepared of 35 priests with child sex assault complaints in their files. Lynn prepared the list after becoming secretary for clergy and gave it to Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua in 1994. Bevilacqua ordered it shredded, according to Lynn. The original was found in 2006 in a locked safe at the archdiocese.
    The jury will learn through witnesses presented by both sides that neither Bevilacqua, who died in January, nor other church officials were charged with child endangerment, the felony that Lynn faces. He is also charged with conspiracy and faces up to 28 years in prison if convicted of all counts.
    Blessington argued that the defense shouldn’t be allowed to argue “selective prosecution” and said Monday that other officials could still be charged.
    “This was an archdiocesan-wide policy, which in and of itself was criminal in nature,” Blessington said. “But that does not give them the right to argue that the defendant was hung out to dry, was the patsy, was the fall guy.”
    Also Monday, Common Pleas Judge M. Teresa Sarmina said that Lynn cannot fight the charges on grounds that he was following the advice of church lawyers. Pennsylvania law does not allow an “advice of counsel” defense, she said.
    Six male and six female jurors have been seated for the trial, which starts March 26 and is expected to last three to four months.

    1. 4thechildren….relative to a part of your posting…the abused kids…I posted this on an earlier post and am copying it here…my sympathy for those kids is substantial.

      ‘Lynn, onetime secretary for clergy, pointing fingers at church lawyers and his superiors; his codefendants, former parish priests accused of molesting a boy, portraying their accusers as drug-addled criminals out to make a buck; and prosecutors fighting to limit attacks on witnesses and blunt defense attempts to confuse or distract jurors.’

      We can see where Lynn is going, but the characterization of the raped kids as ‘drug addled criminals’ is ugly.

      I went back and reread the 2011 Grand Jury Report relative to these matters.

      One child was a 10 year old fifth grade altar boy who two priests and a school teacher passed around for oral and anal raping, oral sodomization, et al. This poor kid started vomiting, the docs couldn’t figure out why. He then started using marijuana….

      The second child was groomed from age 9 with lots of that ‘wrestling’ back rubs, sex talk and anally raped at age 14. He suffered depression, dramatic weight loss, drug and alcohol problems and attempted suicide.

      I personally think there is a special place in hell for folks who would blame these poor kids, for the use of drugs after such vile abuse.

      1. As to the notion that the victim abused by Brennan ‘sought him out’ the Grand Jury on page 40 of the 2011 report has quite a different take and here it is:

        Three years after the rape, Father Brennan exposed himself to Mark at a time when Mark’s life was already spiraling out of control.
        While at Assumption B.V.M., Father Brennan once again attempted to engage in grossly inappropriate – and criminal – sexual behavior with Mark. In 1999, when Mark was a 17-year-old student at Archbishop Wood High School, he was required to perform community service as a consequence of a theft he committed to feed his addictions. To meet his community service requirement, he arranged to perform landscaping work on
        The church grounds at Assumption B.V.M., an assignment that he accepted because he anticipated that Father Brennan would be so ashamed of what he had done that he would look the other way if Mark did no real work.

        Mark would later tell an Archdiocesan investigator that, on his fifth or sixth visit to the parish, he found Father Brennan masturbating in a shed with his pants down. Upon seeing Mark, Father Brennan said, “Come here!,” but Mark left the area and never returned to complete his community service. Mark told the investigator that he believed Father Brennan later signed the paperwork certifying that he had completed the required number of hours even though, in fact, he had not come close to fulfilling his obligation.

        When Mark testified before the Grand Jury, he was reluctant to discuss the specific details of this encounter with Father Brennan. He said he could not remember precisely everything that happened. “Because of the trauma,” he said, “my brain won’t bring into context exactly what happened.” Even so, as the investigator hired by the Archdiocese’s lawyers concluded in his own report, “if Mark’s first allegation is deemed credible” – and we have deemed it very credible – “there is no reason to believe he would fabricate the second allegation.”

        Father Brennan was removed from active ministry in 2006, after Mark came forward. His status as a priest remains in limbo pending the results of a prolonged canonical trial.

