Catholics4Change Supporting Victims at Trial Tomorrow

Kathy Kane and I will be at the Philadelphia priest sex abuse trial tomorrow at 9:15 a.m. to support victims who are testifying. They bravely revisit the past and put their personal and professional lives at risk for the truth. As parents seeking protection for our children, we thank them. As citizens seeking justice, we thank them. As Catholics seeking the truth, we thank them.

Criminal Justice Building, 13th and Filbert, Rm. 304 at 9:15.

Remember: No electronic devices. No cell phones.


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  1. I’ll be there either at the morning or afternoon session of court. It’s very important that we show by our presence that we support victims of clergy sexual abuse.

    1. Totally agree with Susan, that ‘As parents, citizens and Catholics’ we REALLY thank these very brave folks for their testimony.

      But, I would add as C4C folks who know James…tomorrow we deeply thank him!! !

  2. St. Michael the Archangel,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
    and do thou,
    O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
    by the power of God,
    thrust into hell Satan,
    and all the evil spirits,
    who prowl about the world
    seeking the ruin of souls. Amen..

      1. If it came down to thrusting into Hell Satan or those members of the clergy and hierarchy who act like him, Michael the Archangel would surely have his hands full! Personally, I think that Michael the Archangel is lifting a lot of weights lately, because the 18th chapter of the Book of Revelation, it tells of “A Great Angel” throwing a “Great Millstone” down on an apostate church built on “7 hills.” In Classical literature, “7 hills” was always the nickname for Rome! Many believe the “Great Angel” is Michael the Archangel. Oh, and by the way, Michael was never a Catholic Angel! There is no mention made of him, by name, in the New Testament; therefore, he shouldn’t be called a saint! His appearance was in one place and one place only: The Old Testament!

      2. Beth, Not just “evil spirits”, but as the late Pope Paul VI said, “the smoke of Satan” himself. It appears that smoke never dissipated.

  3. I will be there to support you tomorrow Billy, the truth will set us both free in room 304.

    1. James@15
      Best of luck tomorrow. My strongest thoughts and prayers will be with you. Stay strong, my friend.

    2. Billy,
      My thoughts and prayers are with you today also. Thank you for bravely testifying. Godspeed Billy.

    3. James and Billy,

      Your truths are the truths of so many others who are unable to speak. Thank you for your bravery and courage.

      With you, and supporting you, in mind, heart and spirit.


    4. James and Billy,

      I am with you in spirit and sending every bit of strength, peace and love to you. You are so brave, your courage is amazing. My family and I thank you. I am sorry I cannot be there today. May you feel encircled by the love, appreciation and support of all those who are with you today.

  4. There once was a bishop named Bransfield
    Who kept all his priests lips tight-sealed
    When all at once to his surprise
    Were revealed his horrible lies
    While he was in Rome with the well-heeled

    There once was a priest named Lynn
    Who committed a terrible sin
    He knew that priests with boys did lie
    But from his lips ne’er came a sigh
    When they did it all over ag’in

  5. Billy and James, I can’t be there with you in court today but you will be in my prayers. Thank you for your courage and your dedication to protecting other children from experiencing what you suffered. May you feel God’s presence beside you and feel His peace in your heart.

  6. I’ll be thinking of all of you. I was so upset when my child came home from school yesterday, and told me about another student (school at Lynn’s parish) who chose to use Lynn as her hero, for a school report. And they proudly posted it in the school hallway. I think I’ve given up on these people. I just can’t understand this kind of ignorance. Nor can I understand a letter from the acting pastor, cautioning parents on their discussions of the abuse cases with the kids, and making mention that there might be more attention in the coming weeks, due to the trial, and the “harsh” media attention. Harsh? It should be harsh in light of what is being exposed. Unbelievable.

    The hero’s are all of you who are going to dredge up so much ugliness in your lives, to make an attempt to see some kind of justice. Please know that those of us who can’t be there physically are with you in spirit.

    1. This is now a cult. They don’t practice Christianity, and they defiantly choose the devil’s side in so many situations, especially the child sex abuse epidemic.

      The good thing is that God gave us the Internet, and permanent proof. A few years from now, those students will look back and see that they were encouraged to believe, and either they will be horrified, or they will become clergy.


      What age are these kids? Are they old enough to read the Grand Jury report, and the transcripts, and understand what happened to children around their age, or are they just getting the brainwashing from priests, teachers and schools?

