Panel Scrutinizes Sins of the Church

Click here to read: “Panel of advocates discuss Catholic church’s ‘mortal sins,'” by Jamie Mason, May 1, 2013, The National Catholic Reporter

Excerpt: “‘The bishops’ public relations machine has persuaded the people that it is a problem that was, not that is,’ Jeff Anderson says, ‘and that is a living lie. There have been superficial changes, but not fundamental changes.'”

6 thoughts on “Panel Scrutinizes Sins of the Church

  1. I read the NCR article and I am familiar with many of the bloggers who commented on the piece. It does seem that it is becoming clearer that reform of the Catholic Church is necessary, and the panel members are likely to be involved in the reform. It will be no small
    matter— big things will change. It may even take the form of a split or schism like the eleventh or sixteenth century.

  2. What a wonderful article! Reading this just reinforced and justified the decision I made to leave my beloved church two years ago, after a lifetime of faithfulness. Makes me feel I have done the right thing. I had high hopes that Pope Francis would clean out the filth and make some dramatic changes that would allow the guilty to be punished in one way or another, but nothing so far. I will have to read the new book. Should be interesting.

    1. Joyce, exactly my sentiments.

      I read Mason’s article this morning. For the entire day, I have asked myself how anyone could occupy a pew in this church. At some point, a person has to consider the morality of doing so. Do not tell me that it’s the right way, the best way, the most effective way, or the only way to reform the Church. It is the wrong way, the worst way, the least effective way, and hardly the only way.

      Catholics need to exit the Church and, from the outside, reform it. Watch the hierarchy snap to it when there are no dollars to count or sheep to brainwash. It’s how you bring corrupt, narcissistic creeps to their knees in a monarchy. Then, you oust the entire sick lot of them and commission the panel of Anderson, Sipe, Wall, Doyle, Blaine, and the author who reminds us of their MORTAL SINS to bring to fruition the fundamental changes that will save our Church.

      Just shocking that ANYONE would step foot in today’s Church.

      1. Kate the answer is that our faith is in Jesus Christ and his church not the corrupt institution. It’s not easy. My strength comes from Adoration and the Eucharist. I believe Jesus speaks to me and is truly present and although my life has been extremely difficult and painful at times he has answered me on many occasions and I do believe there is a heaven because I have seen glimmers of it and I have seen him work thru others in the most amazing ways. I think the most important question we can ask ourselves is do we love Jesus more than we love sin? And if we do than do what he would do……… follow Jesus I have found you need to love but also be brave…….being brave and trusting in him is sometimes the hardest thing to do…..

        1. Beth: I feel the same as you do. My faith grows ever stronger in Jesus, and His Spirit is what carries me through. I can say I’ve lost so much in the past 5 years, but I don’t. I thank God for His everpowerful presence in my life. The Eucharist, also, is what keeps me focused, and is my Bread of Life. My pastor is truly a holy man, and ,my opinion, he does represent Jesus on earth. When I think of the priests whose calling is to minister, I feel, has to be extremely hard, this day and age, because of the predators and pedophlles that are Roman Catholic priests.
          I am not one of the pew sheep. I can’t contribute anymore, and haven”t for some time. I refuse to pay for lawyers, bail etc.
          I’ve met survivors, abused victims, and the parent of a boy who commited suicide. I feel pain in my heart for them. I want the statues of limitations lifted, I want All from the Cardinals on down, held responsible for what they’ve done, and what they haven’t done for all the victims and survivors. I believe them, and will always. Peace!

  3. From the article in reference to Fr Fugee “Advocates, joined by several lawmakers, called for Myers to resign, and rank-and-file Catholics inundated the archdiocese with letters and phone calls of protest” The key words in this sentence being “rank and file catholics” up until recently that would not have happened and even if it did, would be ignored.

    I understand why people leave and I understand why people stay,and there are many more “people like Beth and Denise in the pews than before and that is key to change also. The people who leave are easily dismissed,the people who stay and voice their concerns and protests, are harder to ignore.

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