And the Oscar Goes To…

Words are not enough. This fact is highlighted by the following excerpt from an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer on September 25, 2005. It relays Father John P. Paul’s words to his congregation after the release of the 2005 Grand Jury Report. The archdiocese removed Paul from ministry this past weekend.


Just before Mass, the current Calvary pastor, the Rev. John P. Paul, addressed the packed church and struck a conciliatory tone. “I would ask you to pray – especially for those who have suffered the hurt and the pain, those who are the victims,” Paul said. Highlighting a part of the report that mentioned the victims’ souls had been murdered by the abuse, Paul said the description was apt. “It does destroy the soul many times,” he said in an apparent reference to the abuse. He asked the congregation to “pray for those who need forgiveness,” and then adding: “Pray for us. We are the church. But we do not lose our faith in Jesus, and we do not lose our faith in the Catholic Church.”

Actions speak louder than words. When the archdiocese gets behind window legislation, the laity will finally be able to hear something.


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  1. At first I thought it was horrifying ..the coincidence that he made it into the news as a “good priest’ speaking out against abuse after the 2005 GJ report…now these words are just another shovel digging the hole.

    1. C&C I copied your comment from below and I am posting it here so that it is not buried far down in the comments. Many people follow the site and many people need to read this.

      “John Paul was always quite the performer. I feel like I should be angry, but I am not at all surprised that he could stand up and say these words. He was able to sit on the teacher’s desk in front of the class and play the good teacher when just minutes before or after he was rationalizing being “in love” with a 14 year old girl trapped in his class. He was so good at charming the lay teachers so that a young girl seeking help would be told to attribute his actions to an active imagination. He was so confident that he could deny it and get away with it.

      I remember getting herded into his line on one of those forced confession days. It was agony waiting, fearing that I would throw up there in the hallway, wondering how I would be disciplined if I just left the line. When I finally got into the room, he just sat there and laughed as I sat in silence refusing to confess to him.”

      1. C&C (why do I want to always put Music Factory after that?) – he was quite the charmer. For those who see the picture now, it is hard to believe but he was a good looking guy. I think that a lot of us were reluctant to tell our stories because of the mentality that we were girls, we probably led him on, etc. I know for the longest time – I thought I was the only one. How naive! Every time a suspended priest list came out, I waited for his name to be on it. And when it wasn’t, I went back to the excuses – I did something, I was the only one. For 28 years! Always in the back of my mind – I was a tease, a slut. I corrupted this poor man of God – led him to almost break his vows.

        1. Kathy and Owl Fan,
          Thank you. I have been struggling with sharing any details for months. I think removing the thumbs helped. I never thought it would come out. I never imagined I would have a chance to share this and be believed.

          1. C&C I was reading your comment to my family and by the last part about him laughing as you sat in silence, I lost it, and looked up to see a few set of eyeballs staring at me like deer in the headlights. I share things with my family from the site from time to time, so I think they were surprised to see me so emotional.
            I was at another Archdiocesan high school for some of the same years that Paul was at McDevitt…all the priests from my high school now removed.
            I can picture you standing in the hallway in fear waiting to have to go to him to Confession…I can picture Owlfan thinking all these years that she was the only one and had done something wrong.
            I could shout from the rooftops “I believe you,I believe you.”

            I understand how it could happen..the climate in the schools …the thought that these men were untouchable..the fear that no one would believe such a thing..the fact that no one did believe such a thing …the fear of authority..the wolves in sheep clothing that surrounded us…I believe you.

          2. I’m so sorry I didn’t figure out how to remove the thumbs down feature sooner. Thank you for sharing your experience. There may be a 14 year old out there now going through the same sort of emotional torture. They may stumble across this. The internet wasn’t there for you, but it can be a wonderful ally for people now. You may never know the full impact of your generosity. But you can be certain it’s left an indelible mark on Kathy and myself.

        2. I believe you, owl and c&c.

          I believed you before you ever breathed a word.

          No more silence. No more shame. You are not alone.