      1. In the Muslim world, there are undoubtedly schools where children of “radical” Islam parents write that Osama Bin Laden is a hero for being in charge of attacking and terrorizing thousands of his enemies. Here’s the difference between Osama Bin Laden and Msgr Lynn:

        – Bin Laden’s army attacked adults (for the most part). Lynn’s Catholic army attacked children.

        – Bin Laden’s army attacked the enemy. Lynn’s Catholic army attacked the children of his allies.

        – Bin Laden attacked people he truly thought were evil. Lynn’s army attacked a group that everyone knew was completely innocent.

        – Bin Laden attacked us in an effort to prevent a future for our way of life. Lynn’s army attacked the best children who would have helped the future of his own cause and his own allies.

        – None of us (Bin Laden’s enemies) paid for lawyers for Osama Bin Laden. None of us made excuses for his behavior. None of us believed he was innocent once we saw some reasonable evidence.

        And, the worst part is that Bin Laden is a hero to “radical” Muslims. Children in Catholic schools and their parents are more moderate, typical, mainstream Catholics than “radical” ones, and to one school full, Lynn is a hero, and to the priests who gave Lynn a standing ovation at Chaput’s dinner, Lynn is a hero.

        Now tell me who is the enemy, who is evil, who is radical, who is dangerous, and who the real nutcases are.

    2. Are you serious? My pastor said when the last grand jury report came out that the church is in ruin and will not be rebuilt in his time. Sounds like the pastor can’t wrap his head around the fact that Lynn in following orders he committeed not only sins but crimes……..I would leave that church and find one dealing with reality………educate your children and keep them safe………..they need to know even priests can do horribe things and some do……….they should be praying for Lynn that he repents and makes amends……….

    3. …so Deidre, the pastor is imposing his own sort of “gag order” on these parents toward their kids? Marvelous idea in these keep kids in the dark about sex abuse.
      Whoever allowed the child to do a report on Lynn as a hero, doesn’t understand the seriousness of child endangerment shouldn’t be teaching kids.

      These church bullies certainly love silencing people…
      Had to laugh at this funny (but rather R rated) article about the silencing of nuns, linked on Abuse tracker:

    4. Interesting the AD just sent all parents an email letter basically saying they are not going to say anything about the trial that is up to each individual family. I cant copy and paste it for some reason. Anway the letter is not even signed. They can talk about abortion in school but not sex abuse? They almost need to send counselors to the schools like after a school shooting…….

      1. Beth,

        The parents/guardians of AD high school students also received the sme letter. Funny thing is, the AD high school teachers were never told this letter was being sent out. My husband heard about the letter from a fellow AD teacher who also has a child in the AD high school. All AD high school teachers I know have agreed to answer kids’ questions when they are posed and deal directly with this issue when it is raised in the classroom. All high school teachers I know said “the AD has not sent us an edict censoring our discussion of this matter, thus, it is not off the table as far as we are concerned”.

      2. Beth,

        A very, close person to me who is a AD high school theology teacher said this when he learned about this letter that parents received……
        “What!? I have to deliver mandated safe environment lessons every year because the AD won’t bring in trained professionals to deliver these lessons, but parents are receiving a letter saying there will not be discussion about the info uncovered from the trials in the schools—WTF? I can talk about about sex abuse with my students except when it relates to the documented evidence of what the priests have actually done? WTF?!”

      3. >>>>>send counselors to the schools like after a school shooting…….<<<<<
        YES! YES! YES! This staggered disclosure is another source of trauma for the kids, parents and teachers. I am not downplaying the victims' trauma when I say that, by no means am I doing that.
        The staggered disclosure the AD continues to unleash on the parents, children and teachers of the AD is traumatic. It is traumatizing, just like in a family when infidelity or incest is revealed. Damn the AD for doing this!

    5. Deidre,
      The fact they “proudly posted” this report in the school hallway is EXTREMELY worrisome. Lynn is a very bad guy. After 5 weeks of this sickening trial, we know this with certainty.
      Please understand that catholic church has never protected children but, the catholic church does protect rapists/sodomizers/molesters.
      Please take this RED FLAG seriously.

      1. John Richard,
        In very recent months you have shared comments that I strongly agree with. When did you start to piece this mess together? What was your turning point? I’d love to hear how people got to this site and what made them share for the first time. If you don’t want to share, totally fine…I was just curious.

