Isn’t It Ironic? Bishops Investigating US Nuns

For a heaping helping of hypocrisy, click here to read, “Bishops investigating US nuns have poor records on sex abuse cases,” by Jason Berry, Jan. 5, 2013, The National Catholic Reporter

Excerpt: “A small but resonant chorus of critics is raising an issue of a hypocrisy that has grown too blatant to ignore. The same hierarchy that brought shame upon the Vatican for recycling clergy child molesters, a scandal that rocked the church in many countries, has assumed a moral high ground in punishing the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, a group whose members have put their lives on the line in taking the social justice agenda of the Second Vatican Council to some of the poorest areas in the world.”

19 thoughts on “Isn’t It Ironic? Bishops Investigating US Nuns

  1. Irony is not the word that occus to me. Arrogant, malicious, bullying and scapegoating seem more accurate, if not charitable. Charitable is not a word I would associate with the Vatican at this point anyway.


  2. What I continue to be amazed about: The “boys” still don’t get it. Lost the election, lost the marriage referendums and they still think they are the “moral voice” for Catholics! Read the NCR article and was more bewildered. And, by the way, Finn is still sittin in his cathedra.

    1. Finn is still sitting in his Cathedral..exactly. Failure to report and children at risk does not get a Bishop removed.

      1. Kathy, fornicating and raping a small child, tearing into his sensitive areas, using their blessed hands by Holy Orders, to rape a small child, using the name of God to terrify a small child saying God will send you to hell and sooo much worse that I will not mention as it will turn your stomach, does NOT remove a priest instead it guarantees a safety net of the old boy network. Don’t forget, our priests in Philadelphia are STILL quiet while thousands of children in this country have and will always have their lives altered! But what I keep hearing from Penn State and everyone who is responsible for this outrage, is that for them, life goes on, however for us it does not, our life will never be the same.

    2. Nothing . is going to change until there is a change vin Thhe Vatican We have to remember most ofBishops have been put in there respective positions by the current administration in Rome In addition ThebCollege of Cardinalsa a lot them more likely most of them were put in there positions by The Current Pope .What does all of this tell us .Well it tells me straight up if don’t like what happening I shouldn’t let the doorhit me in the Ass on my wayout .In regard to Finn Rome will do nothing until it’s forced to .We need to remember the only reason Cardinal Law was removed because the Of the Media pressure .The Media in Kanas City doesnthave cloud that Boston has .That being said let me address two other important issues 1) throught the years the Catholic Church has never told the Truth about anything they hide behind the word Confidential 2) In regard to Child abuse issues they all give this good lip service but do what they want it doesn’t matter whst procedures are place .They also let others take the rap for what they didn’t do Mdgr Lyan case in Philadelphia is a prime example

    3. It’s denial. Remember election night when the Romney team was still insisting that he’d win, while the pollsters (his own pollsters!) said he was finished?

      The same principle applies here. The Bishops are dead men walking!

  3. The bishops should clean their own house and leave the nuns alone. These women have done and continue to do valuable work for the Lord. Can the bishops say the same?

    1. This isn’t posdible because it’s the old Boysnetwork .In addition the Stuff with Good Sisters takes away from them looking at there own problems.They certainly want to take the forcus of the issues of Child Ause and situations like the one Finn is in.I dare to say IFinn was a Bishop anyplace in the North where the Media is strong he would be following Cardinal Law out of town On the postive side the Courts and Law have helped to bring a little Justice to some situations even though Finn is still in his position he however was forced to hand over records Etc which he wouldn’t have done but was forced to .In Philadelhia a good Priest is in Jail because of a cover up .It should be noted that The Media InPhiladephia like inBoston had a lot to do with this happening Ts also worth noting that from all reports the Diocese and Bishop didn’t nothing to help Msgr Lynn and definitely wad the scapegoat in that situation

      1. I don’t know if the Diocese or bishop did anything to help Msgr Lynn other than paying the hefty legal bill and I agree that they left him hanging for the crimes of many, but a scapegoat does not stay in the position that Lynn did for 12 years knowing what he knew and knowing exactly where the predators priests were assigned with full access to children. There is nothing good about that. God gave us free will,you either use it wisely or you don’t. Had Msgr Lynn come forward years ago with all the info he knew, children would have been protected…that did not happen.

