Mom Wants Archbishop Myers In Prison

Click here to read: “Mother of Alleged Abuse Victim Calls for Archbishop Myers to Be Jailed,” by Mark Mueller, The Star-Ledger, August 13, 2013

Excerpt: “The mother of a boy allegedly abused by a priest in the Diocese of Peoria called today for Newark Archbishop John J. Myers to be jailed, saying he could have prevented the molestation because he knew of a previous allegation when he served as bishop there.”

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  1. Society needs to change its value system instead of protecting the powerful we need to start protecting the weak, the innocent and the vulernable………..

    1. Once we get the first bishop, the remainder will fall much more easily. Who’s going to be the first DA to bag one of these creeps?

  2. Please read Revelation 17…It speaks of the seven Hills being destroyed in an hour. I ‘ve been to Rome and stayed on one of the seven hills (AventineHill) It says this is the city(Rome) that will be destroyed. I believe it. It also says get out of this place, as you will be considered part of the sins they have committed. Also this new Pope was put in place on 3-13-13. The prophsies of Malachi have been found to be correct. Check out a web-site called vatican I have not checked it yet.

  3. If this was an Argentinan case it wouldn’t even got this far.
    Like in Australia [now at least] and Ireland, certain journalist’s and media outlets have given so much support.
    As I’ve said elsewhere, we aren’t meant to protect an instituion or governments, we’re meant to protect each other and that includes seeking justice, in fact it’s a criminal act not to when it pertains to children.

  4. churchmilitanttv is very conservative but has a lot of good insights into the corruption and demolition of the church this past week……..

  5. I know that Archbishop and his successor, Bishop Daniel Jenky. Remember that name too. He’s just as incompetent and corrupt.

    I know the family…what happened to them and how the RCC has treated them is deplorable.

    Right before Maloney died, he was supposed to be deposed. He died days later. THEN, I read the deposition..,he pulled the plug on himself from dialysis…knowing he would die within days and therefore not be able to be deposed. He called Myers days before to let him know what he was doing. He also went to his grave denying he did anything to anyone.

    The pain this family has endured is beyond words. I wish everyone could hear their story from beginning to end. It might move some people in the pews. In the infamous words of Joanne (Andrew’s mother)….”They messed with the wrong family!”

  6. Jim Goodness, a spokesman for Myers…………

    One evil story after another flowing from the Archdiocese of Newark and each time we have GOODNESS speaking on behalf of Archbishop Myers, the Jersey Enabler.

    Hollywood could never, ever write this script.

    1. Michael you are so right……..reality is stranger than fiction sometimes…… on the flip sideI have had some very random unique encounters with people after praying to God to use me for change in the church and peoples lives concerning child sexual abuse etc….as more people continue to act and pray I believe others will witness amazing things as they push forward following the will of God in their lives and the plans he has for them to make this a better place. One thing the leadership forgets is there are survivors everywhere and combine that with prayer and Gods will and action it can only lead to change………the more people that cooperate with the will of God……..the less there are to cooperate with Satan……….

  7. I always seem to want this community to read further and just become more angered and incensed at the failure of hierarchs to take serious responsibility.
    I want to share with you a book by Father Emmett Coyne, The Theology of Fear, published in 2012 and found on Amazon ( I have written a review on that site).
    Emmett challenges much of the power structure of the “establishment” and goes after the failure of the bishops to pursue pedophiles and have them jailed as criminals and those in authority who allowed this crisis to grow. Reading this book will only substantiate so many who feel totally alienated by this institution and it will challenge those on the fence to take a more serious leap to freedom. It is easy to climb the wall but very often more scary to make the leap off. The mission of this community is to challenge, challenge, challenge. Only when truth is put forward; only when there are no more lies; only when bishops seek serious advice from and respect the power of the laity, will this Church ever gain back its credibility. Otherwise, this “ship” is simply a rudderless craft whose crew has abandoned and left the “people” to fend for themselves.

  8. The reviews on” Theology of Fear ” are very good. Fr. Tom Doyle’s especially good. Go to Amazon .com

      1. Indeed, clericalism at its finest, Survivor’s wife.

        Once again, it’s all about the cultish mantra of saving priesthoods. “One can understand when family difficulties lead parents, even by conjecture, to blame someone outside the family, but conjecture is no reason to undermine the Ministry of Individual Priests [in caps no less!] or Bishops for that matter”– Archbishop Myers.

        Trust me, few if any parish priests will be independently inclined read that at Mass. Even the parish priests are onto the horrors of the bishops.

        Fr. Jim Chern is your typical, young, orthodox, bishop-back-scratcher. One day, he’ll naively go down with all of them and still be smiling. Stupid. Just plain stupid.

        Kate FitzGerald

    1. I just read it and wrote a comment. They. did not. publish it, although they had my name. etc. …..

      1. They publish only what is favorable to their cause.

        As Kate said, “Trust me, few if any parish priests will be independently inclined read that at Mass. Even the parish priests are onto the horrors of the bishops.”