        3. Owl Fan and C&C – I went to McDevitt too and remember him all too well. It does not surprise me in the least that he would stand in front of a congregation and say what he did. Thankfully I never had him as a teacher but remember him constantly flirting with the girls. He had a way of acting quite charming when he wanted to and I think he had many if not all of the teachers fooled. But not the students! Although I had no personal incident with him, I have family members that did. Let’s just say the girl he dropped off last at the end of a group outing was the unlucky one. I can’t even imagine being out with a group of my friends, saying goodbye to them as they were dropped off and then innocently thinking the next stop was yours, until Fr. Paul took a little detour. I remember one comment on the Proud McDevitt alumni page after his story broke, it said something like he offered me a ride home from school one day and I accepted – enough said. It’s just sickening. Of course we all believe you! Did you know that some of the teachers we had in the 80s are still teaching there – I would love to know their thoughts. Were they shocked? Or did they look back and think hmmmm, in hindsight his behavior was not very priestly? I wonder if any girls ever went to a trusted teacher about him and if so what their response was? I doubt Fr. Foster or Sr. St. Philip Neri would have believed a word of it!

          1. One of the things I have talked to Kathy Kane about are the anomolies in his “priestly career”. Why did he not have a parish residence assignment while at McD? Why was he allowed to spend his summers in OC?

            Paul left in 1986. Not surprisingly, that was when McD transistioned to a lay person Principal. Was he transferred because he no longer had the protection of his fellow clergy boys?

        4. In response to your post, I want to give you a little history. My sexual abuse by a priest started in 1964. The principal of my High School in Levittown was after me to “take care of him”, I was 14 yrs. old, He ended up in prayer and pennance after investigating him and finding many victims. I will never forget what he said to me as to why other priests beside him were “interested” in me, he said it was because I was to attractive, so it’s your fault. I relate so much to your post. I have been able after many years of therapy to finally put the blame and the shame where it belongs on the abuser. I did nothing wrong, nothing. You are right when you say they always would blame the girl if a priest molested her, we had to have done something to cause it to happen. This institution will NEVER take responsibility for what they knowingly allowed to happen to innocent children under their watch. I thank you for having the great courage to share some of your story. I support you in your healing.

  2. Unfortunately, we’ve heard these words so many times throughout Christendom….it’s become a Peter and the wolf syndrome…..

  3. You don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or throw up. Rather than actor, this man must be a sociopath – to preach this knowing what he had done, to write his letter of “resignation” while portraying himself as a victim.

    A fellow victim of Paul wants me to go to the Healing Mass. Not sure I want to. What is the Archbishop going to say that is going to heal me – going to make me trust the church?

    1. Personally, I like the “Standing ovation from parishioners” for Msgr. Lynn. Definitely an outstanding performance!

    2. owlfan, Please examine this before you decide and please whatever your decision, make it about what you need, no one else. I’m concerned for you and your friend. This Mass is a set-up to make the archdiocese look good, why be apart of that? What healing can come from an institution that through their actions could care less about survivors? Please be self caring in your decision. Anything that comes out of chaput mouth at this mass is nothing more than hypicrital, for me i don’t need any more wounds.

      1. Vicky, I am going to the mass because I want to hear what he has to say. I know it is a show and I don’t expect healing. I want to see the show with my own eyes and hear what he has to say with my own ears. Unlike some here, I can set foot in the cathedral. I could not set foot in McDevitt ever again, though.

        1. According to the office for communications, the Mass will be live streamed for those who wish to watch from home. Ken Gavin said victims would be made aware of this fact and that privacy would be maintained. I assume this means the cameras will be focused on the altar and not on during Communion. I wonder how they are alerting everyone. That info wasn’t in the initial invitation from what I saw.

    3. In all seriousness, Owlfan, I would strongly suggest you reconsider attending such a sideshow. The Church wants to use you as a puppet so it looks like something entirely different for the sake of parishioners than what you are expecting it to do for you. The Catholic Church is a business and I think you’ll be making yourself out as their “marketing strategy” in hopes of bringing the flock back.