      2. SV,
        First, let me say how much you’ve taught me…specifically with respect to the methodical and systemic grooming process. I was unaware of this demented angle.
        I found C4C from a Jerry Slevin link in NCR. The first time I shared is when I watched the video of the victims. Their stories killed me.
        I confess to being a “news junkie), I was mortified by the 2002 Boston horror stories. The one story that got me laser focused was reading about the sexual attack of a 4 year old by father friendly (Porter). Still in preschool SV! How sick was that.
        I read 3 newspapers everyday, so I remain informed.
        We have 5 kids, this could have happened to them. My older kids spent plenty of time in the catholic church.
        We know attend a non-denominational Christian Church. My wife, a self admitted robocatholic…loves our new Church.
        My only connection to the catholic church is to support and stand with the victims.
        I believe the victims.

    6. Oh Deidre! I don’t know what I would do if I received a letter like that from the pastor! As far as the media, I think they have been very tame in their coverage. If not for this blog and other internet sources, I don’t think I’d know a third about what is going on.

      I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the school to see what they are telling the kids. In our NJ school, according to my 8th grader, they never mention the topic at all.

  7. Thank you, victims and survivors, for speaking up. Too many that were in positions to protect you kept silent for too long. Too many others refuse to speak out now. All of this silence was done to protect the church from scandal, to protect priest’s reputations. And now the hierarchy claims that this trial is “anti-Catholicism” at work. How dare they!? It is the men in the hierarchy who brought scandal. It is they who ruined reputations and destroyed lives of innocent children. It is they that have made members turn on the church and subjected the faithful to scorn. But the victims and survivors, the ones that were not protected, are speaking up and protecting us, including those who still don’t believe they and their children need protection. I am in awe of your courage to face the evil that these men brought on you personally and on us in general. I am disgusted by the hierarchy. I believe the victims.

    1. Cleanstart, Thank you. I speak for all victims and survivors when I say this, we have ALWAYS known the truth, now, we are finally being heard.

  8. Patrick these are elementary/middle school aged kids. No, they are not old enough to understand the full gravity of the situation, nor have they/should they read the GJ reports. However their parents have no excuse. But we have been dealing with this kind of ignorance since last year, when the arrests were first made. But there still remains a culture in this parish and in the faith, that supports Lynn. I suppose it’s easy to delude oneself, when you refuse to read anything, or continue to blame all on the media, etc. The kids are still encouraged to pray for him in school.

    We told our kids the truth. Hopefully, appropriately for each of thier ages. And when our child is asked to pray for Lynn in school, I say that he should be prayed for. The victims should be prayed for. The truth should be prayed for the truth. This man is not the sole problem here, but at the very least he contributed to the suffering of many. And for that, he should own up to his portion in it. Personal, moral responsibility. The very things we think or try to teach our own children every single day. Everyone makes mistakes, and often we all fail. But to fail the innocent kids that have suffered from this kind of abuse, is inexcusable. And for those who knew things, and continued to put kids in harms way? That’s a hero? I don’t think so.

    1. Deidre, it’s hard to understand your parish’s ‘culture’ of denial. And to promote schoolwork extolling Lynn seems almost unbelievable.

      What will these guys do if/when Lynn is convicted?

      Sounds like you are doing a very decent job with your kids,,,but I am sure it is NOT easy.

    2. Praising the pedophile protectors is a satanic cult practice. God never let’s Satan get too smart.

      In 5-10 years, those kids will read the grand jury report, and will look back on what this cult of priests, teachers and parents taught them, and in an epiphany of clarity, they will realize this isn’t God’s church.

      1. He wrote fiction on satantic rituals and sexaul perversion in the church but in interviews he said alot of it was based on facts, He was an advisor to I believe three popes and an excorcist.

    3. I so agree Deidre, Anyone can forgive a mistake. But these were not “mistakes” of Lynn’s. These were covert, pre-planned, deliberate tactics designed to favor the institution and the pedophiles Lynn was in charge of.
      And everyday that Lynn woke up and went to his job, he made a choice to disregard the pain and damage he caused to the children in his path.
      As I said above, any teachers at this point in the trial, who hold Lynn up as a hero, are either stupid or they’re shamelessly comfortable with child endangerment– Either way they’re not fit to teach and supervise children in a school.They need to go.

