Amidst Two Trials – Philly Lawmakers Seek Legislation for Child Sex Abuse

Click here to read: “Pa. lawmakers try new approach on liability for claims of past sex abuse,” by Amy Worden, Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau, The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 18, 2012

Excerpt: “Sexual abuse of children is at the forefront in the Capitol right now, from the highest reaches of the Catholic Church in Philadelphia and one of the most prestigious secular institutions in Pennsylvania,” McGeehan said at a news conference in the Capitol.

Both bills have languished in the House Judiciary Committee for 15 months without a hearing or a vote. On Monday, McGeehan and Bishop introduced rarely used “discharge resolutions” that would essentially force their bills to a floor vote as early as Wednesday — unless the committee chairman, Rep. Ron Marsico (R., Dauphin), decides to shift the bills to another committee.

Marsico did not return a phone call seeking comment.”

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  1. This quote from the New Jersey Catholic Conference last week “Witnesses die, memories fade and documents are lost,” said Brannigan, contending the law would benefit lawyers but “do nothing to protect a single child.” So similar to the comment from Amy Hill of the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference in this article. it would ” do nothing to protect a single child”. That is true, it would actually protect many children so accurate quote.

    1. Sorry the “it would do nothing to protect a single child” quote from Patrick Brannigan of New Jersey Catholic Conference. The memories fade,witnesses die, seems to be the standard quote from both organizations. As has been stated below the burden of proof is on the plaintiff in the civil if all this evidence is now not available because people can not remember what happened to them or witnesses have died..or documents have been lost..then why would they be fighting these lawsuits?

  2. I want to testify in front of the PA Senate Judiciary Committee. Unfortunately, Ron Marsico is hiding something and wants desperately to protect the predators. I’m not hopeful I’ll get my chance to tell my story when it really counts.

    1. The Philadelphia Archdiocese priests’ trial and the trial of Jerry Sandusky clearly overlap, but one would never know it by the disparity of media coverage. Sandusky is everywhere!

      Ron Marsico’s lack of action certainly gives the impression that he is protecting predators. Does anyone know why he might be protecting them? What if any special connection does Marsico have to the RCC, and/or Penn State?

      Is he especially friendly with either organization, or is he afraid of them?

      1. drwho13,

        You keep returning to the fact that the priest trial is getting little media coverage, particularly in light of the Sandusky trial coverage. I’m totally with you on that.

        The fact of the matter is that there is little national interest in the priest trial. I’ve repeatedly read that, and an AP reporter in 304 emphatically confirmed that for me. Believe me, news outlets like the AP know how to measure national interest. The truth of the matter is that there is little. Meanwhile, we hung onto every day of the trial and, now, the days of deliberations. It’s mind-boggling to us that Catholics and the nation are not as riveted by the trial as we are.

        Pointing fingers at news outlets is not the answer. We could ask why Catholics are not interested? Maybe they will become interested by the outcomes of the trial. Maybe if the Philly AD charge Cullen, Cistone, Ragali, the W. Virginia bishop and Fitzgerald with crimes, it will help. In the end, I hang with Jerry’s view… Regardless of the amount of national attention on the priest trial, MUCH has been accomplished. It doesn’t matter that Catholics or the nation are not interested, it only matters that the issues have been brought to light, the truth has been revealed, and the “undoing” of a corrupt institution is well on its way. All of it will support our efforts to secure justice for victims and protect children.

      2. I would guess that catholic insiders, particularly the hierarchy, are quite interested in the Lynn trial…No matter WHAT was said at the
        recent Atlanta Conference.

        “BishopDaniel Conlon of Joliet, Illinois, said the bishops had no intention of looking back at allegations of abuse years in the past and holding church authorities responsible for ignoring the reports or transferring accused priests to other parishes.

      3. Alas, I agree with Kate Fitzgerald that many RCC people do not seem interested in this trial–nor do they seem interested in any of the credible allegations against RCC clergy and the bad behavior of the RCC hierarchy.
        Frankly, I think many RCC people feel that one cannot criticize the organization and still be catholic. Too bad for all of us.

      4. Hadit,

        I have to accept it. If I can’t get a pew potato interested in improving child safety within their own Church, I have no hope when it comes to stimulatiing interest on the national level.

      5. drwho13,

        I, too, have to accept it.

