Ethical Food for Thought for Past & Present Archdiosecan Employees

Click here to read, “Church lawyer turned whistleblower named ‘person of the year,'” by Richard Meryhew, Star Tribune, Dec. 30, 2013

Excerpt: “The whistleblower who set off a storm of controversy over clergy sex abuse in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has been named “person of the year” by a national Catholic newspaper.

Jennifer Haselberger, 39, of St. Paul was honored Monday in an editorial by the National Catholic Reporter for her courage in speaking out against Archbishop John Nienstedt and his handling of evidence in potential child abuse cases involving archdiocesan priests.”

4 thoughts on “Ethical Food for Thought for Past & Present Archdiosecan Employees

  1. Great article. Confirms that any rehabilitation for the church has to come from the outside. The inside is too rotten to police itself.

  2. Absolutely correct is the above comment. No longer should anyone lightly pass-off the criminality of sexual abuse against children. Catholic laity is too laxed in attempting to uncover pedophilia priests. We should join in a nationwdie campaign to hurt prelates in their wallets and pocketbooks and stop contributing into Sunday collection baskets. Without American money, these rogue prelates will come to understand what we want them to do: stop shielding criminal priests. Read “Mortal Sins” by Michael D’Antonio to understand how far reaching this gang of so-called bishops, archbishops, cardinals have organized to circumvent laws.

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