  9. To all those who will testify today, I salute you, I support you, I bless you, I thank you. God is with you. We are all praying for you.
    To all those who are there to support them, thank you so much for bearing witness. I am with you in spirit. To all the victims, you are my hero. God be your strength. I am praying.

  10. No, it’s not easy. It’s downright confounding. But our child thrives and is happy here. The teachers of this school are really quite good. Why should we go away, because of these horrible acts of abuse? I have my eyes and ears open. It’s much like this site. Do you find another religion, or do you try to purify the one your in?

    In fairness, this school project, wasn’t specifically about Lynn being a hero. It probably was a project about who you think is a hero,and this child (or their parents) came up with Lynn. I actually feel sorry for all of these kids. This man was a part of their daily school life for several years. It’s terribly confusing, distressing for all of them, no matter what side of the issue their parents are on.

    And interestingly enough I actually agree with some censor on the part of the parish and school, with respect to the children. But, oddly enough, it was during a meeting last year that my husband I had had with both this ‘acting pastor’ and the school principal after several incidents involving our older child surrounding her innocent observations of Lynns arrest on social media, that we had to explain to them what we felt the job of the church/school should be regarding the kids. That was to remain neutral with them. Not pushing prayer for Lynn, telling them what they were hearing were lies on the part of the Catholic hating media, having teachers or aides call out kids in class/lunchroom for comments made on social media, etc. Yes, this went on.

    What I found offensive about his letter was 1. the use of the word “harsh” with respect to the media, and the kind of attention it can draw (possibly to the parish I’m guessing he’s referring to) in weeks to come. What other kind of attention but “harsh” could there be with this kind of subject matter? 2. This is the same man who told me in the parish meeting, regarding the abuse/arrest, that no one cared about this issue any longer…move on. I guess a few people still care, huh?

    The letter was peppered with alot of other words, too. You know, the kind of stuff that sounds good. This is where I reamian completely skeptical. It’s just hard to have to recieve advise from someone who, arrogently only a year ago, was thinking all of this was a non-issue. No only arrogant, but extremely naive, in my opinion.

    1. Deidre, next to my mom, the woman who influenced me most, as a kid was my best friend’s mom, a nationally recognized media person, and we have many other media connections in our family.

      I think kids really need to understand the medias role in providing necessary information that protects our constitutionally guaranteed way of life.

      Is the media always right, no, do they go too far sometimes, yes. Is the Holy Spirit involved in a 24/7 media exposé of abuse. I think so.

      Without the Boston Globe, and subsequently US media, and then worldwide media, we could still be back in the incredible ‘pre knowledge’ days of rampant child abuse.

      The notion that the media is ‘harsh’ or anti catholic begs the issue of Truth, exposed. To accurately report the Philly trial data, is the professional job of professional media. To read and understand these matters is the public’s responsibility. Conclusions drawn from the data are the individual business of the reader.

      I don’t think Lynn’s comments deserve a response.

    2. Diedre,
      I understand what you are saying. I am concerned because this is a teachable moment and they are not taking advantage of it. They were raping kids not adults. Kids need to know age appropriately what is going on. My husband said no one ever told him to tell an adult if somethiing happens. We had two pedophile priests at my grade school growing up…….I look back and say God I wish I could have kept my friends safe……’s sad ………reality is there are people that do bad things even to kids………..if we dont inform them they are like lambs to the slaughter…….you are dealing with it………….I think some of the parents need an intervention so they can keep their kids safe. If the AD was on the ball they would send in counselors to deal with the denial educate and break the silence and taboo and in doing so create a safer environment….. if that too much to ask after all the suffering they have caused?

      1. By the way Adam Walsh made a good kid safety video. My kids watched it serveral times. Bottom line I tell my kids anyone touches your private parts tell us…….if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable trust your gut and stay away from them and tell us also. My brothers didn’t feel comfortable around two priests ……..guess what they turned out to be pedophile priests……. nothing happened to them thank God……but back then as kids we did not know priests could do such horrible things to the kids we went to schooll with.

      2. As a kid, we were taught about Stranger Danger and not to get in cars of strangers or help strangers find their lost puppy. We were never cautioned to cautious of people we knew. Priests were always put on pedestals and so were the nuns, doctors, poicemen, etc.. When I told my parents about situations that were inappropriate, they would chuckle and say I was being ridiculous. Not so, as it turns out I had encounters with 3 men who were later found to be pedophiles.