        I think a major factor in why the priest trial has failed to garner Catholic and national interest is because of the gag order. The public wants and needs a story they can follow, with “characters” who appear on TV screens, saying a lot. The gag order robs the “characters” of their lines.

      6. Just guessing here. I think insurance companies have deeper pockets than either PSU or the RCC.

      7. MS,

        Can the RCC even get insurance for predator coverage? The
        rates must be out of this world (Heavenly?).

      8. AND from the cited article, the following:

        “Abuse and Molestation Insurance
        With the advent of the abuse and molestation exclusion, some insurers also offer express abuse and molestation coverage, subject to stringent underwriting and increased premiums. This coverage may be added as an endorsement to a general liability or professional liability policy or underwritten as a stand-alone product. Although abuse and molestation coverage typically does not protect the perpetrator, it covers other individuals for related acts, such as the alleged failure to supervise and/or report the perpetrator.

        The nature and amount of such coverage are defined further by the policy’s treatment of several key issues, including:

        • Occurrence versus claims made coverage: Many abuse and molestation policies are written on the more restrictive “claims made” basis, which requires that the claim be asserted against the insured and reported to the insurer during the policy period. A minority of policies offer coverage on an occurrence basis, meaning that the coverage exists potentially if bodily injury takes place during the policy period, regardless of when the resulting claim is made.

        • Limitations on the amount of coverage: Abuse and molestation coverage often is subject to a lower “sub-limit” of coverage than afforded for non-abuse claims. Such policies also typically require the insured to bear some portion of any loss, such as through deductibles, self-insured retentions or co-insurance.

        • Aggregating language: Policies typically combine all claims arising out of the same course of conduct into one loss, thereby limiting coverage to one limit. An example of such language is: “regardless of the number of acts of abuse or molestation, the period of time over which such acts occur, or number of persons acted upon, all injury arising out of all acts of abuse or molestation by the same person, or by two or more persons acting together, will be considered one claim … .”
        In conclusion, employers and other entities confronting civil child sexual abuse claims face significant financial exposure in a hostile litigation and public relations environment. These cases present complex insurance questions”

      9. There is a gag order in the Sandusky case also..all that is being reported is the evidence ,testimony and witnesses. No one speaking to the media in that case either. I think the Sandusky case is simply the shock value of what occurred at a major university… it is Boston 2002. The interesting thing is that the jury in the Sandusky case will be sequestered..I wish the same had happened in the Philly AD case..I think it helps the jury maintain focus and takes away outside distractions.

      10. DrWho13, Don’t lose heart, concerning the pew catholics. Maria, the women who stood up to her pastor about the yearbook picture of Sicoli, I have been in contact with her many times. She wants to meet me as well as many of her friends. Little by little they are coming around. People talk to people friends to friends after they hear the story of the survivor in front of them not on black and white pages, in front of them, it makes it too real for denial. I believe that me, Rich, James@15, Martin and Jim, we all have a path to follow that will act as a light. We in our own way shine that light and people are beginning to listen. Be patient, their is great wisdom behind all this!

      11. Vicky ,you are correct. So many catholic people that I know are hoping for guilty verdicts because they now finally understand what happened. These are not the catholics4change or justice4pakids friends ,but just the basic average Catholic person that I come into contact with. They may not be “involved” but now they are at least aware.

      12. Kathy,

        I had no idea that there’s a gag order on the Sandusky trial. Thanks for that info.

        About the Philly Catholics who are realizing the truth thanks to the priest trial… Do you mean they have come to believe the victims/survivors? Do you mean they have come to see the hierarchy as it is? What, exactly, are they realizing in your point of view?

      13. Also…

        Since I changed my C4C name, all of my posts go into moderation. Who removes them from moderation? If it’s Susan, and she’s away when the verdicts come down, will all my verdict-posts languish in moderation? Noooooooooooo! Help! Please don’t do that to me! The pain would be intolerable!