  22. Senga, it looks to me like you are the one spewing the venom. The rest of us are left to deal with it.

  23. There are many more predatory clergy from Philadelphia Archdiocese still not listed on the above lists, some from the previous grand jury reports. Such as Father DePaoli, who was transferred to NJ because he had already been transferred to too many parts of the archdiocese where his prior acts were not known. So they sent him to my parish which had a very large grammar school.

    There is so much more the good people of Philadelphia have yet to learn and our church leaders are NOT about to tell you. Thank goodness these criminal cases are proceeding, this is the only way Catholics will hear these, long hidden dark secrets, and what we learn is just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t think for a NY minute that this has only occurred in Philadelphia. We just need more law enforcement who are willing to hold these guys accountable. Perhaps they can help officials here in NJ understand what it will take to force the church to clean up this mess, our church continues to sweep under the rug.

  24. What happened to the comments I sent you about an hour ago?? It’s not on your comment area🤔

  25. I have a friend who has recently started to remember sexual abuse in the 50’s . It happened while attending catholic school in 1st and 2nd grade . The abuse was not only the priest but also a nun who would take her to the rectory and leave her there with the priest . The nun would come back for her and then the nun would fondle her and make her do things . My friend blocked all this out . She has been having nightmares and in her night mares she could not make out the faces of her abusers. She is seeing a Psychiatric Dr. He knows of the nightmares and has suggested psychotherapy. She is afraid of what could happen… Any suggestions… We always hear about priests but nuns???

    1. I’m very relieved she is seeking psychiatric help. I would also suggest a support group and neurology exam. Sometimes the mind protects itself by burying traumatic events, and in this case, events a child’s mind couldn’t process. These memories can surface into our subconscious (dreams) and eventually our conscious state. Ignoring them could lead to stress and anxiety health issues. Years ago I did an article for the Living Religion section of The Philadelphia Inquirer on the merits of dream therapy. Every minister, priest and rabbi I interviewed agreed it was valuable to both spiritual and mental health. As for the gender/nun question – statistics tell us there are far fewer female sex offenders, but they exist. Specifically, the case of Eileen Rhoads comes to mind. The former nun was convicted of 2 sex felony crimes against both male and female children. Less rare is that pedophiles find and work together in abusing children.

      1. Thank you Susan . What Would a neurology test do. I must admit to you , the person I’m talking about is me. I am so embaraced and afraid ..I didn’t want to say it was me. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow.! We shall see what happens.!! Thank you so much ..

        1. Hi Josephine, So many people who visit here have gone through your experience and can relate to your fear. Each specialist brings their own perspective. If you’re seeing a psychiatrist rather than a psychologist, then you’ve got your health bases covered. Like a neurologist, psychiatrists are also medical doctors. That’s not to infer there is anything wrong with seeing a psychologist. They too can offer psychotherapy – just not medication or health tests. I hope your appointment goes well and treatment eventually brings you peace. Please know that you are not alone.

        1. Hi Susan !! This is Josephine Short again . How can I read about Eileen Rhoads?? I am not going forth for money . I just want to tell my story..I know there are statures of limitation.. I don’t have the money to do anything even if I could . How can I find out the name of the nun at that time of what I think was involved in the abuse and what I’m holding back . The more I’m talking about it the more it’s coming back.. I know I’m not imagining.. This would explain a lot about me and my anger and health issues not to mention nightmares.. Thanks Susan .

  26. Hi Josephine, Here is a link to an article that was in Inquirer back in 2005.

    Since you are not able to seek any legal recourse, you could call the archdiocesan office that handles victim services at 215-587-3880 or email them at Also, contact the Office of Investigations at 888-930-9010. They may be able to help you recover the name of your abuser. If they won’t or can’t, the internet is your best bet. Search for the school and the year you would have been in first or second grade. Also search for those years and the order of nuns. I hope this helps.

  27. I’m appalled at this document……I’m a survivor from Francis Ferret….. dont worry i only had verbal from him , i dont have a lawsuit. So cool it now, St Peters of Pottstown, get it right St Adalberts in Philadelphia rejected him….please grow up , these monsters hurt my fellow classmates Wow….I am surprised how the church and other denominations get away with this….I have learned to make a positive in this situation… now , God Bless the one less saint we have, bring dogs to school., I, lValerie J Schalata have been trying educate the youth against this any religion….but the Vatican has the funding for all , just like Knights of Templar…

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