        Kids do need to be taught at an age appropriate level, but they sure as heck need more info that we were taught. I agree with you Beth, we had priests at the parish when I was a kid who were pedophiles. I wonder about how my classmates were effected.

        As far as the AD sending in counselors, I would say, “No Thanks!” If hired by the AD, they would be prejudice and most likely advised how to counsel the children. Observant, wise parents or private counselors would be a better option.

    3. Deidre, it sounds like that parish is a microcosm of the RCC. Any enlightened principal and teachers must find themselves in quite a conflict of interest right now.

  11. Deidre, is there any way you could scan and post or provide a link to the letter that was sent out by the replacement pastor at St. Joseph’s re the “harsh treatment”, the news media and the criminal trial? I think it is very important to have it available for all to see the content, detail and particulars of the message sent by the pastor to the families, children and members of the parish.

  12. Is this why they don’t sign anything anymore? They don’t want to be held accountable for what they are telling the people? If it flies, then they can take credit, and if it doesn’t, they can pass it off.

    Very important to document everything. Keep copies of everything!

    1. s.w. In our diocese, I found out that the teachers were told to put nothing in writing. Of course, this was never announced to the parents. It really irritates me because communication is horrendous, worse than ever! I can’t even get a single reply to an email.

  13. Yes, the letter is on the school website. It might look perfectly fine to some, but my interpretation has a history behind it. What I wish I had in writting were some of the comments made at the parish meeting and in private. Yet what actually gets written down, is always carefully constructed. And I agree with all the comments regarding child safety. It’s the reason why I chose to tell my kids some of the more unpleasant details. Secrecy is how we got where we are now.

  14. From Church Bulletin, April 22, 2012

    St. Joseph’s Church
    Downingtown, PA

    Parish Staff

    Phone: 610-269-8294
    Fax: 610-269-2487

    Rev. William J. Smith,
    Rev. Msgr. Robert T. McManus
    Pastor Emeriti

    Rev. Msgr. William J. Lynn

    Rev. Msgr. Joseph C. McLoone
    Parochial Administrator

    1. Beth,
      Is the letter on the St. Joe’s school site the same letter that you received–just tailored with your parish info?

    2. Thanks for the ‘letter link’

      I read it twice and found it a conflicted piece of work.


      1.The letter starts off with the AB’s pastoral quote about a committent to help the abused, provide a safe environment, and “COOPERATE WITH CIVIL AUTHORITIES” ( would that had been the the Archdiocese’s agenda during the last 70 years.BEFORE they were required by law to do so.

      2. The letter mentions the current trials and future suspended priests announcements and bemoans the media attention.

      3. The letter notes that no info regarding trials or suspended priests will be available from church sources..’…to reinforce our protective partnership as we navigate under the harsh but unavoidable media attention.’ (Right….this worldwide media attention on a ‘landmark case’ has a LOT to do with the last 70 years in Philly in YOUR CHURCH! )


      4. Parents and Guardians are advised that ‘not all information has to be shared with children’ ( As if parents need to be told how to parent…how insulting).

      5. And parents are to address these issues with their own children, but not with other folk’s kids ( intrusive, insulting. And frankly none of the Archdiocese’s business).

      6.Parents should discuss abuse issues with their kids…(see former comments).

      THEN A GENERIC A UNCLEAR STATEMENT ABOUT THE GENERAL PIOUS HANDLING OF THESE ISSUEs WITH A VERY CONFUSING COMMENT ABOUT ‘admitting failure and asking forgiveness’. ( who failed, who needs forgiveness)

      A pathetic effort that probably reflects the chancery office chaos.

      1. Joan, your number 4 is what sent me over the edge when I read the letter.I fully expected that a letter of this type would be distributed at some point…but parenting advice? The arrogance is simply unbelievable. I don’t need parenting advice from an organization currently on trial for rampant abuse and cover up.
        And I agree about it being very confusing with the admitting failure and asking me it read like I (laity) was included in needing to do this. While I have no problem apologizing to victims.. I refuse to be included in the failure and forgiveness of the AD letter…I didn’t abuse children or cover up….leave me out of that sentence!

      2. Kathy, a couple more thoughts on that letter.

        A religious institution that is at the epicenter of international attention for its 70 year history of gross abuse of innocent children, both raping and sodomizing these kids, and as we learn daily covering up these crimes and passing on predator priests, generally with a 20 year ‘lag’ between the first complaints and the final disposition…has a huge amount of nerve in sending such a pathetic communication to anyone.