      14. I think they are believing the victims, much more so than before..absolutely.The trial has brought things to light in so many ways. Most people did not read the GJ reports and I have to say I think the Phila. Inquirer did a good job on trial article outlining the events of each day. People will say to me “did you hear about the priest who had the child porn or did you hear about the priest who abused kids at St X?’ I just nod my head,yes I know of this situation. They are hearing it for the first time. From time to time I still encounter someone who is completely uninformed or completely unable to accept the truth,but that becomes less and less.
        In an article yesterday in the Inquirer about one of the schools that shut its doors last week,it was highlighted how many teachers will be out of work and will have no health benefits in a few months. A mother at the school commented something to the effect that the AD pays out the big bucks for the legal defense for pedophile priests but not for the teachers who have taught the children.That parish is actually collecting money to help out the teachers who will be out of work. It is all becoming crystal clear right in front of people’s eyes. We have no power,no say,no control.
        People now believe the abuse now becomes a debate as to who is at fault..Lynn, Bevilaqua..everybody? Some people are very willing to talk openly, while others in a hushed tone, like the family secret is being exposed… but really the ‘victims are lying’ is not the subject of debate..more how did we get to this point?

    2. V4J,
      I pray for all victims but you and Vicky especially so that God continue to work thru you both in a special way to help our victims and protect children…..peace

  3. What can we do ro support this – what terms do we use when contacting our representatives to support this? If it is moved to another committee, how would we know?
    “discharge resolutions” – is that enough to describe to the person answering the phone or do we need to explain it in an email?

    1. Ed, we will update if it is moved to another committee with contact info for that committee

      1. Ed, I was unsure of what to say, but I just called the Congressman and Congresswoman who sponsored the bill to show my support, then the Congressman that represents my district, then Rep. Marsico. Although they cannot vote on these house bills, I also called the Governor and State Senator’s office to ask them to reach out to their colleagues in the house. I also called the PA Catholic Conference and asked, as a Catholic mom, that they stop lobbying against these bills. I told the woman who answered that we need to answer the call to protect children from predators by getting monsters like David Sicoli off the streets. My final call was to my pastor, asking that he and his brother priests take a cue from their Irish brothers and speak out. I spoke to his secretary, and I shared with her my support of priests that speak up. He and I spoke before, but today I asked that he call the PA Cath Conference and challenge them to re-consider their position. Time to rise up!! Thank you all for being here, I wish you peace.

      2. And if everyone would follow your lead Maureen, I have made all those same calls including to the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference. The feeling I get is that although many people feel angry and appalled…not many take the time to do something as simple as make some phone calls. To all who have thank you, and to those who haven’ time better than the present.

      3. Probably would be a good time to give C4C folks the access info to contact their legislators, the PA Catholic Conference et al.

      4. Kathy, is it permissible to add the contact info for Legislators and PCC to this site? I am sure you have it, but I can provide it if allowed. Perhaps it needs its own thread on C4C!

  4. Rep. Ron Marisco is using the same tactics as the Vatican and AD – using his power to control the issue hoping that maybe it will go away. Is there no-one among his family, friends or colleagues who will not take him to task for subverting God’s will and the will of the people of the Commonwealth?


    1. Two thoughts…the ‘burden of proof is on the plaintiff’…a point NEVER made by ‘Catholic Conferences’, the Bishop’s lobbying arms….

      And in another article on this strategy, it was mentioned that the timing of this effort while auspicious in terms of PR is short as the session will end soon…and the strategy to ‘kick the issue over to the next session’ could be expected to be employed by those opposed to the bills….ie Church and Insurance lobby.

    2. Reid,
      It is interesting you word it that way because you are so right. Everytime I have prayed for God’s will in this matter he has come thru loud and clear……… He wants His Children protected and cared for. These politicians and church leaders have no idea what they are in for if they don’t stop trying to block the will of God and repent. He gave them free will and he wants them to choose him freely but if they don’t……he will deal with them…….and he might work even thru some of us to do that……….justice system etc… .

    3. Reid, From my point of view, SHAME ON HIM! the SAFETY OF CHILDREN outweighs ANY legitimate reason he could come up with to stop this legislation. Something very funny here concerning Mr. Marisco.

  5. I keep coming back to one singular item with respect to Rep. Marsico and his obstinancy and HB 832 and 878………he’s a father and GRANDFATHER. Soon to be a grandfather, the choice is very simple indeed for this writer………..Children are FIRST, nothing and no one else matters.

    Both Ron and this writer were a product of Catholic education…….he understands that as well as I do, that is, Jesus Christ’s message regarding the care of little children.

    1. Michael…you have been so faithful on this point, as a mother and grandmother, totally agree. Many thanks

  6. I’ll say it again, for the 10 millionth time… IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH TRIAL IS GETTING MORE MEDIA ATTENTION. The fact that the subject of childhood sexual abuse is getting any attention at all is what is most important. STOP complaining about it already! This isn’t about religion or sports or neighbors. It’s about exposing anyone and everyone and finally getting this “epidemic” out in the open.

