22 thoughts on “He Is Risen! Wishing You a Happy Easter.

  1. I tried to go to mass this morning – I couldn’t face it. But I pray for a resurrection of hope and faith this year.

  2. We attended 7:30 a.m. Mass at St. Williams in Naples, FL. It seems like all the Catholics have migrated to Naples. The church holds 1,400 people and it was overflowering today. NancyO’Brien

  3. Our priest surprised us by asking who thought they could beat him up and many hands went up. He said he asked this question because many times Jesus is pictured in artwork etc as weak, thin, gaunt,compassionate, petting sheep on the head but the real Jesus was compassionate and strong and powerful he caste out satan and devils and many times his words were so strong even the people asked him to leave their town because his words were to difficult to follow that we can have access to the strength of Christ….to change ourselves is to change the world and not to forget the power and strength of Jesus Christ in our lives and our world.

  4. Hopefully as we continue our fight for Victims Justice our stone will be rolled back and we too will rise again and salvage what ever is left of our miserable existence thanks to the hierarchy who have protected and enabled the abusers !

    1. That’s it just 3 thumbs down ? I was hoping for more , maybe I didn’t press hard enough ! -:) !

  5. He has Risen and we have Risen with Him.! Let us be able to see HIM in all those who we meet. He resides in them, whether they acknowledge HIM or not. When Christ left the Tomb, many did not know that HE was hidden from them. ,. But HE revaled HIMSELF. Let us find HIM in all our brothers and sisters this day and forever more.Those who reject HIM still have the light of God within are them, unless they have the ” sin against the Holy Spirit ” hovering within their souls.

  6. I accompanied my mother to Mass today so she wouldn’t be alone. All of my other brothers and sisters are either out of town or live out of town. One of us always attends Mass with her on Sunday even though all 14 of us are exited Catholics. I sat, stood, and knelt along with everyone else. I did not utter a prayer or response. I did not sing. I did not put money in the basket. I did not take communion.

    Imagine bringing up 14 children, all of whom are exited Catholics.

    Then, imagine saying to all of your 14 exited Catholic children, “I value and respect the contents of your Catholic conscience and what you do with it.”

    This is the same woman who, when Sister T. hit us with a fly swatter in 4th grade, said, “You must have deserved it.”

    She’s come a long way because she’s informed.

    In church, today, I reflected on how the crisis in the Church has wreaked havoc on millions of Catholic families like mine. Easter only magnified it.

    1. Sincere congratulations and admiration for having the heart to accompany your Mom to mass. I couldn’t go with my family— it has become near impossible due to what I have come to believe from the bible, and also from history and , of course , the current CSA.

      1. May this day in which believers remember the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ be an occasion when many hearts are opened to the truth that all their sins were taken away by what He did, and all that remains is for them to BELIEVE THAT and receive eternal life instead of what we all deserve— eternal death without Christ.

      2. Dear Kate, you and many others would have your sentiments today.
        I’m fortunate enough to have been reared with a different mentality, which I believed could be interwoven within the beauty of the faith I embraced as an adult, where we are all equal before God, no favourites, no grovelling, no flagellations, and the assurance of the Resurrection.

    2. Kate at vigils for survivors that is a reoccurring theme in many cases three generations of family members no longer practice their catholic faith do the hierarchy even care except that it affects collections? The pain in these mothers voices I will not forget. Loss of their childs innocence and their families faith.

      1. Such a complex and devastating loss, Beth. Just breaks my heart.

        Among the many, many reasons why my siblings have exited the Church is its position on gays and same-sex marriage. At Mass, today, a gay priest presided. When the children in the congregation were called forward to go off for the children’s liturgy, the gay, Children’s Ministry man led them away and taught them. Then, the gay choirmaster read the readings to the congregation.

        Seriously still trying to wrap my head around it…

      2. Beth,

        …”do the hierarchy even care except that it affects collections?”

        In spite of the claims of some, I know that there are good (not perfect) priests out there, and there must be a good bishop somewhere.

        But, collectively the hierarchy doesn’t give a damn about you, I, or our children!

