If It’s Not Blatant Abuse Coverups, It’s Blunders for Philly Archdiocese

Click here to watch: “Philadelphia Student’s Identity Released After Sexual Assualt,” by Dave Schratwieser, MyFoxPhilly.com, Feb. 7, 2014

Excerpt: A spokesman for the archdiocese admitted the school sent out the sensitive information, but said a second email was sent out within 30 to 40 minutes asking anyone who received the first email not to read it and to delete it immediately. The school also sent a follow-up message home to parents about the incident and the email communication mix-up.

21 thoughts on “If It’s Not Blatant Abuse Coverups, It’s Blunders for Philly Archdiocese

  1. Sorry to hear the 15 year old victim’s name was released, but I could not care less about the 16 year old male that was arrested and publicly ID.

  2. Prayers for the victim, no sympathy for the attacker.

    Maybe his defense will be: I seen for years clergy getting away with the same crime why not me. Send me to another school or send me home with the punishment of prayers and penance and will call it even.

    Sad, very sad

  3. When a priest is accused of sexual abuse you won’t hear his name for years!!! Chaput has taken a bad situation and allowed to to get much worse!

  4. The victim will need loving care and professional counseling ,and compassion from all,even her classmates.The high school years are a rocky time…no need to make it rockier.The abuser might need a visit to jail,or prison where the inmates can get into his face,and let him know what happens to his cut of cloth. The church,(notice no capital C), officials could serve a penance to fit their crimes…perhaps ministering to the pirates of Somalia,putting them on the front lines in Afghanistan to convert the extremists,or conducting play time with the general population of a maximum prison. Since these officials claim to serve,let them be served. Too harsh!!!!!!! O.K. Let us go back to Scripture. Tie a millstone to their necks,and have them cast into the sea. Tell them the Lord is with them….and He is really p…..d off! After penance, we will talk about forgiveness.
    Yours’ truly was a victim. and is a survivor,who has waited for decades to extract a pound of flesh,not only for himself,but also for those who had no one to speak for them…especially for those who have taken their own lives. The Lord forgive them,for He feels their pain,and knows their hearts

  5. All the training, personnel and resources and STILL our archdiocesan leadership stumbles on such a basic principle of sexual abuse investigation and management………the release of the victim’s identity.???

  6. Who are these Catholic “school officials” in Philly? Last month, we heard that “school officials” were privy to a priest having sexual abuse accusations made against him yet he was permitted to remain present in his parish church and within a stone’s throw of its school thanks to some sort of secretive Archdiocesan “watch” plan. Why don’t red flags go up in the minds of “school officials” when the Archdiocese fashions secret “watch” plans instead of implementing the mandates of the Dallas Charter ??? Do the “school officials” even know the mandates of the Dallas Charter? And, if they do, why didn’t they have the guts to remind the Archdiocese of them? Now we have “school officials” who don’t know what to report, and what not to report, when a purported campus crime unfolds. Have they not been trained in dealing with these matters??? Is the training not there, or only of a superficial nature, because it goes over every Archdiocesan and “school official” Catholic head that even CATHOLIC campuses are subject to crimes, including sexual ones??? The naive blinders Catholics wear when it comes to sex and crimes are appalling. These “school officials” have to rise to the occasion for us because the Archdiocese will not. If you are a “school official” who cannot rise to the occasion, who is not informed, who cannot act independently, who is not trained, who does not know the law, and who is a “mat” to the Archdiocese, please remove yourself from the role you play in the lives of our children, our families, our parishes, our communities, and our Church because, in remaining, you are merely a player in a problematic and dangerous Catholic “play.”

  7. Most Reverend Michael J. Fitzgerald

    Auxiliary Bishop
    — Office of Catholic Education
    — Office for Catechetical
    — Metropolitan Tribunal
    — Chancery
    — Office for Child and Youth
    — Delegate for Investigations

    Take your concerns to the top…………..Bishop Fitzgerald would certainly be able to help you……he’s a civil attorney.

  8. This is known as Protecting God’s Children??? Cannot even protect this young girls name?
    Confusion on what to do?
    Go to the AD website click, “Youth and Child Protection”. Talk about confusion. The website is out of date. The director changed months ago.
    If you look at, “How to make a Report”, they are still advising to report abuse to supervisors and make no mention to call Child-line directly???
    All staff and volunteers who work with children of the AD are mandated reporters to Child Line. I wonder why we are still seeing report abuse to supervisors?