        But it’s so typical….no remorse, just ‘instructions’ as to what the laity should do, what the church won’t do and a castigation of the media.

        Dear God…that letter should be a huge wake up call to parents in the pew.

  15. Interesting wording in the 4th paragraph of letter from pastor…Exactly WHO’S failings and moral growth is he talking about?

    1. I am sure they can’t wait til school has ended and the trial is over and then they dont have to deal with or explain anything………..

      1. Time for those in leadership from the old Archbishop hood to be replaced with people that can look at evil and deal with it. I am in not way saying it is easy…….it is messy and painful but well worth the souls of our children……..


    Cooperate appropriately with the civil authorities…
    Harsh and unavoidable media coverage…

    Are you kidding me? The above lines appear in the first paragraph of the letter. Maybe “they” (AD of Phila) are afraid the parents will tell the truth… Come on now, after what we have heard and read in the past five weeks how could one trust a anyone associated the church (this had to be said)…I find the fact that Lynn headed and lived in a parish only a short distance for Saint John Vianney Center (which is owned and operated by the AD of Phila) were these evil men supposedly dealt with their problems, absolutely insane.. What I truly find even more idiotic is the fact that the Pew Sheep still put money in the basket. As a reminder a significant portion of your weekly gift goes downtown to the AD so you are supporting the defense. Don’t believe me, ask for an account of the dollars….This whole thing is just creepy…

  17. Beth,
    Thanks for responding to my question about the letter.

    This letter sent to parents is a FORM LETTER created by someone from 222.
    Several individual parishes/schools tweaked the letter so that it reads as a personal letter from a parish’s individual pastor, DRE and principal. However, please note that it is not a letter written by the individual pastors, DREs or principals. The AD directed the local parishes/schools to send the letter to parents. The AD wrote this letter!!

      1. We received it too from my children’s principal. The AD made all of the principals and Religious Ed directors send the same letter signed from themselves. It’s a “hush it up” letter, in a nutshell.

    1. Unquestionably an AD letter!

      The letter is about the AD maintaining appearance and controlling the damage. It’s about salvaging the next generation of Catholics by keeping them in the dark or minimizing the magnitude of the crisis. We are to be silent but, if we can’t, we are to minimize the sickness of it (unlike the relentless media that blows it out of proportion). Don’t worry, the schools, too, will keep the children in the dark. A nice, hush-hush “pact” between the AD, parents and teachers. While all of this is purportedly for the well being of children, it has the secondary effect of keeping parents sedated and non-reactionary at a time of epic crisis.

      1. Hadit,

        Did you see Deidre’s earlier post? A grammar school girl wrote a paper about Lynn being a hero. The school posted it in the hallway. What an important teachable moment wasted. You can’t make these things up.

      2. Yes, JR, I did read Deidre’s post. I was horrified. Is it so that the child is a parishioner in Lynn’s parish?

      3. It troubles me on several levels.
        If her parents helped her choosing this hero. They had better educate themselves on Lynn real quick.
        The administration, but allowing this report to be posted in the hallway…tacitly supports Lynn and his crimes.
        I hope her parents, teacher, or someone from the school explain to this little girl to remain vigilant and aware.
        This “blinders” on hero stuff, makes me uneasy.

      4. JR, we’ve seen over and over again in this trial parents who were more willing to protect and defend their friendships and emotional relationships with errant priests, than protect their children.

        Imagine, parents conducting their lives in ways that make their children vulnerable. Shocking, dysfunctional and pathetic.

  18. Hadit,
    I had the same word run through my head as I was reading it. Not just the letter, but the first page of how to nutrure vocations.


    1. Indoctrination –
      Religious indoctrination, the original sense of indoctrination, refers to a process of imparting doctrine in an authoritative way, as in catechism. Most religious groups among the revealed religions instruct new members in the principles of the religion; this is now not usually referred to as indoctrination by the religions themselves, in part because of the negative connotations the word has acquired. Mystery religions require a period of indoctrination before granting access to esoteric knowledge. (cf. Information security)

      1. No, WR, not that kind of indoctrination.

        Cult indoctrination. Mind manipulation and mind control.

  19. After sitting in the courtroom and listening to “Billy’s” testimony today, I am physically ill. I could’ve heaved my guts up 10 times easy. We recessed for lunch and eating was about the last thing I could thing about. The thought of eating even now churns my stomach. I hope the inmates at whatever prison Avery is currently in can have access to a copy of today’s testimony.

