10 thoughts on “Newark Monsignor Resigns Amid Father Fugee Sex Abuse Cover Up

  1. Doran signed an agreement with the Bergen County Prosecutors’ Office promising to bar Fugee from ministry. What is the consequence of failing to meet that agreement? In other words, what consequence will the Bergen County Prosecutors’ Office impose on Doran? Doran’s removal as the archdiocesan vicar general is NOT the consequence of the Prosecutors’ Office, rather it’s the consequence of the archdiocese.

    Bergen County Prosecutors’ Office: YOUR WORK IS NOT FINISHED.

    1. The “promise” is a binding legal obligation that should have legal consequences if breached !

  2. I believe that the agreement is not worth the paper it is written on. Never heard of such a document……is it legally binding for the Monsignor? If so, how? If not, and there are no provisions for failure to abide by the agreement, why have such a specious document?

  3. “Archbishop Myers should be next…”

    As soon as a willing prosecutor bags one of these prelates the rest will go down much easier. The first cut is the deepest. Which DA will change the course of RCC history in the United States?

  4. “……I immediately ordered an outside law firm to conduct a full and thorough investigation of the matter…..”
    Archbishop Myers………you are spending parishioner dollars to an “outside law firm” whose ultimate responsibility is to serve the client’s interests (that is YOUR INTERESTS, not the parishioners who paid for the legal services).
    Even IF they were to produce a report that was critical of your clergy abuse reporting, processing and investigation system, YOU are under no obligation to release this same information to the parishioners who paid for the study.
    I’d like a single penny for each and every time a US diocese hired an “outside law firm” over the past 10-11 years since the Boston scandal erupted in 2002.

  5. So the Archbishop is going to shuffle the deck. Hire someone else to fix the problem.Move some people around.When are these so called leaders going to take on the problems that they have created? This entire house is built with a deck of cards. When will someone pull out the one card so that the house collapses? Speaking of hiring someone from the outside, I understand that Mary Achilles no longer is employed by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. I wonder why that is the case.

  6. Myers, Myers, Myers…we aren’t all as stupid as you think we are. We can see you had to cut Doran to save your hide.

    Lets go over this again…”you are the person who is in charge of all the other collars. This is why you wear the hat and hold the miter.”

    Stand up, for once in your life, and just be honest. Just say what we already know…you didn’t do your job! We don’t want Doran’s head…we want the person responsible, and that’s Myers.

    1. Survivor’s Wife……

      Are you saying that vertebrae are in short supply over there in Newark?

  7. And it goes on and on and on…………… I believe the victims/survivors!!! Peace.

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