    1. Victim’s Sister,
      Where did you get info that the director of the OYCP changed months ago? What exactly are the out of date polices of which you speak? I am a parent and I would like to know exactly what errors exist and if you have the information you claim to have, please share it with the community.
      Thank you.

  9. That is blatant abuse Susan. Blatant violation of the violated! The shame attached to what happened, and then to have your name spread around because of some school personnel’s mistake? Who makes that kind of mistake?

    What did they say? Oops? We asked people not to open an email we sent out…c’mon.

    I can’t imagine the humiliation for the victim. I dislike the RCC more everyday.

    1. Survivor’s Wife,

      I do not know if you ever served on a jury and a judge turns to the jury box and says “disregard that last statement” ? Human nature would only direct more attention to that statement in someone’s mind.

      Like you I believe the numbers who did not open the e-mail after being requested not to is a big fat zero.

      Once again who suffers because of the actions of the Archdiocese ? Children.

      1. Dennis, I so agree. (And here comes my rant about Maria Goretti, the child saint for whom the above AD school is named.) Absolutely disgusting is the RCC distortion of her story.. .The spinning of the crimes of child sex abuse and murder into a fable of chastity and forgiveness which ends gloriously for all (for all except the dead 12 yr old girl.)
        After his shortened sentence, Maria Goretti’s rapist murderer was invited by the RCC to her canonization where he sat with her “forgiving” mother, after which he publicly and affectionately referred to Maria as “my little saint” until he died as a lay monk in a monastery in 1970.
        What in that story do the the sexually messed-up RCC “scholars” find to celebrate as virtuous and holy? What sick lessons are they asking our daughters and sons to learn from this tale?
        It’s just as screwed up as the public disclosure of an alleged victim’s name…and the bizarre email following it.

        Human Degradation …the unmentioned 8th sacrament of the RCC. Endure it like livestock, or get out.

  10. Below content was posted at C4C in May 2012……..may be relevant to the current topic

    March 8, 2002

    In 1994, at the direction of Cardinal Bevilacqua and the other Pennsylvania Bishops, an ad hoc committee of canonists was formed to examine how the dioceses of Pennsylvania can better protect their secret archives from civil law discovery. Father Michael J. Fitzgerald, Director of the Office for Legal Service for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, was appointed committee chair.

    Attachment II is a committee report summarizing the conclusions and recommendations of the committee. Please note a request from Father Fitzgerald (page 6) for further analysis of a potential conflict between canon law and civil law in the implementation of “V. Annual Review of Secret Archives Material” particularly as it relates to the destruction of specific materials.

    The above paragraphs are presented on page 39 of the link presented on this topic. Please note the references to Father Michael Fitzgerald, civil attorney and Director of the Office of Legal Services. Shortly after the release of the first grand jury report in September 2005, after repeated requests from this writer, Father Fitzgerald’s office assistant at St. Charles Seminary related to me that Father wanted me to know that he and his office did not have anything to do with nor did they handle the reports and allegations of clergy sexual abuse that came to the archdiocese. He is now Bishop Fitzgerald in charge of the Office of Catholic Education.

  11. With this latest, I will describe as idiotic move by the archdiocese I cannot stop having concerns for the victim especially if the alleged attacker is more a popular student then the victim.

    We have seen before the concerns the archdiocese has in dealing with the safety of children and this is another example of how the church wishes to continue.

    If we follow their old script no one will take blame or everyone will blame everyone else.

  12. I like to post stories when a victim turns themselves into survivors, and this post is no different. However, this article hit home when the survivor told the reporter of how he feels today. Something many of us can relate to.

    Besides the comment the survivor has made, the age the victim was when he was attacked is horrific but not shocking. What I would like to draw to the attention of whoever reads the link is the amount of times this priest was moved by the Catholic Church.


  13. I really need to know: who was fired for this God awful “mistake”? To have that poor girl violated TWICE is a disgrace, to say the least. And I will admit, if no one was fired over this incident, I fear that I will go stark raving mad, as I am hanging by a thread as it is, with all of these actions that go unpunished or are ignored.

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