Action Needed Today: Support Legislation to Protect Children and Help Victims

Please contact your Pennsylvania Legislators today. Tell them you support Senate Bill 681 with Rep. Mark Rozzi’s amendments. Tell your Rep that you want to give child abuse victims the time they need to enter the justice system and that you want to protect children from abuse.

They will be voting on this within the next couple of days.

A. How to find your legislator:

B. Bullet points we suggest you use in your communication with him/her:

· Please support SB 681

· Please support Rep. Rozzi’s amendments that help bring justice to victims of child sex abuse by increasing the statute of limitations from 12 years to 32 years for civil actions arising from the sexual abuse of a minor and create a two year “window” to allow past child sexual abuse victims the opportunity to seek civil recourse from their perpetrators.

· Thank them for their consideration of this matter.

· Include your name and address.

8 thoughts on “Action Needed Today: Support Legislation to Protect Children and Help Victims

    1. He is my state senator as well. My state rep is Tom Murt. They both know where I stand. Rep. Tom Murt has met with Archbishop Chaput was dismayed by his stance on the statute of limitations.

  1. Yet again, a big thank you is in order for you keeping an eye on this important legislation during this busy time of the year. I made my contact via email as I prefer this means vs. phone calls, for it generates a written reply rather than hope a staffer made a record of my call.

  2. Good luck to all of you in Pennsylvania. With a lot of hard work we were able to influence all our Illinois legislators to eliminate SOLS for both civil and criminal cases of child sexual abuse. It is not retroactive and we did not ask for a window this time, but we were/are thrilled to get this legislation passed. For those of us who are grandparents, we especially emphacized this saying we wanted our grandchildren and ALL children to be protected from abuse. Our laws go into effect on Jan. 1, 2014. We will have a media event around then to educate the public that mandated reporters will no longer be able to wait out statutes of limitation on these heinous crimes.

  3. Its only the brave that look at child sexual abuse for what it is and all the social and economic fallout and then are determined to make the changes necessary to keep kids safer……..denial is for the weak, the cowards and/ or the ignorant sometimes we need to educate and strengthen those that are in denial…….I know I needed education when I first came on this site………….prayers for all these changes that they make kids safer and that our survivors know we care………

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