        When I was in seminary we were told that as future priests will be mouthpieces for the bishop. That was followed by, “If you don’t like it, there are 5 or 6 Protestant seminaries in town; go to one of them!”

        There’s no First Amendment in the RCC. You’re under their thumb, but only if you allow yourself to be. Without your consent the RCC has absolutely no power over you.

        I have no fear of eternal damnation as a result of not obeying a bishop, but I have cause to worry if I don’t defy a corrupt bishop.

        We’re educated people capable of independent moral decision making.

        1. drwho, I know more than a few priests who disregard the communications from the Archdiocese concerning the abuse crisis . There was one letter a few years back ,and when I talked to a priest about how hard it must have been to read the misleading letter to his parish…he laughed and said it was in the trash can.

          1. I’m glad to hear about that degree of independence! I guess we have made progress since my experience 20 years ago.


      There are a few – has anyone contacted members of these parishes and asked if they thanked them – the pastors? I make sure I contact relatives and friends that live in these parishes when I read of these stories. Maybe they need to be recognized also. Even Doyle needed time to process. What a shock it must have been with his status when the study went into the circular file – what chance does a parish priest have when he speaks out?

      Glad to read that the members of the parish spoke out.

      The principal of the school where I taught, started the sexual abuse of a child at 7 years old. How do they justify this? They send these people from one assignment to another. Why do they hide behind legal issues? Hearts of flesh and blood or hearts of stone?

      1. Of course Don Bevilacqua, Boss of all Bosses was involved. If there is justice in the next world (and we believe there is) I wouldn’t want to be him.

        The inherent arrogance of many bishops will prevent them from learning anything from this disgraceful man.

        RIH – Rot in Hell Don Bevil.

        1. Kinda ironic because I grew up in St. Andrews in Delaware county with all those predator priests and St. Andrews in Bucks county is a breath of fresh air……….so is Our Lady of Grace……..

          1. St Andrews and St Andrews, Doyle and Bev, how to support our schools yet not support the AD, and conscience and obedience. Why does the Church that should be supporting us as we minister leave us so conflicted?

            God bless you Beth and all who are struggling.

          2. That conflict is the essence of the prelates continued ability to control. There’s just enough good to keep the pew people silent. It’s that conflict that the bishops exploit in order to retain their power. They use the the “good” done by others as a cover for their demonic behavior, as they live their lives of excess.

  9. Is it necessary to post frequently here in order to stay on the “mailing list?” I am continuously being “dropped” from the list and get no updates. If I didn’t go to my old saved mail and “check back in” I would never be updated.

  10. On the issue of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia closing several nursing homes and facilities for the sick and aged in order to shore up its fiscal crisis, while not touching retirement homes and a rehab facility for priests, why not look at closing the priest facilities first? With a dwindling priesthood, wouldn’t it be wise to merge their retirement homes? Would there be a need for a priestly rehab facility if the psycho-sexual issues that inflict priests were minimized by reinventing the priesthood? With the number of aged in this country about to triple in the next decade, why, oh why, would the diocese target for closure homes and facilities for the aged before homes and facilities for a few priests???

  11. It certainly is comforting to know that Archbishop Chaput was able to find the money to keep St. John Vianney in Downingtown open. Of course, it is even more beneficial that the facility is located across the highway from an archdiocesan high school.

    Does the Archdiocesan Annual Financial Report include the particulars (income, expenses, funding, etc.) for the St. John Vianney treatment center? Does anyone know the answer to this particular concern?

  12. Well I wish there was a happy ending to my story but there isn’t. I am now officially divorced and its not that I didn’t love my husband I did and I still do…….the judge that put my husbands predator in jail made a point of saying that his actions of abusing my husband affected generations and generations and the sad fact is its true and I have lived it…….the mother in this article knew it and of those with a friend or family member that was abused know it also.

    1. I’m so sorry Beth.

      If people really knew what abuse does to a person…to a family…to the one-day children…to parenting…to marriage….

      We’re real people…not just numbers and stats. Our lives can’t be tied up with a pretty little bow.

      Prayers for you and yours Beth.

      1. Thanks SW that’s why I have chosen to share part of my story when I do here and other places people don’t see us as numbers but flesh and blood people……and it really causes them to think about this issue more…..I didn’t realize the far reaching affects til I experienced them personally……..when I got married ironically the priest said we would have problems if my husband didn’t seek counseling for his abuse….my husband didn’t follow thru……he thought he was fine with it and so did I……tragically it haunts you many times later in life especially when you have children our your own…….anyway even in all the suffering I can see Gods hand in things…..I still have hope despite everything………..

        1. I just read this article and thought of the spouses who have been so helpful to all of us ,bringing awareness to the issue.

          Beth you are one of the sweetest,compassionate and honest people I have met and your desire to help others while dealing with your own pain has been so touching. Your family is in my prayers. You are a strong woman and a wonderful Mother and please always know in the darkest moments that there are many people here for you, as you have been for others these past few years.