      2. jlb1700 Do I understand you correctly, you are saying that the good priest sitting in jail you reference msgr. Lynn? A good priest? Please clarify as I know this “good priest”.

  4. We don’t realize how much our earlier Catholic indoctrination has warped our perspective. A self-interested clique in Rome just tried to control our Presidential election by preventing couples for planning their families with contraception. At the same time, these opportunistic and insensitive hypocrites protect predators who rape out children. Then they attack the Sisters who serve us well.

    We must tell President Obama to tell these foreign frauds that they better soon elect a Pope who protects U.S. children or else. We are the most powerful country in the world, yet we let some free loaders in Rome and his accomplices here make fools of us, while our innocent children remain at risk.

    For more, please read, “The Next Pope, President Obama and U.S. Child Abuse”, at:

  5. Ironic?

    What’s ironic is that any of them can perform a mass and distribute Communion. That’s ironic.

    Ironic is these same men who stand at a pulpit and tell good people how their way to God is only through them, the good, the enablers, the pedophiles, the liars…any of them that hold a title and are in good standing according to the most corrupt. They are a sad lot of men.

    The nuns will be investigated. Did they not get the memo? They are to be loyal to the men who hold the titles. No irony there. That’s business as usual.

  6. We have been seeing this type of behaviour for some time now. The Vatican fails to look at its own failings like not acting on the pedophile scandal – but they trump up problems like investigating Sisters in order to have no one look carefully at them!! They are NOT in line with the traditional “truth telling” that the Church needs!

  7. I just presume that most of this readership was locked on to Downton Abbey (#3) on Sunday night. As events unfolded for this story, all I could think of was our own Downton-Vatican Abbey, with all the “aristocrats” dressed for “dinner” in their red and purple attire. But the best part of my meditation on this program was the rememberance of the “Upstairs-Downstairs” Analogy. The “Upstairs” aristocrats support tradition and protocol and reverence for the past glory( Could that be Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Monsignors included??). The “Downstairs” servants represent analgously all of us, people and priests(who really have minimal rights and power in canon law). Our mission is to serve and never question, never see a problem, possibly cover up any scandal of the “Upstairs”. Even some of the “Downstairs” staff fully support to role and arrogance of the “Upstairs” aristocrats ( Carson the Head Butler) supporting the importance of Tradition and Protocol even over Justice.
    It finally took Shirley Maclain, the American outsider and mother of the Countess, to raise serious issues with the aristocratic arrogance of Downton. Only the “driver”, now married to one of the daughters , could actually speak out and defend a new way of thinking, but only to the sarcastic and deafened ears of those at table.
    Our institutional “Downton”, the Church, will always be “Upstairs” for us. We can never expect any significant change in our life time.
    WWI took a major toll on the European Aristocracy, but it still remained as if nothing occurred.
    The horrible crime of pedophilia has taken a universal toll on this Church, but, in reality, in our lives, “Downton” Lives on as if nothinhg has really changed, nor can we expect any change as long as “The Upstairs aristocrats” remain in charge.
    The only real survival may be to “leave the Manor” and find a place where one can seek and find justice and not be intimidated by the “aristocrtic control Upstairs”.

    1. Brilliant, Rev. Wintermyer. Thank you.

      I used to feel Down because I could not ascend to the Upstairs. Then, I left the Manor, throwing myself into the Common human condition, assuming, as best I can, the Christ-like ministries that Aristocratic men abandoned.

      Now, I intimidate them.

      Now, that’s justice!

    1. “Trust is vital for such an extensive project dealing with such a sensitive issue.” (German Bishops’ Conference)

      Which means the bishops must trust investigators to acquiesce to their manipulation of them, the facts, and the evidence.

      Really, the extent of the corruption is mind blowing.

      And, by the way German bishops, your Conference’s quote should read “THE TRUTH is vital for such an extensive project dealing with such a sensitive issue.”

      Thanks, Crystal.

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