      Without sounding offensive, I think you need to wake up and smell the reality. The Catholic Church doesn’t care about you, me, Vicky, Jim, Art or anybody else. They care about money, money, money.

      If they want me anywhere near that mass they can start by meeting me on my turf and they kiss my pasty-white Irish a$$! (Actually, perhaps not. They might enjoy it and my partner would kill me.)

      I really hope you and Vicky stay away from that spectacle. Especially if anybody pisses off my friend Vicky, I’m going to have to go up there and ruffle some feathers, and all that does is get priests arrested for prostitution, Owl. It’s an ugly thing when a priest propositions a hooker (who’s actually an undercover cop) for sex. So do yourself and the Philly Police Dept. and save yourself the trouble. They ain’t worth it!


      1. Hey Buddy, I have NO intentions of being any where near that building or Chaput, I just want to put out to our survivors that they are taking a huge risk, so be careful! Rich, how are you? I think about you a lot.

  4. I have one question for the catholic church “Who are you?” I no longer recognize you……………for the leadership………..”Do you even know who you are?” ………so many of you that have been entrusted with our souls are going to hell and how to I know this because Jesus said so……………….

  5. I read a story on this morning about a 5-year-old kindergarten student abducted directly from her classroom inside the school by a monster posing as the child’s mother. This “baby” was taken to a house a few blocks away and raped. Nelson Myers, the only hero in this story, found the girl wandering around the next morning in an alley, temperatures below freezing, and half the child’s clothing stripped away from her little body. I remember when this happened last year, but I’m bringing it up now because of what I read in the comment section early this morning below the article. Several commenters alluded to the financial disposition the school, its’ staff, and the school district would now find themselves involved in. Only one comment read with compassion and worry for the present and future life of the victim.

    Last Friday, in North Philadelphia, a masked man attempted to abduct two children outside an elementary school. Luckily, tragedy was avoided and the kids were able to fight off the attack. Yesterday, in nearly the exact location of Friday’s attempted abduction, apparently the same masked man tried to abduct another child. Once again, tragedy was narrowly avoided as the 10-year-old victim was able to break free and run into the school. One commenter posted, “Are these kids stupid nowadays?” Not one person replied with indifference. Instead, a conversation began and midway through the abhorrent comments the section became a feeding frenzy for anyone with an irrelevant opinion focused on everything except for the wellbeing of these children.

    Time and time again, we read of Catholic priests asking to pray for souls of victims and to extend forgiveness to our abusers. I wonder what in the hell these people are thinking?! Are they serious? There’s plenty of blame to go around and it doesn’t end with the abuser being caught. It shoots up, down, and around the hierarchical ladder, with those who knew about the abusers, the potential threat they posed, and in all too many circumstances the direct knowledge that children were being abused, and they did nothing! These men and women of God treated children as pawns in a friendly game of chess with their comrades, and in turn they ignored the suffering of those pawns.

    I don’t understand this world anymore. I’m not sure if I ever did, but suffice it to say, since it is the truth, that even after a childhood of hell, somehow I was still able to hold on to a glimmer of hope that society was generally good. I thought the Catholic Church would believe me and support me all the way. I really thought every Catholic would thank me for bringing this issue to forefront. I didn’t know that people were so self-absorbed with money. I once thought I could imagine a world in which people became militant and loud at the very concept of child abduction and child rape. I assumed decent-minded commonsense people would prefer to know who is living in their neighborhoods, teaching in their children’s classrooms, or coaching the local youth boys & girls clubs. I truly expected that the majority of society would take a stand to protect those, who by nature of innocence, are unable to protect themselves. I want to know, where is the outrage? Maybe I’m not the one lacking as I once thought. Maybe my soul is undamaged. Where the hell is yours?

    Forgiveness isn’t going to come from me. It shouldn’t come from any other victim either. Penance should start with the sinners owning up to your sins, accepting accountability, altering themselves and their actions, and promising to do better tomorrow. That’s what I was taught as a Catholic schoolboy. That’s certainly the moral criteria I learned from my parents. There’s some gigantic misconception in the world today as it seems that too many people believe the problem is too big to fix. What would’ve become of this country if good men sat by idle instead of sacrificing their fortunes, their lives, and their sacred honor? Where would we be in the world today if everybody stood by and let Hitler murder an entire race of people? Do you think he would’ve stopped his reign of terror with the Jews? The world will continue to spin no matter what, but I want to know, what would the world be today if the problem was too big for Jesus Christ?

