Lyme Disease and Other Lies

Click here to read: “Philly priest trial: Witness says parish was told Pa. priest had Lyme disease,” by MaryClaire Dale, Associated Press, The Delco Times, May 7, 2012

Excerpt: “Roman Catholic parishioners were told their priest had to leave his church in 1992 because he had Lyme disease, even though his removal actually came after an altar boy’s fondling complaint, a witness testified Monday.”

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    1. John, the behavior of some lawyers does not diminish the crimes that got these clergy members to court in the first place. Our justice system’s civil law is built on financial awards to the harmed – whether it’s a traffic accident or child sex abuse. These lawyers were doing their job. If only the defendants had been doing their job – representing Jesus.

      1. Remember – its your living room. You don’t have to leave unrelated comments by disrespectful trolls who fly by, leave an unrelated comment, try to sell books about the innocence of admitted pedophile priests, etc

        They don’t help the conversation.

      2. Good SOLs news in Hawaii..

        Hawaii Opens Window for Survivors, Victims Respond
        Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

        Posted by Joelle Casteix on May 07, 2012

        Last month, Hawaii officials made their state safer for children by enacting a law that will help expose dangerous child predators. The measure creates a two-year civil window for victims of child sexual abuse and opens the courthouse doors to dozens of victims who, until now, were denied justice. It also means that at least some child molesters – and any colleagues or supervisors who helped them hide their crimes – may be publicly exposed as the wrongdoers they are.

        No amount of money can make up for a lost childhood. But when victims are allowed to use the tried-and-true civil justice system to name sex offenders, uncover cover ups, get secret records and provide valuable evidence to law enforcement, children are safer and victims can heal. In California and Delaware, hundreds of perpetrators were exposed and thousands of pages of evidence of abuse and cover-up helped police begin investigations and make arrests.

        Simply put, this is a pro-victim, anti-crime law.

        Posted by Kathy Shaw at 8:23 AM

    2. John Ventorino, does your friend Dave Pierre take the money and run as he tries to profit off books about pedophile priests from his site “themediareport”?

      New readers should realize that themediareport, Dave Pierre, and a few friends of his distort the truth and push his books on his website. Among other things, Dave Pierre is pals with one of the 220 known Boston pedophile priests, Fr Macrae, who ADMITTED to having sex with 3 of the 10 children that accused him. Macrae is a convicted child rapist, and is now doing 30-60 years in prison for it.

    3. What a disgusting place on the other end of that link! Shame on you for leading me there!

    4. If the church had done the right thing and protected children there would be no need for attorneys.

      1. Alas, as the saying goes, ” if the fox hadn’t stopped to look at a rooster, he would have caught the hen..”What ifs” are no good anymore. We know !

        The fox is in sheeps clothing.and will get the little ones, one WAY OR other, if We here on WARTH DON’T DO SOMETHING FAST!

    5. When the RCC is spent down to the point that people like Lynn are represented by a Public Defender, then I’ll be satisfied that enough money has been extracted from that organization.

      1. Yup, drwho13- It’s the ONLY way this mess ever ends. When the AD spends every cent of our money…when there are no legal defense teams, no PR firms, no possibility of insurance coverage, no hush money… no money for P&P facilities…When it’s flat broke, then this institution will seem more like a church.


      I believe he blames the Church and the lawyers. Still don’t get the pain the victims are feeling from both the church and the legal system – do you?. The comments on this site are for the many hurt by the abuse that has and continues to happen. Only by legal means could the victims tell their stories as they are and have in the courts in Boston, Philly and LA. The AD just transferred the priests from one parish to another exposing more Catholics to their violence.

      The site is for Catholics who want to change their church. The anger you refer to is what happens when the RCC doesn’t protect the Children that Jesus loves.

    7. John Ventorino,

      You stated, “PS SNAPPY JUDY… here’s my last name…Ventorino”

      Is your last name in anyway important to Judy, or anyone else? Or, are you trying to establish a ‘name’ for yourself, along the lines of say, ‘Donohue’?

      Please enlighten me as to why your last name is of any significance. Are you a ‘major player’ we all should be aware of, or are you just coming onto the scene?

  1. John,
    I don’t know why anyone would be shocked by the fees attorneys charge for their work? It is a profession. The attorneys are hired to do a job, they put a lot of time and effort into it…and it paid off with a $600 million + settlement. They get a percentage of it. Quit whining that victims HIRE attorneys to take their case. It’s business. Not everyone in business is ethical either.

    The bottom line: Priests raped kids and their superiors lied about it, which means victims needed to hire attorneys to get the “moral leadership” to tell the truth.

