Disclaimer on use of Catholics4Change url

Organized efforts and information posted in the comments section are not endorsed by Catholics4Change.com. We welcome and appreciate the sharing of information, but Kathy and I can only endorse information we’ve formally approved and placed within a blog post. While we are thrilled about any efforts to protect children, the use of our web site link on other publications, printed matter or digital spaces should not be viewed as our endorsement or sponsorship.

We encourage readers of this site to protect themselves legally when distributing information regarding alleged abusers.

Kathy and I strive for complete accuracy and appreciate all your comments and hard work.

5 thoughts on “Disclaimer on use of Catholics4Change url

  1. Susan, I’m a little confused. Are you able to shed any light on the circumstances which led to the “Disclaimer on use of Catholics4Change url?” If you’re or others are being pressured by any entity(ies), what exactly is going on?

    1. Jerry, no pressure from anyone,we just need to clarify ,we are a forum not a dues paying group of any kind. People are free to share info concerning vigils,protests etc… but that does not mean those activities are endorsed or sponsored in any way by C4C .

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