Please Call Your PA State Representative Today

Please call your Pennsylvania state rep and say you want the statute of limitations removed for child sex abuse. Protect children by exposing predators hiding behind the current law. Father Robert Brennan had many victims who don’t fall within the current statutes. For them, there is no justice. How many more abusers are roaming free in our communities because they can’t be prosecuted?

There is no statute for murder. Why should there be one for child sex abuse. Find your State Rep contact info by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “Please Call Your PA State Representative Today

      1. Thanks Susan, sometimes I need a few thumps on my head before I understand and my connection is about 10% now so I am losing some of articles and video that is being posted.

  1. I just called Rep. Ron Marsico, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, and a Rep. Nancy Toepel, a member of that committee, and left messages for both to bring House Bills 237 and 238 to the floor for full discussion by the entire House of Reps. in Harrisburg. Their names were on the first link that was shown. Now I will call the representative in my district. We can’t make too many calls on this matter. Bills to enable survivors to bring their perpetrators to justice have languished for too long. Thanks to everyone for any and all calls you make.

  2. Forget about marsico and caltagirone they are defenders of the enablers and perps and have not to date offered any cogent reason as to why they have stalled these bills ! The news conference went very well, many St. Reps appeared and gave potent impassioned reasons why the Bills must be passed, many thanks to St. Rep Rozzi and all the other decent St. Reps that spoke on behalf of the Victims !

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