    If you had a basement full of sewage and called a clean up crew, would you not pay them to do the job? They know they are going to make their money off your disgusting basement…but they know what it takes to clean it up and they will be paid.

    In your land of fairies and unicorns, we should all work for free.

  2. …Lawyers settle cases and take a fee? I think they should work for free…like you probably do, John V.
    This is a great distraction from the real issues.— perhaps the most effective distraction the AD and its enablers use ….It seems to work especially well on the older generation.

    1. SW… if Kathy is at the trial, I don’t see her. I think she’s coming on Wed.
      If you were present today, you’d MAJORLY be rolling your eyes and seeing through all of it.
      You’re with me in spirit, SW!

      1. My mistake…yes, Kathy will be there tomorrow. Sentiments are the same…wish I was there, but glad I am there in spirit.

        If you get time, can you give us your take on the experience?

    2. I have been there regularly and I am not surprised by the despicable conduct of the hierarchy whose only purpose is to keep the catholic customers in the pews so donations can continue. I am outraged that the catholic customers have failed to understand they are being duped by these scheming criminals and only when it is understood that this is not about religion or the church but those evil men who have invaded the church will the church be saved! Until now those that hide behind the catholic religious institution have not been answerable to anyone , law(s) , government or country and they have literarily gotten away not only with soul murder but murder as well . I continue to ask myself how can they sleep at night with this knowledge and how can the Harrisburg Politicians continue to support these evil men ?

  3. For those who thought my posting was unrelated…. I respectfully disagree… it’s all related. these lawyers are using all this to get money… money is not justice. We all want justice… but it has become nothing but a circus and as excuse to bash the Church….

    Someone on here wrote: “It’s the ONLY way this mess ever ends. When the AD spends every cent of our money…when there are no legal defense teams, no PR firms, no possibility of insurance coverage, no hush money… no money for P&P facilities…When it’s flat broke, then this institution will seem more like a church.”

    Sorry crystal lady… it’s not the ONLY way. your words sound like the words of a modern day Judas…. don’t spend the money on Jesus, that was his complaint, i.e caring for the poor, educating children, taking care of the elderly, running parishes, nursing homes, soup kitchens, shelters for abused money and neglected children, etc, etc ….This is where the money of the Church goes!!! It goes to serve Jesus who is in these people and the so called “church’s money” goes to support the works of the Church in the service of Christ and his people. I ask you… who will suffer if the “Church” gets sued??? Who???? Innocent people who had nothing to do with this scandal!

    You people speak about forgiveness and about justice, but all I hear is agenda ridden anger and constant dissatisfaction with Church teaching, and an obsession with taking money away from the Church … the lawyers don’t go after abuse in other religions, or in the public sphere… they are obsessed with suing the” Catholic Church”… when was the last time any other group made the news everyday for weeks? They are targeting the Church!…

    justice is good … but anything else is pure and simple abuse of the Church as a whole.

    Those in need will suffer… not those who covered up abuse or the accused parties either… they’ll get a mere 2-5 year fluffy prison sentence. THINK people about the kind of justice you are proposing! Go after the people who committed these crimes and stop attacking the Church!!!!

    1. You’re a classic Catholic troll.

      Fly by a site and make a disparaging comment about the victims of child rape. That’s what you trolls do, as instructed by the Catholic League and bishops.

      However, you are lying, just like Msgr Lynn in this article.

      You don’t want justice. You want money. You want big churches. Otherwise, you would have insisted that every victim that came forward got an unlimited budget for therapy. No cash, just therapy, and as much as they would need.

      However, you don’t want them to have therapy because that would cost money and you might have to sell some of your big, empty churches.

      You are doing just What Satan Would Do.

    2. Civil lawsuits expose predators . In Pa. many people having nothing to do with the Catholic church are fighting for SOL reform, specifically the 2 year window legislation. My friend Tammy,who is NOT catholic was raped from the ages of 5- through 9 years old by a NON Catholic family member. She has never been catholic–nothing to do with the Church. She was in her 20’s when she discovered that some of her cousins also had been abused…like most victims of child sex abuse children think they were the only one. Tammy and her family just missed by a few months, the ability to prosecute the family member. The family member even admitted to the crimes and he simply lives his life however he wants with any access to children and no criminal record.
      Criminal statutes cannot be enforced retroactively..a civil suit is often the only recourse. I have yet to meet a victim who would choose a lawsuit over seeing their perp lead away in handcuffs…it is a reality. So when I think of Tammy trying to keep children in her community safe by exposing her family member in a civil case……abuse that has nothing to do with the catholic church…I really can’t explain to her that the Church does good work and if the SOL reform went through ,that could be damaging to the church’s pocketbook . She is fighting to keep children protected,probably the most noble of all causes. And we have received support from both the Jewish and Episcopal community who also do good work, but I guess either do not have widespread cover up they fear being exposed or value children over their pocketbooks. Civil actions name perps as was the case in California with 300 child predators now known to the public…you can’t put a price tag on that..