    All the problems in the world today are a direct result of selfishness, ignorance, hatred, and contentment. I’ve listened to Catholics preach of compassion, love, and forgiveness, but I have seldom seen Catholics put those virtues into action. It has been my experience that compassion is to the Catholic Church as brains is to Michele Bachmann. I could probably squeeze more love and tolerance out of Rick Santorum. I am actually more “apt” in forgiving my abusers (though still very unlikely) than I am in forgiving those who knew I was in danger and didn’t care. The obvious fact of the manner is simple, YOU DON’T CARE! You don’t care until it’s your child who hangs himself in his bedroom, because he can no longer tolerate the cruelty and brutality of bullies. You dismiss his promising future, because he was perceived to be or was indeed openly gay. We gays can’t procreate, so it’s acceptable hatred, right? Why the heck would I want to bring a child into such a world as this? You should be thanking me for saving an unborn child! You comment about how smart your 8-year-old is and how he/she would never let anyone abuse them sexually, so you call me stupid and deny my very existence, unless it’s only to claim in a bitter tone that somehow I actually care more about goddamn money than I do your child. Maybe you need to ask yourself, “Why do I care more about your child than you do?”

    Five years ago this month, I took myself and the entire truth to the Deputy District Attorney in Philadelphia. I had no knowledge before my appointment with Charlie Gallagher that it was even possible to sue anybody because I was abused. I had no prior knowledge of a law of limitations preventing me from charging my abusers criminally. The fantasy I imagined never came true, and I learned during my discussion with Mr. Gallagher and a Philadelphia Police Detective that no such charges could be filed because of the law. Though my hope for some kind of a reckoning was halted, I was thankful that Rev. John M. McDevitt was dead and he no longer posed a threat to anymore children. People have asked me, “Well didn’t I read about everything in Boston or LA? Didn’t I see it on the news?” The answer is simple, “No!” Before I had broken my silence, I avoided the subject of sexual abuse anyway I could. It was a subject too painful, and I worried that people might someday discover my secret if a particular story affected me too much. There seems to be this idea that there’s an entire community of people sitting around their living rooms, watching the news, reading newspapers, and scouring the internet for ways to make money and so they’ve concocted a tall-tail to falsely claim abuse by a priest as a catalyst to a bigger bank account. Sure, they exist, but are very rare, and they’re scumbags just like the priests who abused too many of us, and they have no idea that the thing they’re pretending to be is about the most miserable existence I’ve always known. No matter how poor, indigent, worthless, unloved, homeless and friendless that person might be, I’d trade my life for theirs in a New York Minute, because I wouldn’t have to fight anymore and I could know what it’s like to sleep at night without the necessity of synthetic remedies. Non-victims are blind to how truly great they’ve got it. The claim that victims are motivated by money is a farce manufactured by the Catholic Church and the scumbag politicians, such a Tom Corbett, who support such evil institutions. In fact, every victim (and I mean EVERY ONE of them) I have ever met also had no knowledge, prior to reporting the abuse they suffered, that a law existed and would prevent them from holding their abusers accountable. I can speak from experience of being blindsided on a Friday morning in the DA’s office with that kind of information and how shocked I was to be told such incomprehensible rubbish was the norm and I couldn’t fathom one logical reason for such a law to exist. I thought it was my responsibility to protect children from the abuse I endured, but instead the law said it wasn’t my business.

