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  1. Best wishes Susan and Kathy and thank you for all the work you have been doing.

    I can’t help myself – I see where the Vatican, just a few days before Christmas, announced that it has appointed a priest from Boston, of all places, to prosecute, within The Church, predatory priests. I would be more impressed and trusting if the Vatican had appointed a nun to do this much needed work. No cronies to protect or the boy’s club.


    1. Christmas greetings to all while we celebrate the birth of the One who died for us so we can live forevever with Him.

  2. Merry Christmas, Susan, Kathy and all C4C readers.

    Please at your leisure read my positive statement, “Vatican: A New Child Protection Stategy Now ?” accessible at http://wp.me/P2YEZ3-25

    It reflects a lot that C4C commenters have taught me during the past year or so. Thanks!

    As my statement indicates, the tide is beginning to turn in favor of children, A critical factor was Monsignor Lynn’s conviction, which C4C helped bring about by its tenacious coverage.

    1. Please also read my further statement, “REVOLT ??? The Pope v. Pell and Obama” at


      It appears that at least one Cardinal, perhaps aware of Monsignor Lynn’s fate, may be gearing up to push back against the Pope.

      Thank you and all have a Happy New Year!

  3. Merry Christmas and hope yours is a peaceful and quiet holiday season. The C4C experience has been wonderful and worthwhile and thanks to Kathy and Susan. Best part of advocacy for this writer is that it is not always about being successful (as many here on this site are keenly aware) but it is about being persistent, tenacious and (my very favorite), unpredictable.

    Certainly, we do not know how all of this will play out in 2013. But within the first 2 weeks, we have the criminal trial of Engelhardt and Shero here in Philadelphia so the issues stay front and center. Can’t wait for the return of our elected officials in Harrisburg and see how they play “kick the can” with the critically important legislative proposals that have been languishing with Marsico, Caltagirone, etc. for the past two years.

    Of course, it won’t take long for our Archbishop Chaput to schedule another one of his Harrisburg journeys to meet with and nosh with our elected officials.

  4. I was in New York to see the Christmas show with my kids this week and we had a terrific time but I was also very conscious of my surroundings and keeping my kids close to me especially my youngest. In an earlier blog Rich mentioned the shooting. I cried when I heard about it as I have a child very close in age to the children that were killed……in listening to one teacher speak …….I was very moved……she told all the children she had hidden in the bathroom she loved them because she did not want the last thing they heard to be the ringing of gun shots…..she was Christ to them…… when in New York I was struck by the sign that hangs across the street stragically from the M & M store ironically above the gentlemen’s club. The one that says Christmas is a myth…… Christmas is not a myth it is a reality…..Jesus was a documented historic figure by the Romans and many others and he is alive and well in the hearts of those that love him………Merry Christmas and Happy New Years and God Bless everyone…….Big and small……..

  5. DearKathy and Susan and all the contributors to this blog:
    Yes, Merry Christmas!!!
    The importance of Incarnation is not simply that God has become one of us in Jesus, but that each of us shares in that Divinity from our births. We have seen so much good pouring out from people throughout our world and especially to those who suffered such great losses as in Newtown and from Sandy and the storms coming from the midwest. We are a country of wonderful people and Christmas is a daily event in the lives of so many. Amidst so many tragedies, there are just so many wonderful people out there who do what any loving person would want to do.
    This focus of Christmas should not be simply a Theological reflection but a deeply centered human connection to the unity we all share with each other and with all life on our planet.
    Thanks to this blog, we can share the pain of many victims, but we can also share the “good news” that there are so many people who really care for others and are committed to bring justice to our world and to the lives of those who seek this justice and the love which Peace and Justice demand.

    1. Unabletotrust I will pray that that is not the case. I do believe amazing things can happen because I have seen amazing things despite tremendous suffering. Evil destroys our peace good can restore it.

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