    3. John,
      It’s clear you love your Church and definitely have some ideas about how things should not be going for the RCC. Would you be willing to share how you think this all should be happening?

      You can count me in on the numbers of people who are dissatisfied with how the Church has handled the sexual abuse of their most innocent. I don’t challenge Church teaching and I’m not obsessed with taking money away from the Church. I am a huge supporter of parishioners paying attention to what is going on around them…so they can choose Him above everything else.

      John…when was the last time any other group made the news everyday for weeks? I can think of quite a few. Sadly, we will probably disagree, but the RCC created this mess. They taught the victims to sue…they taught the victims that the only way to have the truth come out so other children would be protected was to go to the media. The victims who came forward decades ago never wanted the media involved. But, when they learned the hierarchy (they trusted) had lied to them about not returning abusive priests to ministry, they went to them again and again…and the hierarchy lied to them again and again. In order to protect other children, the victims were telling anyone who would listen…and no one would…until the media showed up. Now the Church blames the media? You can’t have it both ways. Tell the truth and the media will go away…there will be nothing interesting about a Church telling the truth. But, there is a story when the very entity charged with moral authority, on a quest for “religious freedom,” lies about raping kids. They are in the news everyday because they CHOSE to be…and then act like they are victims. They aren’t.

      John…what should a victim do now?

    4. 1. We don’t know where the Church’s money is going due to a lack of transparency. How much has been spent in settlements, lawyer’s fees to defend abusers, and to lobby against changes to SOL laws?
      2. The majority of us here are Catholics… not here to bash the RCC bc it is Catholic, but to hold it accountable and effect change in the RCC. Hence the name of this blog. This is a call for change from within.
      3. Lawyers get paid… on both sides of the court. The diocesan lawyers have also been busy making $.

      1. Yes Laura you are right about lawyers getting paid on both sides of the court. Each time I have been to the trial and see Msgr Lynn’s 4-5 person legal team I think of how the money could have put to use with the schools, the poor . If the Church had just protected children there would be no lawyers to pay,no settlements to reach and most importantly fewer children harmed.

    5. John, I am a very strong supporter of the good the church has done in those many places you just listed…and I have been personally involved in those ‘good works’.

      But the problem I see with the sexual abuse of innocent children is that such abuse is a crime, some call it soul murder.

      If the church is committing crimes, then there is, I believe, a PRIMARY responsibility in justice for meaningful restitution. And I believe that that ‘restitution’ must be made BEFORE other ‘good works’. And if sadly that means that finances for other good works are circumscribed, then so be it.

      The example I often use is that I could have a glorious record of personal charity….but if I commit a major crime, am convicted etc…then I must serve time BEFORE, ie make restitution BEFORE I return to my personal acts of charity.

    6. John, ..yes, your last line……. The men who committed these crimes against children have unlimited power and money –OUR money –and they’ve used it to protect molesters of children and to dodge justice for decades. The money flow must stop in order to curb the corruption… things will change, people will adjust. Jesus never asked us to fund an institution like the RCC. None of us really know how our money is actually spent in any facet of the church…many are not at ease with this lack of accountability and transparency.

      I don’t necessarily buy that the church is the great, indispensable source of aid for the poor, elderly, women etc….– Even if it does advertise itself as such. I’m skeptical there… Those who are truly in need, receive gov. aid… –(And when it comes to the Archdiocese of Phila, caring for and educating children… hmmm, thanks, but no thanks!)

      John, this is a mixed group of men and women. Most folks here do try to be grown up and polite – …The way you cheekily referred to my gender while addressing me in your post…. not very respectful or appropriate here, as I see it.

      1. Crystal, I don’t think the Church is the great indispensable source of aid to the poor and indeed government aid is a huge factor.

        One simple look at Medicaid, or SSI or any number of other governmentally administered programs through HHS would clearly suggest otherwise….Medicaid…health care for the poor, Supplemental Security Income, a financial income base for the blind, aged and disabled, Food Stamps ….in many cases critical for the newly poor and others, unemployment insurance…a vital link for many, in these difficult times, the whole Older Americans Act…the list goes on and on.