    There is a gag order in Philly and the jury is deliberating, so there’s really nothing for the media to report right now.

    The media is having a field day with the Scumdusky trial. Pay attention. You might learn some really important information, because “In Session” anchors have been interviewing victims, mental health professionals, advocates, and law enforcement since the trial began last week. I’ve been trying to get this topic front and center in our society for years, and finally, finally, finally, you can tune into several channels to get your education. In Session hosts the Scumdusky trial from 9am – 3pm every day of the week. This injustice is at last finding its way through the cracks of silence and secrecy and is being broadcasted all over the country. This is just the start of real education and awareness.

    If you focus this child sexual abuse epidemic solely on the deviance of the Catholic Church, you’re going to ignore the other 95% of childhood sexual abuse victims who were not abused by priests. We need to keep the heat on all predators in all areas of society. We need to protect all children, not just the Catholic ones.

    Get a grip, DrWho!

    1. Please get a grip, Rich. I am sorry for your troubles, but C4C bloggers are just trying to help and don’t need to be attacked by you. Please try writing you comments, taking a deep breathe, erasing them, then writing them again.

      1. Coming from a guy who throws temper tantrums because people don’t read his articles. Okay, well I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.

        I simply stated that child abuse is finally getting the national attention it deserves, which I have said many times or this forum, because people are so caught up in clergy abuse. Kids are abused everywhere! 95% of childhood sexual abuse victims ARE NOT abused in the Catholic Church. I wasn’t attacking anyone. I was simply stating the obvious and I wish more people would be please that the oveall subject is getting attention.

        I never asked for your sympathy, nor do I want it. Instead, have sympathy for the 95% of childhood sexual abuse victims of today and tomorrow because too many people here are solely focused on the Catholic Church.

        By the way, I write and I never erase. That’s what I do. Take a chill pill and reply to me in the morning.

      2. I agree with drwho13, it is germane to be exercised by the obvious
        “slant” of media NON-COVERAGE of the Philly AD trial. I observed the complete absence of such coverage on Television, and then observed DAILYminionn of the Sandusky trial when it started.
        The DIFFERENCE IS AN ISSUE in my opinion.

    2. Rich, well said. All who blog, please listen to Rich and me when we say from our hearts, WE WANT TO PROTECT ALL CHILDREN. It doesn’t matter who abused them, victims suffer no matter who rapes them. I am disgusted that marisco doesn’t see this or won’t see this as protecting all children in the commonwealth. I also agree with Rich that thank God this is out in the open! Sexual abuse of the most vulnerable is FINALLY getting attention. Before all this happened, I believed that society really doesn’t take very good care of our children. people are finally realizing what sexual abuse of a child does . How many people after hearing the mother of the 18 year old testify that she didn’t know how to address this with her son so she did nothing. How many people can relate to that mother. My point, this trial of sandusky and Lynn are teaching moments and is waking people up!

      1. Vicky and Rich, I agree that these trials are finally bringing child sex abuse out of the darkness in many ways. It has always been there,even in news accounts, but as a society we overlooked it so many times. I was reading an online local newspaper the other day and 4 out of the 8 headlines were concerning some issue of child sex abuse. Someone was convicted,another person was arrested..another story about child porn possession.These headlines now jump off the page at me and to be honest I don’t know that they would have even a year ago.
        Penn State is the first university to have been in the headlines on such a large scale for the abuse, just as Boston Archdiocese was in 2002. It is the nature of the human mind to be drawn to the “shock value”. A coach abusing kids and some staff at such a well known university not doing the right thing? Priests abusing kids (Boston). And now in recent days stories of abuse at Horace Mann in the 70’s and 80’s and some press coverage of the abuse of children within the Hasidic community in New York. And people like Chris Gavagan ,abused by a coach,shining the light on the abuse of children in youth sports programs. I am Catholic so I started where I live..but won’t stop there.

  7. Thank you Beth. I am not a believer, but I know a reat deal about the issues of God’s will and the will of the people. More than Rep. Marisco apparently. But as v4j says above – this is not a partisan issue, an issue of a particular faith, an issue with Penn State – this issue is about children – only children. Whether molested by trusted friends, strangers or incest within a famly – it is the children – not the protection of any family members, any college
    faculty or priests.