    I wonder if your child was molested, raped, tortured physically, sexually, and psychologically, or the abuser threatened to kill your child and his/her parents? I wonder what your reaction might be. How would it make you feel if I publicly stated that you and your child are looking for a payday? Would it upset you if after finding out about the abuse and reporting it, your child was asked if he/she was aroused during that horrific abusive event? Would you extend your compassion and forgiveness if I said that your child seduced the priest, and he/she probably enjoyed it and even deserved it? How would you feel if I told the world that you were just anti-Catholic, or atheists, and this was just a ploy to extract money from anyone because you and your child are losers? What if I told you just to forgive and move on, that human beings are fallible and your God forgives? Could you really forgive the creature who pushed your child into a urinal in the boy’s bathroom, yanked his trousers and underwear down and raped him repeatedly? Could you find the compassion in your super Catholic heart to live and let live, even with the understanding that your child cried and begged for mercy? If you think I’m reaching for possibilities with what could potentially occur, you should know that every one of those questions I ask of you have been stated to me.

    I don’t know how to view the world anymore. I’ve been a part of the conversation and I’ve even started several. It’s like the world is on a freight train steaming straight ahead and ignoring every stop sign without realizing the track ends at a cliff above a dark black hole and any advice I try giving the conductor is ignored, because no matter what words I choose, he doesn’t believe that he’s running out of rail. It’s frustrating that I can easily point out so many simply ways to stop this train, because I’ve been down this track before and I have run out of rail ahead of me, yet somehow my voice just isn’t being heard. It’s very certain impending doom and the ignorance of such a subject all around me induces physical sickness.

    It’s such a shame, and it’s incredibly hard to live this life when you know it’s abundantly clear that it’s only a matter of who, when, where, and by whom our horrible stories will continue with more children suffering. Yeah, I don’t understand this place I live in anymore, and you want to know the truth? I don’t think I want to.

    I can’t find any reason to end this comment with my usual signature, because I can’t find the peace to extend to you. All I see is darkness and the people around me so willing to switch off the light.

    To all the victims here and “Anon” who posted here the other day; dismiss the ignorance, keep your head up, and know that at in the beginning, middle, and end of the day we’ve got the truth and that’s why we are now the ones in control. We’ve got the power now!

    Rich Green
    (Immortal In Protest, Sane In An Insane World, Lucky To Have Made It This Far, and Hopeful That Somehow Tomorrow Will Improve, But I’m Not Enthusiastic In My Wishes & Dreams.)

    1. Rich: After reading your post, I sat for a few minutes ,trying to decide how to respond to your post. I decided that I wanted to thank Susan for removing the thumbs up or down choice. Because that is much too easy for people who read your posts. All they have to do is find one thing they disagree with you about and presto, no thought needed. The thing I always admire about your posts is they make me think. Sometimes the thoughts are extremely unpleasant. I thought about the kid sitting in their bedroom, contemplating suicide. Many years ago, I was that kid. After being molested by the priest ,I tied a belt around my neck and the other end to the railing on the top of the bunk bed ,I shared with my brother. I couldn’t get the leverage, I needed and my brother walked into the room. When he asked what I was doing,I answered that I just wanted to see how it felt. I too am lucky to have made it this far and mourn for those who did not.

      1. Jim, The world is a better place for that lack of leverage.
        Rich, Take some peace from me. I’ve got extra today. I find comfort in the fact that you and Jim can survive something like this, share it and care about others. It restores my faith in people and the power of good.

  6. I am not surprised by the self centered remarks made at mass and I am not surprised by those who continue to support the enablers and abusers. I do agree that it is ” soul murder and the Victim(s) suffer FOREVER , but the rcc ‘ s enablers and abusers are certainly not victims nor would I agree to pray for anyone who enables and protects abusers.

  7. Just was told about your website. As a member of Our Lady of Calvary parish, this was shocking. Our pastor prior to Paul was a creep. I never allowed my kids near him. Was not surprised when we found out how many lives he ruined. Paul came and seemed so sorry for what had happened. He never seemed to be anything but nice and pleasant but not overly friendly. I’m not on Facebook, so could someone please share what he did. God help the victims, God help us. Thanks for your wonderful work, keeping us informed. As we approach Lent, I picture Jesus weeping in the garden…lots of us are right there with Him.