          1. Thanks Kathy . As many of you know my husband was not abused in the catholic church but I was shocked to learn after reading everything I could get my hands on how terribly we have treated our survivors in the church. I also was shocked to find that the “catholic lobby” has been actively trying to block laws that would name predators and make all kids safer in PA. That is why this issue has been so important to me.

      1. Thanks nichols1 even though my heart is broken in a million pieces I cling to Jesus because I know he loves me……when I am afraid I remind myself I must not be trusting in him and put myself back in his hands and I am at peace. I learned that I cant control anything but my actions and reactions…..I cant control other people or give other people self control……..this realization puts me at peace…….that and the fact this is not my home heaven is……

        1. Hi Beth – sorry to hear about your situation. As you’ve said, the Lord will continue to help you and yours along through this life and on to our heavenly home – no more tears.

          If you have the time, search for ‘Going Home’ on Youtube –

          Here’s the link:


          1. Thanks Joe……I just had a good cry watching that:) Last week was a double whammy my dad and my uncle’s birthday two days apart I loved them both very very much when O get done all the work God has for me here I hope to see them soon…..

          2. Hi Drwho – thank you very much. Perhaps we can get together some day and discuss our seminary days.

            Beth – there’s tons of inspirational material on YouTube.

  13. beth; I feel your pain and understand what you and your husband have gone through. Although I share many of the effects of childhood sexual abuse. there is much more that I don’t choose to share.As you state, childhood sexual abuse affects not only the victim but his/her’s family,not only immediate family but extended family. I suspect that every victim of childhood sexual abuse suffers from some addiction,in many cases multiple addictions.The effect of addiction on families is horrible.I lived through it as a child. I have seen my wife and children suffer the pain of my own addictions. My thoughts are with you and your family

  14. Thanks Jim that means a great deal………..I know you know the horror of it all……….the past few days I feel the flood gates have opened so to speak…….I am grieving the loss of so many things my marriage my family…………I just hope we all manage to get to heaven somehow……… experiences during my dads illness have made my faith strong and for that I am grateful as it will help me thru my present circumstances and has taught me to never despair nor give up………I firmly believe we are all here for a reason and many times it is just to pull up someone that has fallen and needs a hand to get back up. I just want everyone on this site to know they have done that for me on more than one occasion whether they know it or not and that I truly appreciate all of you from the bottom of my heart.

  15. ‘LNewignton. I’ve ‘re read these posts and you have said it all. It is criminal if we sit back and do nothing. Whether laity or clergy..God commands US to reveal evil and put a stop to it when we are able to do so. Let alone criminal but so against anything that GOD would condone in a person of spiritual authority…..confession to rid self of guilt will get the person ZIP!

  16. Over the weekend I got a chance to ask a fellow parishioner what Archbishop Chaput said when he visited my parish Our Lady of Grace. She said the first part of the homily was about how our priests are basically our priests and he was our pastor and the rest of the homily was about the readings.While she was paraphrasing his homily I could not help but think but you were not the one who met with me many times to listen to me cry as I sought spiritual direction in regards to my marriage and my husbands addictions. You were not the one that listened to my confession and the sorting out of my anger towards those that did not protect my husband. .You did not allow Vicky to speak at your church nor offer to come to the vigil to reach out to our survivors my priests have done or offered to do all these things. Nor have they actively sought to block changes in the laws that would further protect our children. In many ways they have been true to their call to be my spiritual fathers. A friend and retired teacher recently reminded me there is a difference between saying you love your children and your children feeling that love you say you have for them. Its a lesson I need to learn myself. I talked to the Father of a survivor outside at one of the vigils despite the fact he had talked to Archbishop Chaput in person he said he felt that no one in the church had really reached out to him and his family in any meaningful way. This brings me back to my thoughts on the homily talk is cheap……actions speak louder than words……..I have yet to see Archbishop Chaput act like the pastor he says he is in regard to our survivors……I have heard it again and again from many of our survivors no one has reached out……….If our survivors haven’t felt a compassionate response from you Archbishop Chaput maybe it time to reexamine your approach to our survivors…………

  17. He will never re-examine anything having to do with what the clergy have done to our innocents.Nor will anyone in the Catholic church. They have found their comfort zone and will stay there till KINGDOM COME… I SAY …PLEASE LET THE KINGDOM COME NOW…COME LORD JESUS!

  18. Beth, I am so sorry. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Thank you for sharing your story and bringing attention to the way sexual abuse hurts and strains the lives of so many people beyond the victims themselves. We must not view justice and mercy myopically, pertaining to victims alone. The hurt of sexual abuse radiates out to so many innocent people, all to often resulting in shattered lives, marriages, relationships, careers… We must hold ourselves morally responsible to all who are pained and hurt.

    Kate FitzGerald


    “He left the priesthood and became a social worker. He pleaded guilty in 2007 to abusing two teenagers and was sentenced to probation.”

    What? Social Worker?

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