  8. Relative to the insurance issue and the Lynn trial….I am pasting one paragraph out of the article I just cited….it is a discussion of diocesan liability:

    “Child sexual abuse cases present liability and public relations challenges. For example, it is often difficult to defend to a jury the alleged failure of leadership that is the crux of an employer’s or other organization’s alleged liability. Even where the basis of an employer’s or other entity’s civil liability is unclear, the defense can be compromised by changed societal norms, the death or infirmity of witnesses and a lack of documentation establishing the degree of knowledge of the abuse and how the employer or other entity responded, if at all.”

    I suggest the WHOLE article….

  9. MAUREEN J E, THANK YOU! From a survivor, all your calls for justice and protection meant so much to me. You, gave me peace tonite!

  10. Maureen, I was just about to post this when I read your comment. We have the contact info for the legislators in the Resource link at the top of the page. We just found out that there is a Judiciary Committee meeting scheduled concerning House Bills 832 and 878 tomorrow morning. It is of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE that people call or email tomorrow morning to urge that these Bills move forward.

    1. Just read your addition, Kathy. He will probably try to send these bills to another committee. If he does this, I am not sure another Discharge Resolution would be allowed on the same bills as Rule 53 says only one D.R. per bill. I do not know if they mean over all time or in each committee. Anyone want to look at committee chairs and guess which one he will send it to?

      1. There are a few possibilities that could happen tomorrow..moving Bills to another commitee being one of them. The good news is that something at least is happening after 15 months and they need to hear from all of us.

    2. I am working off an ancient computer at the kids stole my Mac laptop 🙂 Can someone please copy and paste the list of legislators on the Judiciary Committee posted under the Resources section at the top of the page. My computer is not allowing me to copy and paste anything..anyone want to place bets that our secretary Joan is the first to copy and paste the list for me? The Judiciary members are who you need to contact first thing tomorrow (wednesday) a.m. Don’t bother with your local rep for is all in the hands of the Jud. committee in their meeting tomorrow morning.

      1. Marsico, Ron , Chair
        Stephens, Todd , Secretary
        Cutler, Bryan, Subcommittee Chair on Family Law
        Grell, Glen R., Subcommittee Chair on Courts
        Krieger, Timothy, Subcommittee Chair on Crime and Corrections
        Caltagirone, Thomas R. , Democratic Chair
        Kula, Deberah , Democratic Secretary
        Bradford, Matthew D., Subcommittee Democratic Chair on Crime and Corrections
        White, Jesse, Subcommittee Democratic Chair on Family Law
        Creighton, Tom C.
        Delozier, Sheryl M.
        Ellis, Brian L.
        Gillespie, Keith
        Keller, Mark K.
        O’Neill, Bernie
        Rock, Todd
        Saccone, Rick
        Toepel, Marcy
        Toohil, Tarah
        Brennan, Joseph F.
        Costa, Dom
        DePasquale, Eugene
        Neuman, Brandon P.
        Sabatina, John P., Jr.
        Waters, Ronald G.

      2. Here it is Kathy….

          This is NOT rocket science…if you care about getting HB232 and HB878 out of the Judiciary Committee THEN you e mail each of the names listed below…your representatives and you tell them:

        To Vote YES on Discharge Resolution 2 and Discharge Resolution 3  on Wednesday to get them ‘out of committee’ and to the Full House, BECAUSE you want the PA legislature to review and vote on these issues….You do NOT want these bills held up in the Judiciary Committee any longer. You care about abused children and these bills will help them!

        You use this link to bring up the e mail addresses of the representatives listed below.

        It’s a good idea to have your “message” Pre written and then simply apply it to every e mail address listed below….( you have the e mail link for these representatives, listed right above this statement!  AND the names of the recipients, listed right below this statement!

        Marsico, Ron , Chair
        Stephens, Todd , Secretary
        Cutler, Bryan, Subcommittee Chair on Family Law
        Grell, Glen R., Subcommittee Chair on Courts
        Krieger, Timothy, Subcommittee Chair on Crime and Corrections
        Caltagirone, Thomas R. , Democratic Chair
        Kula, Deberah , Democratic Secretary
        Bradford, Matthew D., Subcommittee Democratic Chair on Crime and Corrections
        White, Jesse, Subcommittee Democratic Chair on Family Law
        Creighton, Tom C.
        Delozier, Sheryl M.
        Ellis, Brian L.
        Gillespie, Keith
        Keller, Mark K.
        O’Neill, Bernie
        Rock, Todd
        Saccone, Rick
        Toepel, Marcy
        Toohil, Tarah
        Brennan, Joseph F.
        Costa, Dom
        DePasquale, Eugene
        Neuman, Brandon P.
        Sabatina, John P., Jr.
        Waters, Ronald G.

