6 thoughts on “Guilty Verdict May Open Door to Civil Suit Against Hierarchy

  1. This morning, District Attorney Seth Williams was on Channel 10 at about 6:00 AM. He was exuberant and more lively than I have seen him in the past. Clearly there are many trials coming up here in Philadelphia. Brennan in February, reevaluation of Avery’s status as to whether he perjured himself to the Grand Jury and in the trial of Msgr. Lynn since he pled guity and they recanted at the recent trial. There are 12(?) civil suits coming forward very soon agaInst the Archdiocese. I do believe that the two former bishops who served under Bevalacqua are being called as defendents.
    It is one thing to suffer under the stories of LA and cardinal Mahoney, but the shoe is ready to fall again here in this city. Surely, Cardinal Rigali will be brought back to testify since he simply followed up and protected cardinal Bevalacqua.
    There will be no end to this horrible crime until justice is served and those responsible are prosecuted and indicted.

  2. Dear Susan,

    Thanks very much for sending this week’s dreadful news. Will you please check the link to “deal with the devil?” When I click it, it turns up a local story about altar boys. Thanks!


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  3. All I want to know is whether or not Bishop Cistone will be flying first-class to Philadelphia from Saginaw, Michigan for the civil depositions? We know that retired Bishop Cullen has a short car ride from the Allentown area.

    Is US Catholic Church leadership still busying themselves with rearranging the deck chairs on The Titanic?

  4. Those 2 men should just want to sleep at night and man up about all the evil mistakes they made while protecting their cardinal. They certainly ruined a lot of lives. I don’t care how bishop Cistone & Cullen get here but I am looking forward to watching their day in court.

    1. I think the appropriate phrase is “kicking and screaming” and surrounded by a team of parishioner-funded attorneys. You think they just might decide to walk here and say it is a pilgrimage in honor of the victims???

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