    1. Hi Sally, Welcome to C4C. The archdiocese won’t share specifics on what he did but here is what the Inquirer reported. “The parish learned in early 2013 that Paul had been accused of abusing minors as a seminary student at St. Charles Borromeo. However, he was allowed to continue preaching while local law enforcement investigated the claims. During that time, he was barred from unsupervised contact with children, said Ken Gavin, an archdiocesan spokesman.

      But that decision marked a departure from practice. After a scathing 2011 Philadelphia grand jury report on clergy sex abuse, the archdiocese suspended 26 priests while the law enforcement investigations of their individual cases proceeded.

      “The decision to restrict Father Paul’s ministry instead of putting him on administrative leave was based on the information available at the time,” Gavin said in December. “There was nothing there that was leading the review board to believe he was a danger to minors.”

      Chaput suspended Paul only after “multiple new” accusers came forward late last year, also alleging decades-old abuse, the archdiocese said.

      Kathy and I have heard and read about both female and male victims. I have friends at Our Lady of Calvary and I know how distressing this has been for them. I think it would be helpful if parishioners got together and let Archbishop Chaput know how they feel about Paul being left in ministry at their parish without informing parents. Child safety should come before privacy. Nothing will change unless people speak up.

    2. To add to Susan’s excellent synopsis, there were multiple, new allegations (mine included) that were made to the Archdiocese after Paul’s self serving retirement letter was made public to the media – along with his plans for renewal in Italy and Africa. Since he was stationed at Bishop McDevitt HS in Wyncote for over 10 years, many of the complaints came from alumni of the school. Putting it simply – he messed with the wrong people and attempted to charm his way out of the situation one too many times.

      The question that myself and others are asking is will the AOP be honest in the extent of the abuse that occured or will they limit themselves to the press release that came out this weekend.

      1. It is so revolting to think that he was capable of harming young girls like you, please know I pray for all survivors of abuse and especially for his. You just can’t imagine how shocked so many of us are with this, never saw or sensed a thing, and that’s what other parishioners and neighbors are saying too. I don’t understand why school parents are not making noise over it. I have heard nothing, maybe because no kids in school. Somewhere there is a story. I hope Susan and Kathy get to the bottom it. Lots of prayers coming your way.

    3. Welcome Sally. They all seemed nice and pleasant…it’s how they groomed parishioners and colleagues, and minors…so they could abuse. You knew to keep your children away from the creep…but, did you know to keep your children away from the nice and pleasant priest? The only people who could have told you were the victims…it’s why I live by a simple saying in regard to this issue…


      Something that is bothering me…

      The new allegations shouldn’t be the reasons why a priest is removed. The first person who came forward should have been believed.

      This may be a hard pill for many Catholics to swallow, but when a victim first approaches the Church, the wagons are circled. Hierarchs have hired professionals to determine “credibility” of a victim. It’s not the same rubric you or I would use for credibility. They determine if there were witnesses, other people who could have known, “rumors” or stories about the priest, letters written by parishioners, and how vulnerable the victim is.

      If the victim has one foot on a banana peel and there isn’t “proof” that can be held against the diocese, they intimidate the victim, or label them “non-credible.” Oh, they put on their face, pat heads and say they are concerned, but they calculate the “cost” of that victim and what it will mean for the rcc. “Non-credible” to them means the victim can’t prove it. It’s their excuse for moving priests and leaving them in ministry. If a victim is prepared to challenge them, they isolate them, refuse to speak to them unless they have an attorney, and wage war against them as if they are the enemy.

      Credibility is not determined by a group of men who have raped children and lied about it!

      I believe the victims.

  8. The Oscar should go to the whole Catholic church for convincing a billion people that it is the Church Of Jesus Christ.

    Jesus boldly said in Matt 18:6 that child rape was unforgivable – “”If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea”.

    That’s pretty bold coming from Jesus, and it doesn’t just apply to the child rapist. It applies to anyone who caused that child to stumble. Catholics can distort Jesus’ words, but you can’t ever begin to debate that child rape causes a child to stumble.

    The Church Of Jesus Christ could never allow that to happen, and would not forgive it.