        ALL: When you call your representative, please tell them to vote yes on Discharge Resolution 2 and Discharge Resolution 3. These are actually on the calendar for Wednesday, June 20th currently. A majority vote will move both HB 232 and HB 878 out of the Judiciary Committee and to the full house.

      3. Actually Kathy…my list was not the first…but Susan’s post is by far the best…her e mail addresses do NOT have to go through a ‘log in’ process….you can simply write a general message about HB 878 and HB 832 requesting that these bills be moved out of committee immediately with a YES vote for Resolution 2 and 3….so that the PA legislature can vote on these matters.

      4. Oops. Should be DISCHARGE RESOLUTIONS 2 and 3 and probably all you need to really say is that you want the Judiciary member to vote to get those bills out of committee NOW.

    3. Yes Kathy critical…………many people have been working hard to get to this point……..

  11. ALL: When you call your representative, please tell them to vote yes on Discharge Resolution 2 and Discharge Resolution 3. These are actually on the calendar for Wednesday, June 20th currently. A majority vote will move both HB 232 and HB 878 out of the Judiciary Committee and to the full house.



    I had the opportunity to speak to Representative John Hornaman at a fundraiser tonight and I thanked him for his sponsorship. He believes they will have majority support to move out of committee.

    I am the Candidate opposing Representative Ron Marsico in the election on November 6th. He attends the same RC Catholic Church that I do. Our Diocese constantly lobbies parishioners to do their bidding on matters of governance and that is very unfortunate. Like any group, some are open to listening to them and some (like me) are not.

    Representative Marsico has proven himself to be a tool for both the Insurance companies (his campaign finance reports include hefty contributions from insurance PACs) and the Catholic Church and it is time for him to go. Over 3/4 of his campaign finances come from PACs rather than real people.

    Want to get rid of him? Help me win. We need people in government who don’t “owe” the insurance companies and the Catholic Church. If you live in my area, I would love to have people canvass with me and I certainly am not afraid to have you talk about this issue and I’m not afraid to talk about it myself. And I need financial support. I’m not a politician. I go to work every day in a factory and in my free time I volunteer in fundraising for suicide prevention activities and advocate to the legislature for support for suicide prevention and mental health. Every dollar helps me reach another voter and let them know what the Representative they are paying is doing “for” them. Email me if you want to put your anger and frustration into action.

    1. By the way, my very wise father told me a couple of years ago, “Don’t let anyone tell you any differently, NO ONE has more money than the insurance companies and the Catholic Church.” And we were not even talking about this topic. As usual, he was right. He usually is. He left the Church 50 years ago.

    2. A few different groups were asking for anybody that can to show up at the vote tomorrow in Harrisburg. The vote tomorrow is important.

    3. Kelly Jean…thanks for your input…it was really helpful and very good luck on your campaign!

    1. More details – “SHINER, Texas — Hearing his 5-year-old daughter crying from behind a barn, a father ran and discovered the unthinkable: A man molesting her. The father pulled the man off his daughter, authorities say, and started pummeling him to death with his fists” (Associated Press).

  12. Jerry, I didn’t, find v4j,’s comment an attack at all…he is right. You should appologize to him. No matter who it is that is doing the sexual abuse of children. it’s so important to get it out in the public eye, that is what you need awareness of the crime and that’s what we need….AWARENESS TO DO SOMETHING TO GET IT STOPPED!

  13. This from AP

    This is just an opinion but I think having the Brennan /Avery testimony mixed in with the testimony from all the cases of the non prosecuted priests was overwhelming in many ways. I think that by the time the trial ended and the jury began to deliberate that testimony was not fresh in their minds,thus the requests for the read back on testimony. Once Sarmina put the breaks on the read back testimony I had a feeling a hung jury was possible. In this article it seems that she is reversing her decision on that slightly.

      1. Joan,

        There better be a retrial !

        The RCC needed more bad press, and they need to spend more money. Maybe people will grow tired of supporting this rudderless organization.

        There’s certainly no moral direction coming from a pope who views child sexual abuse as a “mystery.”

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