        AND, government funding for Catholic Charities is a major consideration. And provides the vast majority of Catholic Charities funds. Other service providers could provide the same services using THOSE government funds. It doesnt have to be Catholic Charities.

      2. AND, Crystal I should have added TANF, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, which ‘temporarily’ assists welfare families…not long enough, often ….and with all sorts of very difficult time limits child care problems, educational limitations and benefit levels issues!!!

        If one cares about the needs of the poor, then these programs should be a matter of major concern. They have suffered much retrenchment and need to be reinvigorated.

      3. Chystal…that was the percentage 80%…. When I worked there. It probably needs to be said that while CC does a good job, I ran a grant ranked number two in the nation…that CC competitively bids for those govt grants and there are MANY qualified organizations that can do the same good job.

    7. Good for you john ventorino as you need to take off your blinders and hold those running the catholic church accountable because it is this kind of narrow minded thinking that is responsible for the death of the catholic church, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS ONLY AS GOOD AND HOLY AS THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR ITS DAY TO DAY OPERATIONS !

  4. again and again the point is proven from the responses I read and the thumbs down… that if someone offers an opinion or comment that is different from the agenda propagated and supported on this website…. you resort to name calling , ex: “catholic troll” and base arguments to justice your position…

    “All facts stated in a com­ment must be accu­rate. If what you are stat­ing is an opin­ion, it must be clear that it’s an opin­ion and not a fact.”

    So many opinions are being presented and accepted as facts… people… make distinctions between your base opinions and what is fact!!!

    this website is not a place for responsible dialogue… only a little haven for opinionated, liberal and sectarian church haters!

      1. By the thumbs down, I take it that the person has a rational bases for that decision. Would you please enlighten me regarding Gordon MacRae?

        I have very little knowledge regarding his long prison sentence. Please bring me (and others) up to speed regarding his conviction, and why you believe it is just, or unjust, thanks.

    1. John, I hate what has happened to children within the Church. In the past year I have had more discussions with priests about the problems within the Church than I ever had. The Archdiocese gives Susan press credentials for their events,the Priests Association linked our blog on their site and this morning I had a 20 minute conversation with a AD department head giving them a chance to respond to some comments made a few days ago. Even in my anger I am willing to engage in dialogue. I don’t know how you are accusing some of their behavior when your initial comment today to Judy shows that same behavior that you are condemning.

      1. I don’t make the above statements as looking for a seal of approval from the point is that we are often received better by the Church than those who think we are Church haters…an interesting dynamic.

    2. John, so maybe this discussion is not your particular cup of tea at this time –A couple of yrs ago, I’d have felt the same way.

  5. John Ventorino – This has been a very respectfull site until you entered it with your protect The Church at all costs. For months the comments on this site have been a desire to welcome the former Church back into the lives of those in the pews, rather than the distance and distortion of sinning priests. People on this site are not bashing The Church – they are exposing the sinning priests and the hierarchy. People on this site are working within THEIR

    Church to clean up the corruption.


    1. Thankyou Reid. We are trying. I also was talking to the AD today as a follow up to when I asked at the faith formation meeting how are they reaching out to the victims? and mentioning what I dont see them doing etc. also feedback on the Our of Consolation meeting……etc…….we as a church have treated our victims horribly……. I talk to any priest that will listen we need to do more…….I think some of it is sinking in….

  6. John, if you had been in the courtroom with me 2 weeks ago to hear the testimony of 2 brave men who have been through the most horrific experiences, one at the age of only10, I certainly think (and hope) that you would have a clearer picture of this whole siutation. The first man had come forward to the AD about his molestation years before the same priest abused the 10 year old. The 10 year old (now in early 20’s) had the most unspeakable things done to him by Fr. Avery….I was gut-wrenched and in tears during his testimony. Had the AD, particularly Msgr. Lynn, taken the first man’s allegations seriously and removed Avery from children rather than cover-up and move him around, the second boy’s life would not have been shattered. Now, multilpy that same scenario 100s of times and you may have an accurate picture. As DA Seth Williams (a Catholic) said when this all started , this is not an attack on the Catholic Church. It is an attack on some very bad men who have committed criminal acts…..and that does not just refer to the rapists and molesters….it also refers to those who purposefully covered it up and, consequently, allowed countless children’s lives to be torn to shreds.This was a concerted effort to hide crimes against children. Any organization that does such a thing should be subject to prosecution, just as what is happening at Penn State.

  7. John Ventorino. A little introspection would not go amiss. People’s responses to you here are not so much that they don’t want to give everyone a chance to express heartfelt thoughts and opinions, but that you may be insensitive to the real issue – child rape by priests, vatican cover-up, and the soul destruction of the victims.


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