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  1. Well, this gives the issue more world attention and could bring into greater focus the vast cover up from the parish pastor to the cardinals. I have my doubts that legal team Vatican will willingly give up such information, but it is helpful to keep the pressure on for the church to clean house. It is sites like this that are so important to keep this in the public forum, so authorities around the world will keep pressing this issue. Yet again, thank you for what you have accomplished.

    In spite of all this ongoing tragic revelations, I continue to support the majority of clergy that devote their entire life to saving our souls and could be doing it with a sad ending they may be without a retirement source of income.

    1. Priests don’t save souls. That’s a God job. Priests simply aren’t that powerful and to place them with that “authority” is a problem for the RCC.

      Priests are to humbly serve. If they do that calling well, they will lead Catholics to love like Jesus loves.

      I know few priests who do this well. Instead, I see priests who whine about their mass schedules, gossip about their parishioners, manipulate their parish councils, and behave as if visiting nursing homes or preparing for funeral masses are extraordinary.

      Save souls? Not the priests, bishops, and cardinals I know.

  2. FANTASTIC! I had no idea that Vatican reps. were going to have to come before a UN council about this in 6 months. Our prayers are being answered to clean out the church. Finally, a world wide light being shined into the Vatican “cellars”.

    1. The Vatican at least, was well and truly aware this was in the pipeline, even before Benendict resigned.
      With Franic’s record there would be a lot going down for him too.
      Hence the white-wash.St Francis indeed!
      And he hooked up with the Minister General of the Franciscan’s to boot!

  3. I need a private email to contact Mz. Matthews about something we spoke about and I lost her email.

    Father Donal

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TO SEND A LETTER to Father Donal: Padre Donal Sella PO Box 1108, Fajardo, PR, USA 00738-1108 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TO SEND A PACKAGE / BOX to Father Donal: PADRE DONAL #5 Calle Ave Font Martelo E (Iglesia del Pueblo / Libreria) Humacao, Puerto Rico, USA 00791-3604

    1. Hi Father, The contact form on the contact us goes right into my private email. No one else has access. I’ll also email you my direct email address.

  4. I have paid thousands of dollars trying to pursue litigation. I would pay thousands more to be able to get the records on my abusers released and bring them to the United Nations. But I have been told that the files have been lost in a flood. I think coffee actually came out through my nose when I read that and choked with laughter. I live in New Orleans, my abuse happened in Southern England. Floods? Really? I was glad of the laughter because usually it just raises my blood pressure and anxiety levels when I receive communications like this from the lawyers. The little inheritance I received from my parents is nearly used up, but at least I feel I have gone to battle and not let my diocese forget me too easily. I’ve been writing to them for 17 years now, trying to get information or a response of some kind. The lawyers haven’t got much further but it has made me feel good to have a strong voice on my side. I’m babbling. Sorry. I just hope the UN has more success than I.

    1. To Mona, I admire your persistence and courage, good for you! If you ever need any support just let me know. This institution is caving in. They forget that God is in charge, so watch the Divine do His work.

      1. Yes Vicky, it is the beginning. God can do all things, and indeed is in charge. Peace.

  5. Is anyone knowledgeable about the U.N. commission’s powers, duties, obligations, etc.? In seeking facts from the Vatican, what exactly is the commission empowered to do with them? Is the commission merely a fact-finder and/or watchdog, or is it empowered to charge the Vatican with crimes against children?

    Thank you.

    Kate FitzGerald

    1. Sounds great. I wonder also about the power of the commission. Do they merely issue a report on their findings? I can’t imagine any outside agency gaining unobstructed access to the details and extent of RCC global child abuse. Can’t wait to hear the RCC spin this as “persecution” by the UN.

  6. I asked whether the UN was empowered to criminally charge the Vatican with crimes against children and, although I did not mention it, to bring to justice Vatican offenders and colluders should its fact-finding mission uncover crimes. The answer is NO.

    The Convention on the Rights of the Child is a treaty consisting of approx. 50 articles, all of which address the international rights of children (including the right to not be sexually abused). States/countries that sign the treaty (the Vatican is one of the 190+ signers) agree to and are obliged to follow the treaty’s articles. Should a participating state or country fail to meet one or more of the articles of the treaty, the UN’s role is to “nudge it” in the right direction.



    Kate FitzGerald

  7. The UN doesn’t have teeth when it comes to most issues. The way things are set up, they seem to be more of an advisory council. The publicity will be good but that’s about it. I would like to bring another subject closer to home on the subject. I will try not to be overly political but it is very difficult. Representative Lisa Bennington of Allegheny County recently decided not to seek reelection. This is why she made that decision: ” I can actually blame the Catholic Church for why I’m not running for office again. The Church has told Legislators that if they back this bill[SOL legislation], It[the Church] will come out against them because they have tried to bankrupt the Church. This is what I was up against.” Archbishop Chaput was chosen to be Archbishop of Philadelphia because of his success in defeating similar legislation in Colorado. He was certainly not chosen for his soft, cuddly disposition. Nor was he chosen because he has great charisma. All that he had going for him was his record in Colorado. He appears to be on his way to success here in Pennsylvania, using the same tactics he used in Colorado.

    1. do you have the whole article Jim I would be interested in reading it? Pope Francis recently said something to the affect St.Peter didn’t have a bank account. No he didn’t and for good reasons.My belief is sooner or later money always corrupts…

      1. Beth: My mistake. The facts are true but outdated. Lisa Bennington is a divorce attorney from the Pittsburgh area who served one term in the state legislature,from 2006 to 2008. The bill she was trying to get through was from 2008. She decided to go back to her practice. I read the quote and noted it on paper. I believe it was from Bishop Accountabilty.org. It just goes to show you, I am no Joan.

    2. If this is true ( I have no doubt about it ) then an investigation of the catholic church is warranted as it violates separation of church and State, I would like to read more about this if you can provide any, thank U . To me that is a threat that the church used against the legislatures to impede the VICTIMS right to JUSTICE !

    3. If the UN have no teeth, they’ve put the wind up the Vatican at least.
      *Pope Expands Sex Abuse Laws In Response To UN Criticisms……
      Barbie Latza Nadeau*
      With the what was going down on his watch in Buenos Aires one doesn’t wonder he’s so eager to please.

  8. Catholic philly.com has an article about all the changes in Vatican law not cannon law. Apparently there was no law concerning child porn among other things changes are long overdue….explains the arrogance with banking and child abuse the Vatican curia etc

  9. Not to worry, residents of the City of Brotherly Love. Just wait until the civil trials re clergy abuse get started here against the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Depositions, statements, evidence, documents, reports, etc being made public…….I know one thing,…..it certainly will make Archbishop Chaput very glad (warm and cuddly, too) that he came to the East Coast.

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