    Jesus goes on in Matt 18:10-14 to use a parable of sheep to show that the Church Of Jesus Christ would actively find every victim and get them help.

    The Catholic church, uniformly, universally and deliberately, does the exact opposite of What Jesus Would Do.

  9. I wish to address what people say to us about money. I once read what a retired priest said about victims only in it for the money. His response brought tears to my eyes because what he said was the truth. He said, “It’s not necessarily about money, its about VALIDATION”. No one can say a thing after that. I also want to share a letter I received from an organization called Church Whistle-Blowers. When I saw all the pictures of the priests and nuns who are standing up for us and our truth, this to brought tears to my eyes. Their are presently 41 people who have acted courageously concerning the sexual abuse crisis. Now, my take on forgiveness. I do not need to forgive my priest abusers in order to heal! Forgiveness is this institution is way overated! For me, it’s another way for the Church to feel good about itself and all the other people who have questioned, why don’t you forgive? It’s not about me, it’s about them and dare I say, their conscience.

    1. Jesus said they were not forgiven in Matt 18:6. Why should you forgive them?

      The Catholic church is just forgiving what Jesus said was unforgivable. Satan is the one who forgives everything.

    2. Vicky : So did PA. St. Rep thomas caltagirone , I have the news paper article that quotes him, ” the Victims are only out for for money ! The other St. Rep ron marsico states that Window Legislation is ‘Unconstitutional’, with out any supporting arguments as to why !

      If the rcc is sincere I suggest they forgo the mass and demand that every enabler and abuser write a ‘detailed confession’ to all of their Victims, that would be a better than some useless mass !

  10. John Paul was always quite the performer. I feel like I should be angry, but I am not at all surprised that he could stand up and say these words. He was able to sit on the teacher’s desk in front of the class and play the good teacher when just minutes before or after he was rationalizing being “in love” with a 14 year old girl trapped in his class. He was so good at charming the lay teachers so that a young girl seeking help would be told to attribute his actions to an active imagination. He was so confident that he could deny it and get away with it.

    I remember getting herded into his line on one of those forced confession days. It was agony waiting, fearing that I would throw up there in the hallway, wondering how I would be disciplined if I just left the line. When I finally got into the room, he just sat there and laughed as I sat in silence refusing to confess to him.

    1. C&C and Owlfan: I applaud your courage in sharing with us a part of what happened to you. Many of us here know how difficult that is to do. I ,too was a graduate of Bishop McDevitt back in 1967. Back then there was an invisible Iron Curtain that separated the boys side of the school from the girls side. Although there was only one building, everything was separate. Two principles, two separate faculties etc. etc. etc. The boys had mostly priests with a few lay teachers , the girls primarily had nuns teaching them. It certainly was a different world back then. I was molested while in grade school, so I was wary about letting anyone get near me. I hated being there and used to fake illness, skip classes, anything to avoid being there. Again, I commend you for your courage. It takes n enormous amount of guts to talk about what happened to you.

  11. Kathy and Susan you have been so busy in the last two days with your very informative articles I was not sure were to post a comment so I picked this one.

    Defense Attorney slams the Archdiocese

    Before Judge Bright imposed the gag order on Monday, defense attorney William J. Brennan Jr. complained about the archdiocese’s weekend announcement of the suspensions of two more priests – the Rev. James J. Collins and the Rev. John P. Paul – for substantiated claims of sexually abusing minors more than 40 years ago.

    “I don’t know how they came up with something so ponderous, and to pick the day before jury selection to make this announcement,” Brennan told Bright.

    Is there no harmony between the two or is Brennan already working up what he thinks maybe a possible ground for an appeal before the trial even starts ?

    My message to Mr. Brennan is us victims/survivors may have been naïve as children believing we could trust people like your client but those days are over.


  12. Rich and Jim. Thank you for telling it from your hearts. I thank you for sharing because as painful as you stories are they help me face my own instead of letting it fester under the surface as it has all these years. I also didn’t know about the SOL and my abuser is dead but my heart aches for all the kids that aren’t being protected. No one should ever have to go through what we have experienced.

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