    3. Kate: your words made me think a lot about my late mother. I remember coming home from school at the beginning of fifth grade to tell her I had been chosen to be an altar boy. My mother hardly ever showed signs of being happy. But she was thrilled that day. Her Catholic faith meant so much to her. When her children, all but one who clings with a bare thread, left the Church, she blamed herself. She often said that she was responsible. Never once did she look at her church and question their responsibility My mother and I were very close until I started to deal with the childhood abuse while serving as an altar boy. Recently I read an article about Victim 1 , in the Jerry Sandusky case. He and his mother are obviously struggling with her inability to protect him from Sandusky. She claims that he never told her what Sandusky was doing to him. He claims that she should have known from the many hints that he gave her. As anyone who has raised boys knows, they don’t exactly let you in on their lives. It is like a secret society, that parents are not allowed to be involved with in any way. Unfortunately, in case after case of childhood sexual abuse, secrecy between the victim and his abuser allows the abuse to continue. The abuser knows if they can convince the victim that these things they are doing is their secret , not to be shared with anyone else. What the sex abuse crisis has done to Catholic families is horrible. For an organization that claims to be pro family it is inexcusable.

      1. Jim…The RCC.. a pro-family organization? What could the priests who lead the church know about family? They intentionally left their families behind at 18, and took life-long vows never to have a family of their own…not to mention a real relationship with another human being. Doesn’t sound very pro-family to me. It sounds bizarre.

      2. Jim, you and I and our mothers were victims of a mentality defined by the times and clericalism. It hurt but there has been an evolution of thought that, if we permit it, can heal us and give us hope… and can help us forgive. I wish those things for you.

        Crystal, the “family” of clerics consists of clerics. The “family” is insular, riddled with dysfunction, blindly loyal, and driven by a groupthink that is detrimental to all, including clerics. Francis has spent the first, few weeks of his papacy trying to reinvent the priesthood, articulating for clerics “the way” away from clericalism. In my opinion, he will get so far with it but not all the way. Without women in the priesthood and optional celibacy the priesthood will continue its detach from reality, from the reality of our lives, and from the reality our families.

  7. It’s the sin of omission. There is not one clergy person who does not absolutely know what’s been going on for as long as they’ve been an ordained priest nun or brother. They were to be “called ” so to speak,( have a voicatiin to the religious) but now days they (the clergy ) don’t even know the meaning of that word. It’s a “job” Should I become a Dr.., a Lawyer or priest. At least that’s what one young. priest told me in 1999, who lived on his sail boat at our marina. He was going on retreat and was told to bring a Roman Brivary. He had no idea what it was. I was flabergasted The church wants bodies of young men. Not Holy people like we were always told they werw. Emphasis on “were”


  8. Sitting around our Easter table…

    We had just come from a beautiful service focused on Him…

    The rest complained about their priest winding the homily around their bishop, finances, and guilt.

    A wink from my husband through the complaints was all it took to make me smile. I love his heart.

    Kate, I don’t feel the intense “loss” as I once did…but, make no mistake…the Church lost in a big way. They will feel the effects of their arrogance, abuse. and greed for power and money for generations to come.

    All Glory to God!

    1. Sw, I realized this good Friday when you really really love Jesus you don’t want to sin anymore…… you realize you love Jesus more than sin.. even though we stumble sometimes we get back up and try again…..I think you have found people that really love Jesus and that is awesome…..there is a lot of wisdom in the blogs you write……..

  9. At our Mass…not as crowded as it used to be…Father’s sermon actually mentioned Mary
    Magdalene…how she was the first to find that Jesus’ tomb was empty. And a year ago, I
    had my feet washed on Holy thursday…so live in hope that we will see some changes
    before we die!

  10. Beautiful Easter service at the Episcopal Church we now attend. We are so thankful to have found this small community of believers. And for Holy Thursday, our priest said to come up if you wanted your feet washed and to consider washing someone else’s feet. All the RC parishes we’ve belonged to, only certain parishioners were asked to have their feet washed…usually ones with positions within the church. I wished I could explain how humbling and spiritual it all was…Happy Easter, friends!

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