    When you were 10 years-old Billy, I wish I could’ve been there for ya pal. If I had been there, you wuld not have been sitting on that witness stand today and I would probably be in prison for murder.

    F#cking scumbags take our souls. They should’ve just f#cking killed us! They would’ve been doing us and themselves a favor.

    If you are reading this Billy, you can contact me anytime you need to talk

    I never met Billy and I’m 13 years old than him, we were abused by two different priests in two different schools and yet that kid told “most” of my story. I’m glad it didn’t go any further for him. I’m glad he didn’t have to put up with the shit I had to deal with. Hopefully, since he’s still pretty young, he’ll have some time to figure things out and live a much more productive life than I have.

    Hopefully these scumbags pay for what they did to us, because they deserve hell!

    1. Rich,
      Below was from an earlier discussion. I wanted to be there yesterday but I was sick. Today I didnt have a sitter. I am glad you were able to support Billy and James today. Evil is evil. I don’t know what to even say to you…….I wish I could take your suffering away……

      1. I don’t know I got to think about it. If I could find a good video/production team I would fund something like that within reason. I am always looking for ways to bring good out of evil and you seem to be a good writter and know alot about grooming……

      2. Beth, if you and v4j decide to do it, let me know, and I can help. The most important things you need to know are:

        1) you don’t need a production crew. You need a $60-200 camcorder, decent lighting (which you can get from 2 $10 lights at Staples) and clear sound

        2) how to market it, which I can help with

        3) sooner is better than perfect

    2. Rich,

      Was there anything about attending the trial, today, that helped you in your recovery? Or did it set you back? Or neither?

      1. It set me back…. way back! You can’t hear these stories over, and over, and over and somehow think it’s going to help you on your own journey. If that actually works for anybody, all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!

  20. Victims need to be heard and supported to heal and many times part of this healing proces includes seeking justice in court. You would be amazed how when you mention you are involved with trying to support survivors……….how many survivors and family members of survivors reveal themselves to you all you have to do is start the converstaion but many including the AD are afraid to start that conversation. They don’t want to know how bad it was or that there are more victims………how are we suppose to help the victims heal if we don’t talk about it and don’t know who they are? How are we to protect and inform our children if the parents and schools and church are too uncomfortable to talk about reality? The reality is if we dont give them age appropriate information they are easier targets. If they were targets of grooming by any of the suspened priests they might not understand what happened to them. So start the conversation.By demonstrating our unwillinglingness to talk about this tough issue we are modeling avoidance…….advoidance is not how you stop child abuse or help the victims heal……..talking and support is……..

  21. I was at the trial today and I will never be the same. To hear these 2 courageous men tell their stories both touched me and horrified me in ways I can not even put into words. My husband asked me tonight at the dinner table with my children if there was anything I wanted to share about my day. I told my family that I witnessed today the testimony of two of the most courageous men I have ever been in the presence of. As a mother of school aged children, my heart was torn apart hearing Billy’s words of truth about his experience as a precious 10 year old little boy spoken so honestly and bravely. James did the same, sharing his experiences with complete openness and honesty as well.If either of you are reading this, I want to thank you for doing what you did today and I want you to know that you have my admiration and my prayers and I know that you have the same from many others as well. I also will continue to pray that this jury may truly see what happened here and do the right thing by presenting guilty verdicts so that justice, healing, and protection of children may start to happen.

    1. Two very courageous men telling their truth so that children will be protected. Court was crowded today,more media than usual. Many spectators also,survivors,family members, supporters. Where I sat I saw both Billy and James enter the back of the room and walk towards the stand..and all I could think about was both the bravery and grace these men possessed as they made that walk to be sworn in and speak their truth. I sat with Jackie and Susan and listened to testimony that literally tears a mother’s heart into shreds. I thought also of the survivors who came to support and again am amazed at the bravery and grace exhibited.

    2. Jackie,

      What a caring, thoughtful and wise mother you were to attend the trial and share your experience at the dinner table this evening. In doing so, you honored the truth and bravery of James and Billy, and you truly modeled for your children the compassionate way.

      Thank you… and to your husband as well.

      I find the events in Jackie’s family life today to be so clear-headed and hopeful.

  22. hadit, I had to reflect on how Jackie’s actions stand in stark contrast to the AD letter with helpful hints on how to “handle” the trial. I guess they forgot that not only will we read the news,watch every news account..we will also speak about it to friends, family, neighbors,coworkers…the world. A few people from various parishes/schools contacted me about receiving the letter,most didn’t make it past the first paragraph without then locating the nearest trash can to dispose of it.

    1. What does the AD know about children and families??? From where does their expertise come? Really, their self-serving and manipulative tactics verge on absurd. Thank god people are reading between the lines.

      Kathy, I’m confused. How many victims testified today? I just read Cipriano’s piece. He only writes about the physician-victim. I was under the impression that two victims testified today.

      1. hadit. there is a seismic shift going on in the Archdiocese.I sometimes mention things that are not related to abuse and do not do this in any way to minimize..rather just to point to the change in the mentality of the laity of refusing to any longer be treated like children. When the teachers went on strike in September and the AD refused mediation,parents organized and went to the media. When the schools closing were announced..schools and parishes organized and went to the media. Even the most recent case of the young girl who was banned from her prom at a local Archdiocesan high school..she responded by going to the media. The hold is being broken.

  23. I am sorry I was not in court to support these heroic young men today. However, they were lifted up in prayer at Mass in Sudbury MA. I can’t understand how Lynn can listen to the testimony day after day and not be so overcome with pain for these victims, that he doesn’t stand and shout for it all to stop, admit his guilt, and beg forgiveness. I continue to pray each day for justice.

  24. Kathy, Wow.
    I couldn’t get past the second paragraph. This scumbag father friendly told this poor kid “this is what God wants”. I am ready to puke.

      1. V4J,
        It is absoluting diabolical then people wonder why some victims despair and no longer believe in God. This Satan’s work not the will of God. I am so sorry V4J.

  25. Hearing about a 10 year-old boy being sexually abused doesn’t exactly help further my own recovery in any way, shape, or form. This kid (Billy) described many of the same things my abuser did and said to me, and I couldn’t help but think all day after his testimony, that if I had come forward sooner, maybe I could’ve blown this thing wide open and somehow saved that kid from that hell. He could be walking around just like everybody else today, but instead he’s walking around like me and thousands of other people I know who were abused as children.

    The last thing I had to eat was a glazed doughnut at 9:00 this morning. It’s now nearly 10pm and I can’t imagine eating anything at all. I keep seeing that kid’s picture in my head, from when he was 10 years-old and he was being “raped.” I keep repeating his words over and over in my brain. His abuse occurred less than 2 miles away from where my own abuse occurred eight years earlier. It’s easy for me to get inside of this kid’s head and to know what he was feeling, because I have felt all of those things too.

    I don’t feel good about myself today, and I feel like, if anything at all, Billy’s testimony stunted my own healing process. The fact is I have tremendous heartfelt empathy for that kid and I can’t even being to describe my level of sadness. The worst is seeing a photograph of that innocent and defenseless little boy and then listening as a priest, a grown man, orally raped him and ejactulated on him. I can think of nothing worse than childhood sexual abuse.

    Billy was afraid if he told anyone about the abuse that he wouldn’t be believed. I BELIEVE YOU, Billy.

    (No disrespect to “James” and his testimony. He did a great job also, and he was betrayed just as we all were. I have equal emapthy for James, but Billy’s testimony brought me back to my childhood again. Not many people can do that if I don’t want them to. Today, I didn’t have a choice.)

    1. I am really getting annoyed with the thumbs down person. Who in his right mind can give a victim a thumbs down for expressing how he feels? I am praying God teaches you some compassion ………….

      1. I have to add if I go to confession and adoration lately God has been pretty good about answering my prayers:)

      2. The thumbs down person fights the victims, and doesn’t care about their feelings, because they could jeopardize company money. They could be from a Catholic priest or a Catholic follower, but not from a Christian.

      3. Beth,
        I am with so with you. Thumbs down to the victims is just hurtful.
        I actually get pissed off when someone thumbs down Vicky’s posts.

  26. Beth,
    Kudos to your parish for not bowing to the AD and rewriting the letter sent to parents as if it came from your parish pastor, principal and DRE. At least your parish did not try to veil the
    fact the letter was a ploy from the AD.
    What pisses me off though is the number of principals, pastors and DREs who tweaked it to read as if it came from the individual parish pesonnel, signed the letter with their names, and never informed the teachers about the content of this letter. What a bunch of drones!

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